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achievement problem
udoon wrote in wow_ladies
I was doing and I was only missing Deadwind pass. I caught 2 pets there, but did not get credit. I tried relogging and now all the credit for the achievement is gone! Does this mean I will have to start over? Has anyone else had this issue? I have filed both a bug report and a ticket but as usual it just gets marked as resolved and closed without any answer except from a bot :/ Something about how they're not allowed to give game hints.

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Yeah those have been bugged since the get go. 5.1 is SUPPOSED to fix it.

I asked a GM about the Pandaira pet collecting ach which is not working, they know its a bug and will fix it.:)

Was it the Restless Shadeling? Those are the only pets that spawn there (in the cellars next to Karazhan).

yep, caught 2 of them, still no credit :(

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