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Update on the hunter and a pet question
antler_girl wrote in wow_ladies
Just an update on this thread:

I race changed my hunter this morning. Say 'hello' to Nooraya, now a pretty Pandaran.

Now I have a second question: What pet should I use? At the moment I have a lion, a spiritbear and a fox. While levelling I don't really have a preference, but if I jump into dungeons and heroics, are there any special pets I should use? 
I am absolutely loving bm, but is survival the better spec for raiding? or am I completely wrong and should it be marks?
As you can tell I am completely clueless when it comes to being a good hunter >.<

Ow and before I forget... *hands out double choc chip muffins*

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I run dungeons as BM. I always have a ferocity pet of some sort on me and have been using a quilen (+crit and brez) or my spirit beast (+mastery) depending on what other buffs people are bringing I may switch. If they overlap, I just use whatever I feel like. I also carry 1 tenacity pet for rare mobs, groups or tougher quests.
I think BM is currently;y competitive, in heroics I usually top the meters and I only have an ilevel of 460ish.

Everything you ever needed to know about pets...EVER:

MM is slightly behind BM and Surv if I recall right, but it's so slightly that it's negligible.

I didn't know quilen provided a brez!

Yes, and I've gotten to use it a few times:

The real trick though is that the pet needs to be near the body. It's ok if a tank or melee goes down near where the pet is attacking but to get him to another player like a healer, I have to either place him myself or switch him to passive and run to the player.
And I had also seen those number crunches as well. I really like what they did with it though so I could go back to playing BM (loved it but has to be SV to raid in cata) and my buddy could stay SV since he hates BM.

I raided as BM in Cata. My Guild didn't mind and I didn't have to be top DPS. It was more about having fun as a group. :)

I held out as long as I could, but it became obvious that there were some fights where SV was just a better option for our team (which was melee heavy at the time). I still played BM by myself and I loved working on HMs with my guild :)

I think part of it was because we had two other Hunters in the raid, so it didn't really matter what I was. We aren't a hardcore raiding guild anyways, so it's nice to be able to be the spec I want without a lot of fuss from others.

I quite honestly hope that all dps classes get similar balance. You should be able to play what you enjoy, not be forced into a spec because it drastically outperforms the others.

My hunter is SV because I feel awkward in BM and MM just... perplexes me. And I'm delighted that means I'm still viable for raiding.

Ditto with my rogue. I <3 my Sub. :D

I've always preferred to play whatever spec I feel like and hate it when people were pigeonholed into specs because one was massively outweighing the others. That happened all the frikkin time with hunters and it was exceedingly annoying.

(Especially back when BM was the thing that everyone was getting forced into because it's the most boring spec ever, IMO.)

I remember back in the day when MM was top dps. *nostalgic sigh* I LOVED that spec.

BUT, I have been wanting to try BM and it largely wasn't viable last xpac for end game sooooo, here I come!! :D

Seriously though, helpful to know it's more viable now.

In regards to Petopia you can go a step further and visit them at their forums:
They have a lot of in depth pet benefit analysis/comparisons there, not to mention a lot of fun and interesting people.

With pets being re-specable now, there is less of a "must bring this pet" feel to them these days, especially with so many buffs being covered by so many classes now. It can be useful to keep some of the major buff pets handy, but mostly I'm all for bringing what you like. (unless otherwise requested or the group appears to be suffering from missing a buff)

Agreed and I really only carry maybe 2 or 3 pets when I used to have to bring a full roster for raiding (we never knew what classes we were going to bring at first so me and another hunter brought all the filler buffs). I still like to use a certain pet just for tanking and my other 2 stick to ferocity. But only because I love my Very Hungry Caterpillar named The Fat One kicking ass and taking names :)

(Deleted comment)
I generally use a Ferocity pet, but since you can change the specs on your pet at anytime, just use one you like. I personally use Savage (the Rare Hunter only Trackable tame in Jade Forest). I also have Stompy if I want and Portent (the Hunter only pets in Kun-Lai Summit an Vale of Eternal Blossoms respectively). Yeah, I'm more prone to leave Stompy as Tenacity, but who doesn't want to see a ferocious goat mauling bad guys faces off? XD

Hi, I like using a turtle specced tenacity for questing/soloing, while I like using a spirit beast specced ferocity for dungeons and pvp. I normally turn off "spirit walk" or whatever it's called.
I'm not experienced with foxes, but cats have the roar of curage buff which is nice.

Edited at 2012-11-02 07:10 pm (UTC)

Both BM and SV are raid viable currently. MM is quite a bit behind (unfortunately). I really like SV for raiding, but use BM for questing/PvP. I just really can't stand the way BM plays in raids. Hell, I tried swapping specs once for an attempt just to see and my dps went down by 30k. Probably because I'm a shit BM hunter, and I'm okay with that because I'm a pretty awesome SV hunter. Looking at WoW, BM is parsing highest by a fairly negligible amount over SV, but MM is lower than either of those by a large chunk, like 25% less dps.

BM is a totally viable dungeon/raiding spec now. One of the other hunters in our guild also does some ridiculously good PVP with the the spec. I love that I can play my fave spec now and not completely tank on the DPS. (Not that I'm topping any charts, but a lot of that is gear at the moment.)

I tend to keep one pet of each spec on me, leaving 2 slots open for taming if I come across something I want. Currently, I'm using one of the new grey tiger models for my ferocity (until I can find Savage...o.O) and a crane as my cunning. I switch to one of those at the start of the dungeon, then go back to King Spineclaw aka Spinilicious for tanking while I solo quest.

I evidently need to go find myself a quilen, though, because heck yeah, brez!!

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