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Team 2, our Honey Badgers, don't care about how tough the bosses get, they head out on Fri/Sat fueled by the awesome totem powers of their leader Rink!

(I think that's Sundays!)

/jedi wave

It always said Sundays.



Maybe it's my monitor size but that is some reaaaallly tiny font o.O

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I hate formatting on LJ. I never used to have a problem with it. Then they messed with it. Grr. Anyway, should be fixed now.

If you copy/paste from another website without using proper HTML coding, or copy from MSWord into here, it'll screw the formatting horribly XD

I copied and pasted it from the last time I put the add up, on W_L. :(

Reckoning is the win!

Which server are you on?

We are on Wyrmrest Accord-US, Hordeside. :)

You guys sound amazing! Ever since I quit back in T11 (came back a few weeks into MoP) I've been looking for a new guild to settle into. Unfortunately my entire raid team has quit before the launch of the new expansion. I will definitely be dropping an app and perhaps switching to Horde will be the change I need :)

Aw, sorry to hear about your raid team. That stinks. :( I will look forward to seeing your app, though, we can always use more w_l in the guild! (Just make sure you get it in before Nov 7th, or you'll have to wait til recruitment re-opens Dec 1st!) :D

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