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Kia ora from a WoW chick in NZ
Jadis by nixxie_
asgard wrote in wow_ladies
Hello everyone :)

New to the group and still fairly new to WoW I'd say.

Started playing a few months ago, and yesterday managed to finally clock level 90 on my Blood Elf Frost Mage.

My friend who recruited helped me heaps (luff you girl, you know who you are) :)
Going through dungeons to speed up the levelling etc. and I've been doing heaps of reading (and bugging her with heaps of daft questions) but I think I need just a bit... MORE.

Why? I ran into another level 90 Blood Elf Frost Mage and not only did she have more health and mana than I did, but the stuff she had equipped made the stuff I had on look like a bunch of greys. And that's saying something. Made friends with another level 90 over the weekend and she was nice enough to gift me a full set of Contender year 12 items.

I'm still in shock at how sweet/nice that was for her to do... especially after my friend explained to me just what those items were! :)

I know a lot of the gear can only be gotten through dungeons and raids. And while my friend is awesome, I don't think just two people can do many of the dungeons and raids out there. Plus she's played WoW for years and her priorities these days are different. :*

I also feel like I just don't understand enough about the game. I think my PvE rotations are ok, but not optimised. I am only now getting into glyphs and will spend this weekend reading up on sockets. I've focused on levelling and professions, and now I'm at 90 I want to focus on everything else.

Again, this weekend... I watched a whole group of people take down the Sha of Anger. It was EPIC. I want to be part of something like that :)

So... I want to find a guild that will:
a) show a noob level 90 frost mage how she's supposed to work within a dungeon and raid group
b) explain HOW dungeon and raids work! I know a little about dungeons (my friend basically killed everything and I followed behind her and looted), but niet about raids
c) explain PvP and show me the ropes so I have less of a chance of getting squished
d) is fun, friendly, relaxed, honest, hopefully with people in my time zone (I live in New Zealand) and welcoming of new members and wannabe blonds who can sometimes "not get it" until she has that light bulb moment. ^_^;

I want the gear. I want the mounts. I want the achievements and most of all, I want to be part of a group that is passionate about WoW and each other. :)
Got a guild that would welcome me? :)

Edit: I'm currently Wyrmrest Accord :)

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