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Frost Mage specific add-ons and macros
Jadis by nixxie_
asgard wrote in wow_ladies
Any Frost Mages out there mind sharing the macros they are currently using and what rotations they use to trigger them?

Trying to figure out the best configuration that maximises what I have and cooldowns.

I'm reading this page on Icy Veins:

Any other add-ons and macros you'd recommend?


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I know this isn't what you were looking for, but thanks for posting that link. I learned WoW with a frost Mage and she is still my favorite toon. When I finally got her to raid lvl, which was 80 at the time, I was forced to learn arcane. I've gotten pretty good with arcane, but I still play frost for dailies, questing, scenarios, and of course, battlegrounds. With the macros from icy veins, I've seen my damage increase significantly in frost. The Shado Pan dailies were a major struggle for me. A repair bill of 100g wasn't unusual for me, and now, even though they still aren't easy by any stretch of the definition, I can get through them with less than 10g in repairs. Today it was only 3g!!!!!!!

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