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Kia ora from a WoW chick in NZ
Jadis by nixxie_
asgard wrote in wow_ladies
Hello everyone :)

New to the group and still fairly new to WoW I'd say.

Started playing a few months ago, and yesterday managed to finally clock level 90 on my Blood Elf Frost Mage.

My friend who recruited helped me heaps (luff you girl, you know who you are) :)
Going through dungeons to speed up the levelling etc. and I've been doing heaps of reading (and bugging her with heaps of daft questions) but I think I need just a bit... MORE.

Why? I ran into another level 90 Blood Elf Frost Mage and not only did she have more health and mana than I did, but the stuff she had equipped made the stuff I had on look like a bunch of greys. And that's saying something. Made friends with another level 90 over the weekend and she was nice enough to gift me a full set of Contender year 12 items.

I'm still in shock at how sweet/nice that was for her to do... especially after my friend explained to me just what those items were! :)

I know a lot of the gear can only be gotten through dungeons and raids. And while my friend is awesome, I don't think just two people can do many of the dungeons and raids out there. Plus she's played WoW for years and her priorities these days are different. :*

I also feel like I just don't understand enough about the game. I think my PvE rotations are ok, but not optimised. I am only now getting into glyphs and will spend this weekend reading up on sockets. I've focused on levelling and professions, and now I'm at 90 I want to focus on everything else.

Again, this weekend... I watched a whole group of people take down the Sha of Anger. It was EPIC. I want to be part of something like that :)

So... I want to find a guild that will:
a) show a noob level 90 frost mage how she's supposed to work within a dungeon and raid group
b) explain HOW dungeon and raids work! I know a little about dungeons (my friend basically killed everything and I followed behind her and looted), but niet about raids
c) explain PvP and show me the ropes so I have less of a chance of getting squished
d) is fun, friendly, relaxed, honest, hopefully with people in my time zone (I live in New Zealand) and welcoming of new members and wannabe blonds who can sometimes "not get it" until she has that light bulb moment. ^_^;

I want the gear. I want the mounts. I want the achievements and most of all, I want to be part of a group that is passionate about WoW and each other. :)
Got a guild that would welcome me? :)

Edit: I'm currently Wyrmrest Accord :)

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What realm do you play on? Also, welcome to W_L and WoW :D

Hiya and thanks for the welcome :)
I'm on Wyrmrest Accord but will transfer if needed.

When you look for a new guild, you may want to look for one on the same realm and faction that your current toon is on in order not to have to pay to transfer servers/change factions. You didn't mention which realm that might be, so I don't know. I also don't know if paying 20-30$ USD is worth it for you to go to a new server/faction that might meet your needs

Working with groups of people isn't hard no matter if it's 2 people, 5 people, 10 or 25 or 40 people - you just need to know how basic mechanics work (don't stand in bad stuff, crowd-control mobs, hit the right target among multiple targets) and do your job (damage for mages, healing for healers, tanking for tanks...) as best as you can at the same time. Sites like Icy Veins and noxxic can help you figure that out depending on what you want to do, and so can the in-game Dungeon Journal (look at your action bar, I think the default key is shift+J). The only things that might be universal to all dungeons and raids is to be nice to your fellow players, and to not take everything too seriously. Some people are jerks no matter what and don't let that stop you from playing. It turns a lot of people off, but if you find a group that you don't like, you can always leave and not deal with it.

PvP is player vs player combat. You may do this one-on-one like duels, in small groups called arenas, or in huge raid-like settings called battlegrounds. Instead of playing a computer-controlled mob, you work as a group to defeat the other person/group in some fashion. Whether or not you want to do this depends on whether or not you like this style of play. You don't have to do this if you don't want to. (Personally, this turns me off even more than some people are turned off by playing with jerks in dungeons/raids.)

Dungeons, raids, PvP and more are all optional. If you prefer to play alone or only with your friend, you can do that. You make the game what you want it to be, and the guild you may join may help you even more with that goal. For example, mine is a semi-hardcore raiding guild that does almost no PvP and no dungeons unless we need gear to raid and I love it because all I do is raid. There are PvP oriented guilds, raiding guilds, casual/social guilds, and more. Some are a mix of all of the above. Other than personal feelings about the guild, this will influence your choice the most.

As a result, you may want to see if one of those playstyles appeals to you more than another. Most of what I've mentioned so far has a random group option where the game will automatically group you with other people to achieve a goal. Scenarios (3 people), dungeons (5), raids (25) can easily be done through the in-game Looking for More pane, and you can queue for random Battlegrounds (size changes) too for PvP. You can also look in your local trade chat for world bosses like Sha or Galleon (up to 40) as well as normal/heroic (way more difficult than Looking for Raid) with 10 or 25 people. It's rough grouping with random people, but I'd try it out anyway. Before you worry about how you might compare to someone else, the bigger the group the more likely it is that it's okay if you're just trying things out for the first time with mediocre gear - Looking for Raid is a lot more lenient than a dungeon might be (IMO, assuming you read up on what to do), and so are battlegrounds compared to arenas. If the system thinks your gear is too low level, it will tell you so.

Gear/spec/talent wise - your ultimate choice depends on what playstyle you want (PvE like dungeons, or PvP like battlegrounds) and even down to size (10 man can be different from 25), your fellow players (if one spec gives you something nobody else can provide), and personal preference. You may even want to use your second specialization to have a PvE and a PvP spec at the same time. No matter what you choose, the same sites I mention above - Noxxic and Icy Veins, have half decent guides for most classes/specs/styles. For everything else there's the likes of wowhead and specialized sites like for healers or mages or whatnot, on top of sites that do nothing but reforging/gearing (like ask mr. robot).

tl;dr: Find what you like to do first, even if it's rough grouping with strangers, and then find a guild that matches your needs.

Thanks so much for the response... and forgive the nub questions that are bout to come... crowd control mobs? HOW? How do you know the right target?

re: jerks. I can happily say I've already met a few. I tried a dungeon over the weekend and oooh boy. I screwed up, this I know, but eh.

I want to give PvP a go just so I can say I gave it a go. I can't say I don't like it til I've given it a good shot. My problem is that if at first I don't succeed, and I feel the odds are insurmountable, I'll just give up. I want to get into this forearmed as much as possible so I have a fighting chance (ahah forgive the pun.) I DON'T want to go into a PvP button mashin ~_~
(which might end up being the case anyway as I'll be so bloody nervous the first few times.)

Ditto with dungeons. As foray over the weekend proved, I don't know how group mechanics works. We were doing Scarlet Monastry and I started zapping the leashed doggies without realising I didn't NEED to ^_^;

Since you're in NZ, I might suggest trying an oceanic realm as the people there would be on at your time, rather than asleep :D I'm in a split NZ/AUS with US/CAN and I don't see my Oceanic bros very often because of the time differences.

Thanks :) I actually ended up finding a guild in my current realm. They've got over 400 members and there are people online all the time which is great. Gotta question? Boom someone can answer :D

Once you get yourself glyphed and enchanted, give dungeon and raid finder a try. Honestly, if your gear is of the appropriate ilevel (you can check that in your character details screen), I would jump right in. If you know what spells to cast/buttons to push, you'll be doing better than some less than minor percentage of people already.

Good gear upgrades can be had from the daily factions. Also, most have some kind of a nice mount at Exalted - so certainly do dailes. Don't have to do them ALL all the time, that would just be exhausting. But pick one or two to work on and push them to max, then move on to some other ones.

Looking for Dungeon...puts you in a party of 5 players. One tank, One healer, 3 DPS. As DPS, you'll probably have a decently long queue time till the group is ready. Do pet battles, questing, or anything else while you wait. Depending on your ilevel, you might be able to do heroic dungeons. Dungeon Advice - stay on the target the tank is on so you don't pull accidental aggro, and blow it up. Repeat till everything in the instance is dead. Roll Need on mainspec upgrades. Usually to be polite I ask the group if it's OK for me to roll Need on an offspec item. I ask because if I want it, I should roll NEED on it, cause greed rolls are the same priority as disenchant rolls (if you have an enchanter in the group) and your offspec upgrades might easily be turned into enchanting mats. If your gear is still on the low side and you are still working on your rotation, be prepared for the occasional jerk to make an issue of it. Best thing to do with them is either simply say you are still new to the class/game, or just ignore them.

Looking for Raid puts you into a 25 man raid for current raids. I believe your ilevel must be 460 for Vaults and 470 for the new one..Terrace of something or another. The raid is a simplified version of the actual raid, so you don't really need to know all the mechanics, though if you do, that's a good thing. You should do fine if you A) don't stand in fire and B) don't stand in the raid if you are ON fire. LFR loot works differently. A few players will be deemed the "Winners" and will get an item in their inventory. If you didn't win, you'll get a sack of gold. If you've been doing dailies and getting your lesser charms, you can turn 90 in per week to get 3 Elder Charms of good fortune. You can use these in LFR and on the Sha fight to get a 2nd chance roll. Sometimes you get an item. Mostly you'll get another bag of gold :-)

Sha might be another good one to cut your teeth on. At least on my server, tuesday and wednesdays you will find people forming raids on the fly to get him, since he respawns every 15-20 minutes or so. He can drop PvE or PvP gear. Join the fun!

PvP is probably best sampled in battlegrounds. If you like it, invest in a set of gear. PVP gear weights stats differently and has some PVP only stats on it, which makes it better for PVP but generally not as good for raids and dungeons. You can find blue quality crafted gear on the auction house, and as you play, you earn Honor and Conquest points, which can be spent to get upgrades from the PVP item vendors.

And in the "Just Fun" category, pet battles are such a excellent time waster. Pokemon - WoW style. It's fun for the whole family. My 7 year old proudly showed me the Tiny Bog Beast and Lost of Lordaeron she had caught for me :-)

Hope you find a good fit guild, and good luck!

My gear is currently level 440 according to my character sheet; but this is mainly due to the PvP gear a friend gave me. I'm glyphed but I'm trying to figure out what enchantments are useful?

I've decided to grind Golden Lotus and Klaxxi, but also doing Order of the Serpent and Tillers. I'm thinking this is probably a bit too much right now ;_;

I've already researched the gear given by the Klaxxi. I need to check the Golden Lotus gear and see how it compares, then pick the best choice. They're both HARD so either which one I pick, I need to pick ONE. Might also cut back on Tillers and just do the farming the plot quests cause it brings in gold when I sell the food I make XD

Thanks for the advice on the dungeons and raids. I'll give dungeoning a go first I think. I'm probably most ready for that at this stage.

As for pet battles... yahuh! I'm just getting into it... and man it's addictive XD

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Kia ora, sorry I don't know about mages but just thought I'd give a NZ ladies fistbump :3

YAY! Good to meet another kiwi :D
I'm in Dorklund uh I mean Auckland XD

Are there many kiwi chicks on here?

First of all: Yay blood elf frost mages!! Lol, that's my main.

K, look here, it takes time to learn this game. I've been playing for years and I still learn something new everyday. Don't compare yourself to other players on the game. People gear, level, and learn at their own rates.

You're actually in luck this expansion because the rep grinds are offering an opportunity to get some decent pieces together without doing raids or dungeons at first. Just start doing the Pandaria dailies. I would focus on Golden Lotus and Klaxxi. They both offer jewelry early on as a valor reward and nice armor at revered.

There are SOOOO many resources available to you to learn your class. Icy Veins is a good one, Noxxic is a good starting place. And lucky for you frost is one of the simpler mage specs right now (in my humble opinion.)

I think you're in good hands on your server. I transferred there awhile back because I wanted a higher pop realm and the people are mostly nice and some truly awesome people over there. (I basically missed my guild and switched back because awesome guild>awesome server.)

Very briefly, as for your role in the dungeon, you're dps. Mages are powerhouses for damage if played correctly. You also provide decent crowd control with your sheep if it is requested of you. Counterspell is great for interrupts to reduce damage from particularly painful spells and spellsteal is good for taking particularly harmful buffs from your opponent. You also have time warp which is a mage equivalent of bloodlust which you will use upon request from your raid or dungeon leader.

Two points I would like to emphasize:

1) There are numerous resources where you can look up end game dungeons and raids and go in with a basic understanding of the mechanics of the fights.
2) LISTENING is the number one positive trait newbie dps can have. LISTEN to your group leader and follow instructions. A lot of people won't mind telling you what to do but they get burnt out quickly if the person they're trying to help won't help themselves.

You seem like a nice person. I hope you find a great, helpful guild to show you the ropes. Have fun and welcome to the game!

Frost Blood Elf for the win! ELLO FELLOW FROSTIE! XD

Ahem... I just wanted to say... this paragraph:

"Very briefly, as for your role in the dungeon, you're dps. Mages are powerhouses for damage if played correctly. You also provide decent crowd control with your sheep if it is requested of you. Counterspell is great for interrupts to reduce damage from particularly painful spells and spellsteal is good for taking particularly harmful buffs from your opponent. You also have time warp which is a mage equivalent of bloodlust which you will use upon request from your raid or dungeon leader."

Is by far the single most useful advice I've read so far, anywhere, EVER about my mage. THANKYOU! I had to do the Prophet Khar-zul quest and kept getting killed by those bloody birds. All the guides said I should interrupt/stop them from doing that but didn't tell me HOW. I didn't realise I needed to be doing Counterspell until after the fact ~_~
(a nice Palli came along and helped me kill him in the end...)

Icy Veins and Noxxic are great yes, but I almost needed a blow by blow explanation of each of my spells, when to use them and what rotations I should be using depending on the situation. I ran into a lovely mage who has been showing me the ropes and now I feel like I'm hitting harder and just doing things better with my spells, but yeah, kinda almost need to go down to that basic level to understand what's good or bad about our spells cause otherwise you stick to a formula... mine was Ice Barrier, Frost Bomb, Frost Bolt rinse repeat ^_^;

p.s. I still don't get Time Warp ^_^;


Well, to understand your priorities you need to understand procs. This is a situation in which a spell you cast prompts a buff that makes it ideal to cast another spell.

So, we start off casting frost bomb. This does damage as it 'ticks' and also explodes to cause additional damage when it is finished. More importantly, however, it has the chance to cause 'brain freeze' which is a situation in which your frostfire bolt costs no mana and does additional damage. This is the ONLY time you want to cast frostfire bolt. Renew frost bomb as necessary.

You will then cast frost orb. This will cause AOE damage and slow your opponents - which is super helpful when solo fighting) - and also cause something called fingers of frost. This increases the damage done by your ice lance. So whenever fingers of frost comes up you want to cast ice lance. Only when fingers of frost are up. Another spell that procs this is Freeze which is cast by your water elemental but only on your command. You can bind pet action button 4 under keybinds or click it, however you play, most people prefer keybindings. Freeze also freezes enemies in place, increasing the damage from your spells and helping you when solo fighting.

Finally, you want to cast frostbolt 3 times early in the fight to add a debuff that increases the damage of your frostbolt AND of your water elemental's default attack. You will cast frostbolt whenever you have nothing else to do.

This is the basic rotation for a frost mage. If you need more clarification on any of them, let me know, and I'll try to explain.

Time warp increases the casting speed of all party members. Essentially, it greatly increases everyone's DPS. It is used on particularly hard bosses just to burn them down quicker or to move through a particularly hard part of the fight. your dungeon leader will let you know if they want you to use it. Bloodlust does something similar (shaman spell on horde side, alliance is heroism, I believe) in terms of increasing dps and speeding up the fight.

Good luck!

Also wanted to add:

When you start doing dungeons with strangers (using you dungeon finder tool) you're going to run into some real jerks. Some of the people in this game are not very nice. Don't let them get you down on yourself. Whatever they'd lead you to believe, they were new once too.

BUT, you will also meet some TRULY awesome people (a lot more rarely than jerks) in random dungeons. I am eternally grateful to some mages I ran into early on who gave me great advice on my class and tanks who put on their teacher hats and took the time from their day to instruct me on some finer points of mechanics.

It's a mixed bag, but that's part of the experience :)

I agree with this. I got really put off from doing dungeons with randoms (or at all to be honest) for a long time because I met a few jerks on my first few that were really nasty and unkind to me when I said that I was new and hadn't done the dungeon before. That was in February and I have only just gotten the courage to start and do dungeons again.

Everyone else I have encountered has been absolutely fine, and a few people have given me some really useful information and advice about how to play better, which I have really appreciated.

If you come across any, don't let the idiots put you off :-)

Thankyou. I've already met a few jerks but the warnings from this group and my friend have armed me enough to just let it roll off my back :)

Admittedly I was a bit taken aback but eh, I also met a lovely Frost Mage whose introduced me to her guild and is patiently showing me the ropes. \^_^/

Hello fellow kiwi! I would offer to help but you're horde side and I don't play my troll druid very often anymore now that I can finally go to Pandaria. Icy Veins ( and Noxxic ( are 2 websites that will help you, just look for the section on frost mages. If I were to vote for the one you check out first I would probably say icy veins it has a basic section then it goes into more detail to help you learn more about the tricks your class can do once you've got the basics down. The number one thing I think is just to have fun!

Allo allo! Where in NZ do you hail from? :D

And fun is what I am having, but I want to experience the full gamut of what WoW offers... and damn I just want the challenge of killing stuff :D

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