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Cinder kitty!
furrygreen wrote in wow_ladies
OMG! New store pet, Cinder Kitty, coming soon! It's a charity drive for Sandy.

Who wants this cutie? I keep throwing my money at the screen and I ain't getting no cutie kittie! D:

Sorry if this has been posted already!

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*fawns over the pretty beautiful kitten and is glad to have saved the flaming kitty staff from firelands on druid*

oh i hadnt thought of that..... ^________^

*wonders how many flaming cats and kittens will be in main cities the day this pet becomes available*

Way too many for it to be unique, but not a flood unless it's a super-druid heavy realm with players who thought about saving the weapon for future funs...

So want this. Love that its going to charity too.

I'll be buying it. >.>

Ooooh, totally getting the pretty kitty.

Absolutely must have!

I was going to buy this pet regardless (SO CUTE) but the fact that it's for charity now makes it so much better. It'll make a nice holiday gift for friends who play WoW!

Since our guild is called 'Fire Breathing Kittens' I think everyone having this pet out will become a requirement for boss kills, haha

O-oh my. That guild name coupled with the pet.

I squeaked over that mental image, I won't lie.

MUST HAVE THE CUTENESS!!! Sorry so excited.

Sure, I'd be happy to buy this. My uncle's place on Long Island got hit by Sandy, so I'm hoping he's doing okay.

I wasn't planning on getting it. I pay for two accounts, I bought lots of previous RL money mounts and pets. Bliz has enough of my money. Plus I already have the highest (240?) pet collecting achievement.

...But that the money is going to the Red Cross might change my mind.

There's one for 400.

My hubby got it last week. You get a Venus Flytrap plant pet.

Oh! That's the number. Yeah, I have it. (I'm at work, so I couldn't remember.) The flytrap pet is fun, it's from the ghouls vs plants game, or whatever it's called in-game.

Nope, the reward for the WoW version of Plants vs. Zombies is the singing sunflower.

Also, I am amazed that anyone already has 400 pets! o_O I only was able to finally get the Celestial Dragon for the (pre-Pandaria) top pet achi a few months ago. So. Many. More. To. Go. :(

Well, the battle pets count. You can catch them in the "wilds". You can have them following you too, like normal pets. I have one of those ghosts that hang around on top of UC following me. XD

edit: also, since most pets are account bound, those count too.

Edited at 2012-11-08 07:33 pm (UTC)

I love that one! Was headed off for some rp on an ally, saw one outside and bam, my first rare. (they appear all over the zone I think.)

Yeah, I think so too. It wouldn't be hard to get into the top of UC regardless. I think there aren't many (if any) guards.

Mine is only grey but I think it's so kewt. XD I've always loved the critters. I love having all those pets to switch to.

I think the poster meant that the model used for the 400-pet achievement reward is one of those also used in the Plants vs. Zombies game.

It also shows up in the 5 - 10(ish) goblin zone.

I love the singing sunflower. The reward for the 400 pets is one of those spitting plants though (just without the spitting).

Wild pet collecting makes it pretty easy. I still have a bunch I haven't caught!

there is an achievement for collecting 400 unique pets called "that's a lot of pet food."

Yeah, I got it last week. I'm at work, so I couldn't check what the exact number of pets was. :)

Awwwwwwwwwwww! Dammit I need to go back to Firelands so I can get the stick to turn my into the big flamy kitty, then we can be one big happy family!

Yeaaaah, MUST HAVE! :D

I'll be getting one for each of my friends, and one for my girlfriend if she still plays.

I had seen a screenshot a couple weeks back and knew it would be in my menagerie as soon as it was available. And now doubly so since it will be supporting disaster aid for Sandy. I have an odd dissonance in my head about it now. KITTEH! CUUUUTE! And oh yeah, disaster funding!

Sort of sad that it's for U.S. residents only that it goes. Not everywhere where Sandy wreck havoc... with the earthquakes and epidemics going on already. =/
Can't please everyone I guess.

They did a benefit pet (the Cenarion hatchling) for the Japanese earthquake as well.

I know. I own that particular one. But I'm just sad that since Sandy wrecked around tons of other places too, only one country gets the benefits. It's sort of... unfair from the EU view. (Or my view, but anyway...)

I'm rationalising that bit to myself on the 'if I help the RC in America with this, then there'll be more free for them to spend elsewhere'... Probably over-rationalising! :P

ohmygosh the cute! WANT WANT WANT! That it's a benefit pet only sweetens the deal. =)

I'll be getting it but I need to figure out a way to turn off the constant "rawr" noise the cubs make. It drives me crazy.

(Deleted comment)
I haven't been playing much lately due to RL stuff, but I am still totally getting this. I also love when they have a pet that supports a good cause.

where is my KITTEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I expect to be buying one for me and one for my wife. Charity and all.

*grabby hands.*

Come to me little kitty. <3

Well, that settles things pretty easily for me. At first I was waffeling on whether or not to get this pet, but now I've jumped straight into "WHY, DON'T MIND IF I DO."

Yup, getting it :) Too cute to pass up on!

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