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UI Mod Monday!
Sleepy kitty
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
Morning ladies. Hope you're all staying warm! I was going to use a snowy pic but, honestly, right now that just looks too cold.

How are things in the world of UIs this week? (yes, yes, I know, it's too early to tell yet. How's the holdover from last week, then?) Found anything new and exciting? Looking for anything? Beaten your UI into submission and dying to show it off? Do tell!

Meanwhile, I'll try to figure out where the weekend went... hopefully with a little more success than this. ;)
Where'd he go?

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I ran into an issue this weekend that I didn't... even know was a thing.

I use LUI, and apparently when your target is casting an interruptible spell, there's an indicator on the cast bar. LUI indicates this with a shield. Either my shield isn't displaying, or I have no idea what I'm looking at.

Does anyone else use this addon and can give me some pointers in determining if something is interruptable, or should I just give up and download Quartz or something?

I don't know about LUI but in Quartz, if there's a shield on the target's cast bar, it means the spell can't be interrupted.

I'm told that's the way the default UI works too, but with LUI, I've never noticed a difference between things that CAN be interrupte and things that CAN'T.

I'm not sure if I'm just that unobservant, or if my install is bugged. >.>

hunh. yeah, you might try reinstalling the most recent version, because that is kind of backwards and it'd be weird to not have any perceptible difference. Generally speaking, you can interrupt any spell EXCEPT that which has the shield icon marking it as protected.

I think I may have found the culprit- I AM completely up to date, but sometimes LUI has dumb stuff set to defaults. :)

Are you sure it's that way around? I don't use LUI, but in the default UI, a shield around a spell cast bar means you can't interrupt it. Seems a bit odd that LUI would do it the other way around.

I have no idea, as I have never noticed a difference between the castbars of things that CAN be interrupted and things that CAN'T. I suppose I could always duel someone and have them cast heals or something and see!

I also use LUI and I've never seen any difference in the cast bars, either. In fact, that's been one of my biggest issues with LUI since I started using it. I end up blowing the CD on my counterspell for nothing a lot in new fights until I get a good idea in my head whether something is interruptable or not, and it's very frustrating! If you figure out how to make it show something, anything, let me know!

So your comment prompted me to do a bit of sleuthing. (Fancy name for throwing things into Google and praying I got a hit)

I found this thread on the LUI boards, which made me go 'Huh. Wonder if the shield is just transparent!' So I pulled up the configuration window and saw there was a tab for colors! Sweet. Except... you can't click on it. You have to go to the general tab (Unitframes > target > Castbar > General) and select 'Individual Color' (and make sure shield is clicked, obvs). Then you can go into the color tab. By default, the shield is kinda transparent. I bumped it up to fully opaque and will let you know how it goes!

ok ok. I know last week I said that I wasn't going to update my UI because I didn't want to do it all over again for 5.1, but I did anyway, and I love it.

Healing is much easier when I'm organized.

addons used:
my little companion

Edited at 2012-11-12 06:31 pm (UTC)

Ooohhh @_@ nice.

I have much to learn about customisation.

I've only just been introduced to addons, macros and key binds XD

If you are really keen for some ideas, I find is a good place to see a variety of UI customisation options. :)

I find going there is bad for me. I end up liking something and my SIMPLY HAS TO BE CHANGED RIGHT NOW.

I bet that because I went through all that trouble today, that 5.1 drops tomorrow. grrrrrr.

Don't you just hate it when your weekend wanders off the left edge of the screen?

I spent most of my weekend prepping for, experiencing, and then trying to recover from my daughter's first overnight cabin camping trip with her Girl Scout troop. You might ask, why weren't you out celebrating the freedom? I'm the troop coleader, so that was me, curled around my pillow in a stale smelling cabin, comatose for three hours from the migraine brought on by the stress and worsened by half the girls SCREAMING every time they saw something moving that had more than 4 legs. Which, given that it's a camping cabin, was fairly often.

oh... mygod... I am so sorry. given how girls shriek, and what that does to migraines, I'm surprised you're coherent!

Mine hasn't really change since before Mists came out. I'm surprisingly still happy with it (which kind of annoys me because I like build new UI's - but why fix what isn't broken?)

How did you do the boxes at the bottom, with the map and buttons and all? And please don't say KGPanels. ^^

Hehe, sorry, it's KGPanels. It's not too complicated if you are willing to put some time into fiddling a little bit, but I only do basic stuff with mine. The most complicated thing I did with it was to link the recount/omen boxes to show/hide with recount/omen's toggle. I tend to make one box the way I like it, then clone it and adjust each one for size as required so I don't have to make them from scratch each time.

Aww nertz, I've never been able to figure out KGPanels. :( I've installed probably a dozen times and then given up every time, it just seems like too much work for what I want to do (mainly just get the minimap paired up with something so there's not 100 different panels and addons and things floating around by themselves, plus get Recount to look better because the original built-in configs kinda suck).

I've been RAFing a Monk (from 12-70 this weekend...that's where my weekend went - about 13 hrs played) and she's now at the stage where I'm wanting mods to help watch her cooldowns and buffs. I'm leveling her Mistweaver with a friend and I'm trying to find something that will better track cooldowns for Refreshing Mists more than anything. I can probably set VuhDo to do it (why it doesn't have that active by default like it does for every other HoT I don't know), but if there's any other mods out there that healing monks are using to make their lives easier, I'd love to know!

I've been having fun with...1024x768. It's terrifying, and interesting to try to make uis that show everything I need (I'm horrible at things like clique and keybinds beyond basic numbers, so I rely on mouseover macros and I've simply given up volunteering to heal the sha of anger. Too many people on the screen. I can't see a thing.)

Does anyone have suggestions for things that would be nice for my micro ui? (I'll get my regular monitor back in the spring.)

ElvUI worked for me at that resolution, I think. But it was really tight. :(

Elv's not really made to work under 1280x1024 if I recall...

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