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PS to my disconnection post
ausmac wrote in wow_ladies
Although it doesn't specially relate to my dc issues, a lot of people are having something similar happen, especially druids who switch to flight form and get disconnected.  Blizz just posted this on a dc thread:
Thanks for the reports guys. With your help we were able to narrow down what was causing these disconnections on our end. It's going to require a hotfix to resolve so the fix won't be immediate, but we'll roll it out as soon as we can.

For the time being, try to pause for a moment before you switch into flight form and fly off. That should reduce these kinds of disconnections

My disconnections don't only happen on my druid so I'm not sure that will help me, but at least they recognise there are issues going on with the game and they will hopefully be able to follow those up as well and do something.

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I've noticed this on my monk, particularly when I cast either flying serpent kick or zen flight. Weird. Never happens on my warrior.

Come to think of it, the rare disconnects I've had over the past week have all been right after I've gotten on my flying mount and taken to the air.

My problems are all in Moshugan Palace.

May I have a link to this thread?

Sorry, I dont remember which of the many DC posts on the tech support forum this was in answer to. You might just need to do a scan through, looking for ones which are tagged as receiving a response.

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