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Viri Fortuitus is recruiting on Bladefist - EU
lizzy blue sky
lizzy333 wrote in wow_ladies
Our cozy, friendly and amazing guild Viri Fortuitus (<A> Bladefist-EU) has opened its doors and we are currently looking for more members to join our ranks for some MoP raiding!

Basic info for those lazy to read the whole post:
Bladefist- EU, Alliance
10 man social and fun raiding
Raiding times: Mon-Thu 19:30 - 22:30 ST (ECT)
Needed: one very active or 2 semi-active tanks, monks, shaman healers

We are a 10man guild since we love the close atmosphere the 10man content gives you. We raid, as stated above, 4 nights a week (Mo-Thu 19.30-22.30 ECT).
We have been raiding since the beginning of WotLK. We are a social raiding guild with having fun as our primary goal, and progress as a secondary goal. With that said, we are putting a lot of effort in to downing stuff for epic and glorious loot, but just while having fun! We do not bash, we do not critisise but offer advice in a friendly manner, and a wipe is not a problem, as long as there are songs in vent and as long as you don't repeat the same mistake twenty times because useless wipes are not fun.

If you're looking to become a solid raider without having to feel like WoW is a job, Viri is going to be suitable for you. If you feel stressed out by raid leaders shouting and bashing at players hardcore-mode style, we are the place for you. If you are fine with wipes as long as you are having fun, come to us. If you want to raid with friends ingame and that you eventually also meet in real life with, then we are the guild for you.

We do want our members to raid as much as possible, but we don't have any minimum attendance requirement, we all have lives outside of WoW and almost none of us can commit to raiding on all our raiding days. Which is why we are currently actively recruiting because our "core" raiding group has grown smaller and people in it have got more RL stuff happening in their lives. We also try to do as much stuff outside of raiding as possible to have fun together (old raid runs, fun lvl 1 stuff like races, etc.) and we also organise real life guild meetings. Thanks to that we are still great friends with many of those people who have been in our guild but stopped playing WoW for various reasons.

If you apply for a raider rank, we would of course expect you to have decent gear and knowledge of class, but the most important thing is your personality and attitude. First and foremost we want people who can add to our dysfunctional little family, who are social, have a sense of humour, do not bash on others (unless jokingly) and just know how to have fun.

Our progress - 4/6 Mogu'shan. Why so little? Well, that's why we are recruiting. We need an active tank who can and wants to raid a lot, because our main tank from as far back as ICC has unfortunately left us to play GW2 and all replacements we have had have been temporary and disappeared after a couple of weeks. We do not currently have any raiding monks, so a monk tank would be most welcome! But really we welcome all classes and specs, as long as you want to play with us. However, be aware that druids/rogues/mages/dk's are on slightly lower prio for active raiding spots since we already have a fair number of raiders who will be competing for Vanquisher tokens.

I hope I've given you a slight idea about how Viri works as a guild. To read more about us, please visit our website Then if you are interested, please go to the forums and send us your application! We do have special application forms for social if you want to join us, but aren't interested in raiding.

We hope to see you in our guild!=)))

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