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How do I make a lot of gold?
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sete_di_sangue wrote in wow_ladies
Ladies and Lurking Gents,

My boyfriend really wants the Grand Expedition Yak. But it costs 108,000 gold. He has resigned himself into never getting this yak.

Well, I haven't. I want to farm up the gold for him and give this as an anniversary gift. My issue is that I  have never farmed gold, or been very good at making gold.

I know this has come up once or twice, but can someone direct me to a post on W_L or to a forum that will help me find a way to grind out a crazy amount of gold?

Please and thank you!

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I made enough for a yak by selling a ton of WoWTCG loot cards I'd been sitting on for awhile. Pet cards usually sell for about 5000-10000 a pop. You can purchase these cards for a few bucks each on reputable card sites, redeem the code, then use it, then cage the pet and sell it on the AH. Legal gold buying, as it were.

(I work in a game store and buy a lot of WoWTCG since I play!)

It's not your only option, but I thought I'd toss it out there.

How much do you buy your boxes for? Or do you buy packs at a time?

Hi thanks for posting this. I'm quite keen to get the booster packs for mounts, pets and items. Which are the best sets to get? Wrathgate... anything else?

Depending on your server's economy, fish and vegetables are selling for a decent amount.
Actually, most crafting mats are a good way to get money. (gems and cloth aside in most cases)

I have access to most professions at max level, but I've had the most success with inscription stuff (selling DMF cards, shoulder enchants, and glyphs), blacksmithing (belt buckles), alchemy (flasks and potions), enchanting (new MoP enchants) and selling raw ore/bars when I'm in the mood to farm but too lazy to craft stuff. See what professions you have access to and what sells reliably on your server.

The professions sub-forum might have some more detailed suggestions too:

the blogs linked from TUJ are pretty decent. At the very least, check TUJ to see what's selling on your server.

Incase the OP doesn't know what the acronym is - The Undermine Journal ^.^;

Thirding the vote for The UnderMine Journal, but a word of caution - google etc often sell ad spaces on the featured blogs to gold farmers and their ilk so have a good up to date antivirus and be careful what you click on.

Also: aim for double what you need: it takes money to make money, once you know your server's economy you can spot good deals to relist or to use to with your crafting professions.

...that's pretty much a rule for the entire internet, not just tuj.

Level those alts you always wanted, take 2 gathering professions, DE all the BoEs you find, sell everything. Not super fast, but if you want those alts anyway... Oh. Only works if you quest. Dungeons not so much. Not sure about PvP.

PvP is not generally seen as much of an income source.

The only way I've made gold from PvP was getting the DMF turn-in quest items looted from enemy corpses - but that's unreliable and varies from server to server (and aside from the week of the DMF those items tend not to sell for much).

Anecdotally agreeing with horizontal_rain, pretty much all cooking mats are still selling reasonably well for me. How quickly are you looking to make the gold? If you have a little time, as annoying as it may seem, you can make HEAPS of gold by leveling an alt via questing (especially one with a gathering prof) and/or by doing end-game dailies.

Well our anniversary is in March so then at the latest?

Has a whole section with just guides and such. I found the site and started getting into gold making this summer, and before mop I had about 470k in sales, and about another 50k in items. I reset my sales tracker a few days after mop hit and since then I've made about 170k. Most of it is from pretty basic stuff, like always loot ALL THE THINGS and check the AH often for underpriced things using WoWuction and TUJ. A quick google will also turn up lots of decent goldmaking blogs. The ones that come to mind are the goldqueen, power word:gold and kujas wow gold guide.

I would agree that right now vegetables are selling well - even on low pop servers such as mine - and they're easy to get though you will have to raise rep with the Tillers in order to get a bigger garden and maximize your profit.

Consider using your spirits of harmony for trade goods (particularly the golden lotus, three for one harmony) as these can sell well at the ah.

Do the daily quest with one of the cooks at half hill and get an ironpaw token. These can be used to buy 100 year soy sauce which on my server at least sells for crazy amounts.

These all assume you have a level 90 toon, of course.

Traditional professions . . . Gathering is always good. Skinning, herbalism, mining. Everyone knows that. Enchanting can also be decently profitable and leveled for minimum money in. Tailoring is viable if you have a max level toon who can farm cloth at crazy rates. Speaking of cloth: one thing you can farm without it taking up a profession slot. Hit up the dungeons they suggest, aoe damage, aoe loot, profit. Prices on cloth fluctuate though so make sure you check to see which ones are worth your while.

Always be looking in trade chat for opportunities to make quick gold. On higher pop servers you can sometimes make money responding to requests for run throughs. As a mage, I make decent money even on a low pop server just responding to requests (or pleas) for ports.

When you run dungeons, greed on everything. Don't pass on loot. In higher level dungsons, these usually can generate 12-20 gold if no one needs it.

Fishing can be profitable but is time consuming. I would venture to say your time is better spent elsewhere.

Inscriptionists make good money. Even at low levels you can start making glyphs which on my server sell for good money. You'd need to pair this with herbalism to make real gold. Also, darkmoon faire is on right now. I make good money on my priest selling decks of cards or even the individuals that i don't have a matching deck for.

Dailies are time consuming but do pay gold plus the loot you get at higher levels.

Depending when you anniversary is, you may or may not make it. Making gold takes time and effort and patience. You could always do it as a late gift though. Also, high pop server helps. I know things are rough on mine which is a low population server.

Hope this helped. Good luck!

May I ask how much you charge for porting people? I've been doing a few and didn't know what to ask. Also, is it rude to ask?

I usually don't ask for the tip because I don't want to be pushy but I'd say that 98% of people leave me some amount of gold for the portal. The most typical amount on my server is 30-40 gold but I sometimes get 50 and other times people are cheaper and only give 10 or less.

Because it takes such minimal effort on my part - don't even need to carry regents anymore - I usually figure that any amount is helpful. It's basically just a supplement for me. However, 30-40 gold which is typical on my server, adds up fast. Good luck :)

If you get inscription you could make a scroll of wisdom each day, and make darkmoon cards as you get the ink for it. Then sell them when darkmoon faire is in town. That's a simple way that doesn't take that much time each day. Especially having herbalism can increase the profit of this.
Find a gap inthe market? Like amybe low level herbs/skins/ores are high priced on your server now? find out and farm them :3
Loot everything, and check how some of the greens etc look, because people buy them for mog.

As a DPS that just absolutely ENJOYS those queue times (/sarcasm), I do my dailies, and since I'm a skinner, I find a good area populated with animals, AoE and skin them all. Sell the leather on the AH. I'll make a hide once in a while too (seem to be rare on my server). Slowly but surely, I make some gold. I'd imagine this works for any sort of gathering profession. I'm in the process of bringing my reserve back up as well since my guild unlocked the heirloom pants, so I just dropped like 10k or so to buy them all, haha.

Look at all the suggestions other people have made for how they make money on their realm/faction and weigh up the time vs reward. For crafting, pay particular attention to time to farm mats vs AH price and using your time for something more profitable (eg I have 2 miners and a JC - my JC makes more money faster by just buying ore, my miners don't waste time farming and keep a few stacks around for when prices occasionally spike). Similarly, look out for items and mats listed for under vendor price, or mats listed at under vendor price for quick low-level crafting - cloth to bandages, meat to cooked, uncut to cut Uncommon gems, Also sites like my friend The Gold Queen give lots of other example of niches that someoen may not already be addressing on your realm.

the hatter

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Low level mats are still selling like hotcakes for a good deal of money. Thick/rugged leather, for example, tends to go for 3-4 gold a piece. Low level herbs (not the lowest ones, but still low) are also going for 2+ gold per.

If you're a patient person, and/or play a tank-capable class, a very good means of making a ton of cash in one go is from farming monsters in vale of eternal blossoms for skyshards. 2-3 hours of farming a day will usually net you around 1 skyshard and the Alani mount can usually be sold for 75-150k (server dependent).

also, the mountain range in the southwest of kun-lai summit is a great place to farm golden lotus.

use your professions across all your characters to gather different mats and make different things that sell for a decent amount. for example, a low level leather pattern sells really well on my server for x-mog. I know this sells, so I try to put up as many as I can in a day. Bags are selling nicely too, so I make sure my tailor lists a few a day.

Low level mats are often long forgot money makers. With MoP Out, I've found most 90's are so busy doing their dailies they rarely leave Pandaria to do any farming. I've managed to sell lots of low level cloth, herbs, leathers, and ore.

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If you've got time to do some reading, I highly recommend the column Gold Capped on WoW Insider: I've used some of his tips to great success. It boils down to knowing your server economy and your professions. Then you just line them up and get the money rolling.

Inscription was my thing for a while, with the fortune cards. I made upwards of 40k with those, and that was just when I remembered to do the milling/creating.

Fishing and herbing are both big moneymakers on my server right now, ore is kind of mediocre because the spawn rate and the bots are going nuts.

I don't make heaps of money(mainly cause I need to get more professions), but I've made a small but decent amount from just doing what's recommended here. I can't recommend Power Word: Gold enough. There's tons of Youtube videos on that.:)

Even so, I'm not using WoWuction or whatever as much as I could, and all that.

Mainly, I've just been working on buying cheap, selling high. Reliable, but requires some luck.:) Golden Lotus on my server goes for the same/more than most flasks, dunno if it's like that on other servers, but I tend to keep my Golden Lotus non-flask-made unless I see a deficiency on the AH.

Other than that, dailies dailies dailies(I need to do them anyways, and all those yummy golden charms to be collected), and be sure to keep some plants with the Tillers! The prices of veggies tend to fluctuate around a lot, but they're a decent profit. Stop to fish any pools you see- on my server, fish are going from 8 gold each to sometimes something like 15-16g each! I also pick any herb I see to sell(I only keep 100ish of each herb just in case). It's small stuff, but it really adds up!

I'm not super rich, but I have almost enough for the Yak. However, I am not going to just splurge and get it despite not being that far away, simply because I don't want to have my entire reserve gone from just that- because the whole "there might be a good steal on the AH!" thing.

Best of luck to you!

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