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UI Mod Monday!
Short Attention Span
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
Morning ladies and lurklemen! I hope those of you affected by Sandy have power back and are well.

What's up with UIs this week? Working over your scheme? Swatting bugs? Not touching it in case something breaks? =)

I think the only thing I've gone looking for this week is something to filter out the every-freaking-five-minutes guild advertisements in every Pandaria zone I've been in. I thought there was something other than a badboy plugin for that, but darned if I can find it.

UIs, mods, anything related - what's up this week?

Oh, and for those who need some help with their sneakiness, stealth kitten will be happy to show you how it's done. ;)

Stealth Kitten

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steering clear of mods until 5.1 drops. I don't want to have to replace everything, grr.

They're going to come out with patches faster this expansion, according to recent news, so... you might be kinda irritated for a while, lol.

The major mods (Bartender, Grid, Pitbull, etc.) usually have patch testing and update as soon as a patch drops, so honestly, there really isn't a ton of reason to wait unless you use a bunch of obscure mods that don't have active authors.

I just waited too late to set up my ui, and i don't want to have to set it all up again once the patch downloads, so I'm waiting.

I'd love an addon to help with farming crops on my farm - now I've maxed out the slots, making sure that I've gotten all of the seeds I've planted into the growing state would be most useful.

Having it show me that I've also processed all 9 of my farms would be useful as well!

A few weeks ago, chilayse recommended Spade + Opie. I have not used the addons, so I don't know if they'll do what you want, but gives you a starting point to look? :)

Spade + Opie is interesting... but only really helps with the clicking of the right item when planting crops and handling most of the results of planting.

... unfortunately that's not an area I really have problems with. Its more the tracking of the state of the crops (ie have I got all to be growing crops) across my chars.

I made a spreadsheet that I update after each alt plants. Not much help, I know. I have a "last planted date" column so I can tell if I've tilled and planted or not.

Heh; that's one way to handle it!

Not sure if its the way I'd go however - right now the crops I need to plant are easy. On my main its the songbell and on the alts nothing by pink turnips for Pandaren Banquets!

yeah, I haven't found anything that shows the growth state of my plots. It would be nice, wouldn't it? I just do a last run through after I've planted, killed and/or beaten everything into submission, and activated the pesticide/irrigation as needed. It would be stellar to find something that shows the planted plots and highlights one that needs attention, still, but I haven't seen anything like that. =(

See the comment from firebrand164 & my reply below. You can get a fair way using just a macro!

If you can't find an addon for checking things are growing, could you make a macro for it? Something like:

/tar Parched
/tar Infested
/tar Wiggling
/tar Alluring
/tar Smothered
/tar Wild
/tar Runty
/tar Tangled

(103/255 characters used)
Disclaimer: I haven't tested this - it's just a quick suggestion - and also may have missed one or more states. You could maybe add Untilled and Tilled or whatever they're called as well if you're worried you might have missed planting in a patch.

A tweak of that worked nicely! I ended up using:
/tar tangled
/tar wiggling
/tar smothered
/tar runty
/tar parched
/tar infested
/run SetRaidTarget( "target",4)

Which clears your target and then tries to target one of the bad plants before setting a raid mark on its head.

Ooh, good plan! I tend to forget raid marks exist. Glad it worked :) I may start using it myself, actually.

Any working addons out there for the casual AH users? For ages, I had been using AuctionLite and Undermine Journal, but one forgot how to do multiple auctions/stacks (or posts the wrong item), and the other is trolling me with BAAAAAD suggested prices. (You're welcome, person who sniped the blues meant for my alts before I realized what happened. *grumblecussgrumble*)

And, kind of a side question, are there any addons that CAN differentiate between Ally, Horde, and Goblin AH pricing? Can't recall if I've ever seen that listed as a feature or not. Seems like that's be a nifty idea, but then again, maybe it'd be too much of a memory hog.

I use Auctioneer and auctionator personally. It's really all I've needed to use my business specced alt.

seconding Auctionator. The ONLY thing I wish it did differently was to default to 48 hours on listings, instead of 12, because I always forget to set that until after I've listed something and realized it will expire in the morning when I'm nowhere near a computer... but I love being able to set the per item price and have it adjust the stack price accordingly.


set "default auction duration" to 48hrs

Edited at 2012-11-06 03:21 am (UTC)

I do, but I have to do that on each character and a couple I've had to set it on twice. That's the ONLY thing that bugs me about it, though, and I can live with that. =)

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