janey (applegoddess) wrote in wow_ladies,

how to address overhealing

There are two healers I play with - holy priest and mistweaver monk - in my guild's 25s that are doing a massive amount of overhealing. If I look at overhealing only, it's basically everyone else does more or less the same amount and then it skyrockets to those two, like 25% 30% 30% 35% ....50% 55%... Normally I wouldn't care about overhealing, but the priest goes OOM a lot and the monk is often low on healing done overall. As a group we're doing enough that healing is rarely an issue, but it'd be nice to resolve issues while we're twiddling our thumbs for DPS to play catchup.

I've raided with this group for a while now and none of the healers in raid are particularly inclined to snipe heal most nights. We also don't run with multiple hpriests or mistweavers so I can't immediately compare, but if I ever see similar healers in the second half of MV in LFR I never see them doing that much overhealing either, it's always in the neighborhood of 10-40% depending on other healers.

Breakdown of heals, buff/debuff uptimes seem okay, and no particular heal of theirs is doing a lot of overhealing. Is there anything else I can look at to figure out what is going on with those two? I don't think this is just an inevitability of their spec.
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