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Am I discing wrong?
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sete_di_sangue wrote in wow_ladies
So, I really loved disc healing. I picked it up in Wrath (I hated holy so much), and my love for bubbling and PoHing and things increased through Cata. With one hitch...

I never specced into atonement. I never liked the whole dps-heal mechanic. My personality settled really strongly into single-target, non-smite healing. I had a solid rotation, and I think I healed pretty well (with i370-ish gear, I helped a group get heroic Morchok down to 10%. My main issue was my own survivability--I was too squishy)

Right now, with everything I've read and seen, it feels like I HAVE to atonement heal. I know they baked in something like 25% healing into the mechanic, and I'm not sure I can make that up. But I loved the style that suited me. I am slowly working Spirit Shell into my rotation (or trying to remember. it's hard because i feel like it would work well for the focused-healing style I favor, but the people who aren't being shelled need me to care about them too!)

So, Disc-playing Ladies (and lurking gents), what do I do? Do I just force myself to try this playstyle? Is my old playstyle (no atonement) viable in any way? Could I raid heal with this style?

Help! How do I disc?

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Hm, well sometimes Blizz changes mechanics in ways we don't like. In Cata Atonement was optional, but definitely useful especially for DPS race fights. Atonement USED to be a talent option for priests, but they seem to have baked it in. I think you'll definitely have to adapt your play style (actually, I can't believe you didn't have to from wrath to cata, bubble spam was no longer an option for mana-prohibitive reasons as far as I know), but if you are totally against atonement, then I'm sure you can learn to make up the slack. If you aren't TOTALLY against it and want to try to change your playstyle gradually, my advice would be to try to use it before heavy damage phases. Grab Glyph of Holy Fire, Glyph of Smite and Glyph of Penance. With these three you can stack Evangelism to 5 in about 5 sec, and then have a nice buff to use for your heavy damage phases (and you'll still be healing while stacking it, yay). Once you get used to that, try to use penance on the boss instead of the tank whenever you have to use it, and use holy fire whenever you're moving. That way you should have the buff up most of the time, and can activate it whenever you feel you need the extra healing.

But if you want to keep doing what you're doing, then I think you can work it out. Just try to work in the other new spells (Halo, Spirit Shell, etc) wherever you can, use your CDs wisely, and I think you'll be fine.

I did have to change a little from wrath to cata, but the shift didn't feel as drastic. Something about "YOU MUST DPS THE BOSS WHILE WATCHING THE HEALTH BARS" didn't sit well with me as a healer. I switched into a more PoH/GH focused style of play. Instead of bubbling everybody, I would PWS the tank, PoH the raid, and keep PoM bouncing and grace stacks up. It was more of a... lateral step than something that, to me, feels like a huge learning curve.

Yeah, I guess it was a lot different for me because my priest isn't my main. I spent most of Cata healing using atonement (you'd stack it, and then smite every... *20? sec or so to keep up the buff... back then it was a mana CD more than anything, though, I'd use Archangel whenever it was off CD to get mana back rather than saving it for times when I needed the extra healing).

I guess it's just the direction Blizz wants disc to go in =/. But like I said, I think you would be able to heal without or mostly without it if that's your preference =).

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My own priest is currently parked in Halfhill at level 86 while I raid and prep for PvP on my main, gear up my warrior, and level up my druid (... I have a bit of an altohol problem ...), but the impression I've gotten is that Atonement is more or less a core part of the spec's play. You can emphasize the new shinier shield stuff over Atonement, but AIUI some Atonement healing is meant to be part of it, if only to keep Archangel up.

That said, this post is reminding me of this.

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It's 1:30 AM and I should not be shrieking with laughter, but I am. Fortunately, my boyfriend, he is like a log.

AHHHHHhahahahhah that commercial is funny.

One of the players in my guild whose main is a disc priest said, back when she first found that and shared it with us, that she really wanted an add-on that counts Evangelism stacks like that.

You switch between them, basically.

In periods of low damage, or times when people are all crowded close, you can smite and heal everyone. In periods with high spike damage, I tend to switch to 'bubble target, then cast Greater Heal/Heal to lower the time on the debuff', and throw out Penance like there's no tomorrow. I also tend to combine Spirit Shell, Inner Focus, and Prayer of Healing.

I took the glyph of Holy Fire to weave that in during a spare moment, particularly if I want Evangelism but don't have the time to cast Smite.

Attonement healing is optional, getting glyph of Holy Fire and using it to stack Evangelism for PoH spam is less so. Also Archangel, Spirit Shell, and PoH is pretty much the best thing ever as a disc priest.

I'm finding that they way I play varies depending on the fight. There are some fights where I get evangelism stacked up at the beginning of the fight and then use holy fire (glyphed) on CD just to keep the stacks and then right before a big damage burst I archangel + inner focus + spirit shell then bubble the tanks and POH the raid. If you are spec'd for power infusion and its off CD you can add that in there and OMG SO MUCH WIN!! Then get evangelism stacked back up again and maintain for the next burst. This is provided that the fight mechanics allow you to stay still long enough to do all that. There are other bosses like Gara'ja and the Spirit Kings where through most of the fight I do nothing but smite heal. Some fights like the stoned guard I prefer to go holy. I think as a disc priest we have the ability to be flexible on how we heal and that's a pretty cool thing.

So while not utilizing atonement you aren't technically doing anything wrong, you are not taking advantage of a all the tools available to you and in turn not healing to the best of your class's ability. I would suggest trying the method I mentioned at the beginning of my post of stacking evangelism at the start of a fight and then keeping it up with Holy Fire (glyphed for instant cast) then popping archangel + spirit shell and PoH the raid or party. Once you get into this rhythm and you learn the timing of the fights you will learn if you have the time to hit archangel between damage bursts and still have it up again to shield the raid from big damage.

I use both play styles. I've yet to raid in MoP, but when it comes to dungeons I mostly atonement heal on trash, and then single target during boss fights. While the bubbles aren't as 'tough' as they were during wrath, I find that there are useful tools available for single target healing, like Spirit Shell, PW:B, and Void Shift. I don't think you're doing anything wrong by not using atonement healing, but I recommend you try it. I personally love it, and think it's amazing. If you can't get into it maybe try holy? I haven't tried it since cata, so I don't know all the changes, but maybe you would like it more than disc. GL

I have been playing with my disc priest at level 90, and I have been running through the heroics. So far, I have not used AA healing at all. Holy Fire and Smite are not even on my bars. I spec into Mindbender and make sure I have unbuffed, at least close to 8.5K in combat spirit regen. I would macro SS to PoH, it should be the go-to spell anyways for a majority of fights. Also, if after you PoH you still need to single target SS, cast Heal-FH-GH and that will also add an absorb to the target. SS lasts for 15 sec, enough time to get it on the party with PoH and extra on tank with single target heals. I play the same as I did, mostly, back in Cata. PoM tank, PW:S, Penance, FH-GH-Heal depending on need, SS+PoH for any multi-person damage or known incoming aoe, keep PoM on tank on CD, weave in Cascade (I like this one for heroics as everyone is all over the place), etc. I keep strictly to int-spirit-mastery-crit-haste, flask for spirit (I use the new MoP flask) and eat for mastery.

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