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Ninja warning for those that use open raid
soozquu wrote in wow_ladies
I was reading browsing the general forums and came across this post:

Posted by: (Not sure if I can link someone's armory. I'll remove if its not ok.

Copied text of the original posters first post:

"It was a battle hard fought. Some of the nine other people I brought with me to the depths of the Firelands had never seen Ragnaros on Heroic difficulty. Through the last 10% of his life, I could feel the tension over Ventrilo, the excitement under the surface, that moment that lasts an eternity where an incredibly difficult boss is about to die.

Achievement spam. Jubilant screams over Ventrilo.

The Firelord has been slain.

Ten different people all click the corpse of the once powerful elemental to see what spoils they will seek to claim, but everyone's mind is really only on one item. The Smoldering Egg of Millagazor. It is the whole reason most of them came after all. They had searched the for an open raid on a third party website. This was there last chance before the mists are lifted, and the drop rates...well...drop.

I chuckled to myself. While these people were gushing over their victory and performing various rituals to increase their luck, I knew it was all a pointless exercise. Instead, I was rehearsing the sequence of events in my head...

Right click, Assign Loot, Killsjoy (me!), Right Click, Leave Group, Alt+Tab, Click the X on Ventrilo.

These nine people will hate me, but they will get over it. After all, it's their own fault. I didn't say the magic words. One person tried to be tricky and ask in raid if the mount was going to be free roll. I answered yes. But, as the GM's say...

The ubiquitous “MS>OS” or "free rolls" is unfortunately not enough for the Game Master department to be able to determine a scam, and cannot be used as evidence.

The GMs are on my side. So here is a thank you note to them for my awesome new mount, a thank you note to the nine people who were foolish enough to join my run, and to you fine folks on the forums for allowing policies like this to exist."

A bit further down, this gem of our communtity state:

"Haha, to the people claiming that Blizzard is going to take the mount away from me, if I was actually scared of that happening, would I be posting on my main? On my main account?

I am not concerned that they are going to do anything to someone like me because they stated pretty clearly that I am allowed to say in raid chat something is free roll, and then Master Loot it to myself.

I do it on OpenRaid so the idiots who go with me can't touch me.

So go ahead and hate, I've got a big flamey mount and all your tears in the world aren't going to put it out."

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