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belf priest
maijay wrote in wow_ladies
Basically, red or blue:

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I really like the red, but it is a common look for blood elves (at least in my experience- that being said, that robe is one of my favorites)

If you want something a little more unique, I very much like the blue.

Agreed. Blue doesn't look as common place. I'd go with the blue.

I agree with this too. The red is definitely eye catching but it's also more stereotypically blood elf. The blue would be more unique.

+1 agree
The blue is more unique, and the shoulders flow better imo =)

I vote Red! I might vote blue if you changed the hair color, though. The red goes with the skin/hair. It makes the blue look a little lost. It's also that I don't like the blue's shoulders.

I like the red one, personally. :)

I really like the red one, I just love blood elves in red. I'm on the hunt for a good red plate set for my Blood Elf Paladin.

Blue, and I'd try to get the fountain spring shoulders that go with.

Red, I adore that classic robe.

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