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Reckoning Recruitment open! (Social recruitment now open, from the 11/1-11/7)
yeah whatever
lives_this_life wrote in wow_ladies
Reckoning Social Recruitment is open the first week of every month, from the 1st - 7th.

So Who Are You People Anyway...
We are a motley crew of friendly, awesome and very often silly people who just like to hang out, play some Warcraft and have fun. The GM-of-many-alts has been playing since forever and together, she and her wacky cohorts, otherwise known as officers, and Pinky, will TAKE OVER THE WORLD (of Warcraft)! /shot In aaaallll seriousness (well, mostly seriousness, we hardly ever get ALL SRS... ness...) ... if you want a fun, casual and active environment, free of hate language and L33Tspeak, look us up.

Smashing Boss faces!...
We kill bosses and take their stuff! We have not one, not two, but three progression raid teams who regularly smash through PvE content. Team #1 Pickle, led by the charming and handsome Remghar, heads out on Tues/Thurs to get their dance on slaughter mercilessly! Team 2, our Honey Badgers, don't care about how tough the bosses get, they head out on Fri/Sun fueled by the awesome totem powers of their leader Rink! Last but certainly not least, Team 3, our DOOM Bunnies, bring all the doom-y goodness on Saturday afternoons and Sunday evenings, under Her Doomiest, Rhysa.

I'm not a raider. Why should I join you?!...
Untested grunt, still quivering in your boots? We have lots of folks who are either re-rolls to play with us, or have been with us a while and have multitudes of alts. There are lots of folks who aren't 90 in the guild and would be happy with quest or run dungeons with you. Battle-scarred veteran who faces down swarms of Alliance without battling an eye, on your own, with no bubblegum?? We have quite a few pvp'ers in the guild as well! Addicted to seeing that gold achievement pane flash up on your screen? We have a self-help group, er... lots of folks who totally get you. Just want fun stuff to do with fun people? We got that in spades, every month we have recurring guild activities like Livestream movie nights, Lawn Darts, retro raid/xmog nights, working on Ulduar/ICC/Cata mounts, fantasy movie leagues (kinda like fantasy insert-sport-here leagues only for movies!) and fantasy sports leagues!, and all kinds of other fun stuff.
1. Bribe the GM. She accepts candy cane ice cream, fuzzy socks and pictures of adorable baby animals.
2. Deliver 24 [Broken I.W.I.N. Button]s to the mailbox behind the Orgrimmar Auction House. Perform a chicken dance while wearing a purple hat. You must depart walking backwards. You will be watched.
3. Fill out our short, fun application found here:
Don't worry, it's more a tool for us to JUDGE YOU MERCILESSLY, er, I mean, get to know you and make sure we'll totally love each other in platonic ways. Or non-platonic, if you are Trelant. Yeah, bby.

Alternatively, you may contact one of the following people in game: Danikah - Guildmaster, Altoholic, Mistress of Totally Terrible Puns, Trelant - Officer of SEXY, Arcayne - Fashion ConsultantJulannah - Devotee of Cats and Dialect Expert (Valley Girl Spec'd)Alannu - Floor Tile Inspector ExtraordinaireRemgar - Raid Leader of Team #1 Pickle and all around decent GentleCowRhysa - First Lady of Bao and fearless Raid Leader of the Doom Bunnies

Non-officer personnel: Killandre - Master of the Reckoning IntarwebzRink- Raid Leader for the Honey Badgers and Shaman Tank of Awesome!

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Team 2, our Honey Badgers, don't care about how tough the bosses get, they head out on Fri/Sat fueled by the awesome totem powers of their leader Rink!

(I think that's Sundays!)

/jedi wave

It always said Sundays.



Maybe it's my monitor size but that is some reaaaallly tiny font o.O

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I hate formatting on LJ. I never used to have a problem with it. Then they messed with it. Grr. Anyway, should be fixed now.

If you copy/paste from another website without using proper HTML coding, or copy from MSWord into here, it'll screw the formatting horribly XD

I copied and pasted it from the last time I put the add up, on W_L. :(

Reckoning is the win!

Which server are you on?

We are on Wyrmrest Accord-US, Hordeside. :)

You guys sound amazing! Ever since I quit back in T11 (came back a few weeks into MoP) I've been looking for a new guild to settle into. Unfortunately my entire raid team has quit before the launch of the new expansion. I will definitely be dropping an app and perhaps switching to Horde will be the change I need :)

Aw, sorry to hear about your raid team. That stinks. :( I will look forward to seeing your app, though, we can always use more w_l in the guild! (Just make sure you get it in before Nov 7th, or you'll have to wait til recruitment re-opens Dec 1st!) :D

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