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The Tillers and the Order do not give gear, only mounts and cooking/dragon related stuff. The Klaxxi, Golden Lotus (and when you hit revered with them) Shado-Pan and August Celestials give VP, at honoured.

You could switch to the Klaxxi, because if you do the quests, you should get to honoured pretty quickly, or I did at least. Otherwise, there should have been some kind of gear from the GL at honoured too. So unless you've got those two pieces, I doubt you'll 'waste' gear.

I, personally, never hit a point where I hit the VP cap and didn't have anything to spend it on, but I've also been doing dailies every day to keep up with my factions.

I do a lot of five mans. XD I didn't quite understand the rep grind for gear so I was kind of slacking a bit. I just started the GL a couple weeks ago (or so.)

there are VP rings you can get from Golden Lotus at Honored

:O! Didn't know that! Thanks! <3

Items you can purchase with VP, unfiltered:;crs=396;crv=0

Items that require Golden Lotus rep:;crs=396:1269;crv=0:0 (as you can see, the rings are at honoured, with shoulders and chest pieces available at revered).

Items that require Klaxxi rep:;crs=396:1337;crv=0:0 (necks at honoured, legs and belts at revered).

One of my favourite NPCs in the game is Commander Oxheart because she sells ALL the VP rep gear (her buddy sells all the JP rep gear). -- you can filter through her stuff by class and then see what rep is required. The easiest is really to just pay her a visit in game and filter for your class.

You're welcome. One other thing to keep in mind is that the next patch (a way away so not relevant before you hit the cap, I'd wager) will bring JP/VP and HP/CP upgrades to items. I haven't read all the details, but basically if you don't want to rep grind and go from heroics -> LFR/raiding and gear that way, you'll be able to use excess points to upgrade items you've won instead of having to purchase from rep vendors.

ohhh that sounds interesting!

Spent most of mine gearing up to ilvl 463 w/ Klaxxi gear. There is also a vp vendor in Niuzao Temple (or however it's spelled) in Townlong Steppes. You have to have various reps with various factions, but they have some nice stuff (including a 489 chest for priests that just makes me drool and curse as I am not yet revered with golden lotus!)

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