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Mine is going to be FuuFuu (pronounced foofoo).

Totally Off topic but... LIN!

I've reserved Minmei for my Panda shaman, named after Linn Minmei, which makes one of my guildies twitch. >:)

I've got two names I'm tossing up between for my panda monk girl, Tempest and Akashia, I'm heavily leaning towards Tempest. If I don't use Tempest for my panda monk I'll likely make another mage (or keep the mage that's currently holding the name since she's just over level 30 now) and if I don't use Akashia I'll likely use that for the panda priest I plan on rolling eventually.

I'm making a male panda monk, and since my main is Ruana and everyone calls me Ru, I wanted Rufu. But sadly, that is taken (there's a Ruru gnome on our server, he may have snagged it since it's not showing up in the armory), as of COURSE was Rufus. So I originally went with Ruphu.

However, it came to me while I was poking the male panda standing by his BG flag, that a better name is Chiun. Even though Chiun is Korean and definitely NOT a panda, the "You move like a pregnant yak!" emote just got me rolling.

So thankfully, NO ONE had taken Chiun yet on my server, so that will be my monk's name.

I'm glad that no one had it, but also sad that Chiun wasn't famous enough that someone had snagged it already. That movie (and the books too) are AWESOME. :D

Out of curiosity, anyone saved the name Linbeifong yet? :D

Not sure, but I'm pretty sure every variation of "Pabu" has been snatched up.

The artists and other creative types at Blizzard talk about Pandaria as being "pan-Asian" in terms of inspiration and influence, but it's blatantly classical China, especially as portrayed in big-budget wuxia epics, so I've been going with Chinese-language names. I have one definite and one possible pandaren character (a panda monk, and, if I go through with the race change, my shaman main will become a panda), so I've reserved names for them.

For some context: I'm a professional economist (specifically, public health policy), and so a lot of math and, especially, statistics jargon is part of my everyday vocabulary. At my office, there's a table in a common area where people can leave unneeded/unwanted books for others to take. One day, about a month back, I was poking through the stacks there, and came across a bilingual English-Chinese glossary of demographic terms, which includes a substantial number of both math and health terms. I went through and picked out some two- and three-syllable terms that reference important concepts in my work that also made for nice names for my monk; currently, I'm leaning towards "Gusuan" (estimation). For my shaman, I wanted something more meaningful for a shaman, so I've got names picked out that reference storms, thunder/lightning, and one that means "ashen wolf" or "gray wolf" (a reference to both my shaman's current name and her being an orc, as well as the association of shamans with wolves).

This. Seeing people talking about giving Chinese-based characters Japanese names makes me cringe. :(

I've saved Jinora for my Panda lady, from the Legend of Korra. Seemed appropriate for my Windwalker Monk to be :)

I'm going with Kaala for my Alliance panda since it's a name used in eastern Nepal for the red panda.(according to Wikipedia anyway.)

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I've got PapaBearr saved for my big manly male brewmaster monk :D
And Kesali for my female panda, means something along the lines of Forest Spirit in Romani

I'm being childish with Bämmbus. I am totally aware of that.

My panda monk is going to be named Roami. I went through a LOT of names trying to find what was right for her, until by chance one day I was looking at some Persona 4 stuff, and remembered that my favorite character from the game is voiced in Japanese by Romi Park. Obviously that isn't Chinese, but I thought to myself "Well, she's going to be a wanderer, and she roams around a lot. And at the very least it sounds pan-Asian. Besides, it's not like a certain popular cartoon refuses to mix and match Asian names."

Went on to reserve the name...And it was taken. So I started messing with spelling while keeping what sounded close to the pronunciation, and then I ended up with Roami. And then a friend of mine made a joke about her and the B-52s ("ROOOOOOOAMI if you want to! ROOOOOOAMI around the woooooorld!") so the name stuck. As did the song.

I want to make a red female panda and reserved the name Tangerinne and a male named Tangello (regular spellings are taken).
I can't find a tangerine on my server so either it's being held too or someone isn't using it.

Daftmonk for mine, lol. I've always been a fan of punny names, though.

mine is in honour of Bruce lee Brewslee

Even better than Daftmonk.

I'm a bit stumped myself as to what to name my future panda lady. So I've been researching traditional Chinese girl names and was thinking of creating a hybrid name if space allows. Something like.....Dancing Lotus or Laughing Moon.

I'm probably gonna use Leidian. A dictionary I found says it's Chinese for "thunder and lightning", which works for a monk looking at some of their spells. xD

Well I have 3 ladies in mind, whose names are as follows Zencho ( windwalker monk) Zenyun (priest) and Keyati ( shaman). I heard the names years ago but no clue as to what they mean, they just sounded cool.

I'm planning on making a Windwalker... so I reserved the name Felonious. Felonious Monk.

...I should probably be more ashamed of myself for that pun than I am.

My panda lady will be Mingxia. She's going to be a monk, hopefully a healer if my guild has room. It's just such a pretty name, meaning "Halo around the moon" or something along those lines. I love it.

One name I have in mind for my Panda monk girl when the time comes is wuxia (pronounced woosha) which is that fancy, impossible-looking stylized martial arts you sometimes see in movies.

Er, no, that's wushu. Wuxia is a genre.

My panda lady will be a monk, and sin'ce I use mostly names from books, animes or tv series I like this one will be called Malvora. I usually pick a name from just one pile of them, I have several with the same one. But they so purrrdy >.>

I usually name my guys from my favourite characters in books and games. Thus, my female pandaren monk shall be known as Ershin! Rocket-powered fists away!

My monk is going to be called Gyatso, after monk gyatso in Avatar: The Last Airbender. I'm also making a panda of unknown class that's going to be called HaiLei... It's my chinese name. If anyone is interested, I could use the practice in my Chinese calligraphy to make some folks names for their pandas that are based in Mandarin. Just tell me what you want it to sound like/preference to letters and viola! Chinese pinyin name for your panda. (:

My panda is going to be a shaman, and the name I have reserved for her is Calmwater. My monk is going to be a night elf (shocking, I know) and the name I have reserved for her is Dark. :)

My girl panda is going to be either Meilin or Xiumei; probably the latter as it's a little more obscure.


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