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Hunter... but what race?
antler_girl wrote in wow_ladies
My hunter has been a Nightelf for ages, but I'm disliking the model more and more. I really want to get into my hunter more and I'm thinking of a race change for her. I adore pandaren females and draenai females. So what do you guys think? Spacegoat or fuzzy bear?

Also, please show me your hunter pics for inspiration! Double choc cookies for the pandaran and dreanai ones that you post ;)

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I like to play around in WoW Model Viewer when I get the itch to race-change. That lets me see the different animations and how my favourite transmog sets will look on the races so I can decide which I like best. If you don't use WMV, you can always view transmog items and select animations through wowhead's 3d viewer option. That might help you narrow down your choices too.

When I was Alliance earlier this year, my hunter was a Draenei. Here she is:

They both bring alot of good things to the table, in my opinion, so it's all going to boil down to your personal sense of aesthetics.

I adore the hairstyles on the Pandaren, I love their curves, I really REALLY love how some of the more revealing mail gear looks on them. (Example: here. This is not my character, I just think she's cute as a button)

Draenei are on the other end of the curve equation, and I also love they way THEY look. Their run is so springy and loose, and I love the swish of their tails. They look sexy and fantastic, imo.

What I might suggest, if you're having difficulty deciding, is load up Modelviewer or the addon Mogit, and see how different armors look on Pandaren and draenei, and see which one appeals to you more.

I do wholeheartedly recommend a race change to breathe new life into a character. Once I turned my worgen lady druid into a night elf man I found it alot more fun to play. Why? No idea (other than night elf men have yummy hair), but it revitalized the character for me. He's now 87. :)

Okay! You can see the same armor on draenei AND Pandaren, with Regen's screenshot!

That's hilarious, HOW DID YOU KNOW?! That mail set is one of my favourites (including the red colour variation omg <3)

The pictured Pandaren is a very dear friend of mine, I want to get the red color for my (red) panda shaman. :D

Your screenie of skimpy-mail Panda girl has robbed my of my ability to brain. I hope you're pleased. (And now I want to dress my panda girls - warrior and priest - in skimpy outfits for cuteness sake.)

You're welcome! I personally think the skimpy outfits look better on them than most of the other races, but that could just be the difference in model quality. :)

I didn't even want a hunter, but that image you link has me sold. I know what i'm doing tonight now!

For any other class I would normally vote Drae because I adore them (I have more drae toons than any other race), but I'm not a fan of their ranged animations. When they shoot with guns and crossbows, they wobble so much I don't know how they could hit the side of a barn. When they shoot with any weapon while strafing/running, it looks like their spines are breaking. x_x Panda animations though are awesome, so my personal preference is a panda.

I'd suggest rolling a couple of level 1s on an alternate server so you can check out the various animations and see what you like best.

this was my panda hunter on the beta, haven't gotten around to re-creating her yet, though I plan to!

I played a Drae hunter for about fifteen levels and the ranged animation just bugged me too much. OTOH I love my wee little Panda hunter, I just haven't gotten her leveled out of the start zone, because... well... Tillers, and Golden Lotus, and Cloud Serpent, and... yeah.

I haven't started a Panda hunter yet. But I do have several Drae.

This is my main, Roszfianna at 86

This is Roszinha at 85

Oh wait, I had a Panda hunter on beta!


Heres my hunter, Thaeda in her level 90 greens. :) (And the guild tabard all Halloweenified because I haven't been on to change it yet. And the glovesa and weapon she got yesterday I havent had time to re-transmog.... oy)

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I use that same set for my hunter's transmog! It's awesome!! :D

Full transmog of it is here:

I'd be similarly torn if I was roiling a hunter today, but my draenei has been my main since 2006 and she's not changing now. ;) I did go ahead and make a pandaren hunter on my alt realm. She's still only level 11 so you don't really get an idea of the gear on her, but she's here:

I love how she looks running around with her turtle. :)

This is an ANCIENT picture of my Draenei with her corehound, Gladys. I love the way their colors match eachother. Unfortunately, that screenshot was taken long before transmog was invented.

Here's her armory:

I've recently rolled a Pandaren Hunter just for the purposes of dual boxing a Monk to 80 via RAF, but I'm kind of in love with her now too. She and my Monk are only level 16 so far, but she really is adorable. I might be tempted to race change my real Hunter if/when I level her from 85-90.

Here's my Panda's armory:

i'm obsessed with matching my pets to my transmog. :3

A few months old, but my main Draenei Hunter in some transmog.

this is my baby, lvl 66, panda hunter, Maijay. <3

I have panda hunters!!! Nomiko of Wyrmrest Accord. Lyang of Wyrmrest Accord.

My only other hunter is a Troll, but I love her so much!

Possibly not the best shot (I am bad at taking screenshots!), but my Drae in her 85 transmog:


I know you've already made your choice (and you have chosen Panda, which also just so happens to be one of the correct choices!) but I can't resist the chance to show off my army of hunters.

I've got my main hunter, Michelå:

A baby hunter that I'm only just now nudging through the levels, Chastel:

A belf hunter that I haven't leveled in a while but still enjoy, Jandith:

...And a panda hunter named Teissen that I have no screenshots of yet. But someday!

My hunter is a worgen and I love it :3 She's kind of a beast herself so it makes sense to me :p

I can totally understand wanting to race-change because of a vanilla model that badly needs updating... but the great thing about night elf hunters is their longbow shooting animation. It's so graceful and it's actually accurate (at least how I was taught to shoot). So many other races look completely fail with a bow... one wonders what the devs were smoking, with some of them!

I like worgens for hunters with the crit bonus. Plus, yeah, it just suits them.

If you MUST be alliance *sigh**wink* I would go with Panda hands down. The racials are just better. Increased rested experience, double food buff (I get SO jealous of this one in my raid group, lol), bouncy never hurts for those less than epic moments when you fall down, and I imagine quaking palm will be useful for those unfortunate times you get caught in melee or especially in pvp when another stun never hurts. I don't think any of the draenei racials are that helpful except for the bonus hit.

Plus, the panda females are ADORABLE. ^-^

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