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:O Want!
WoW: Thistle with wolf
thistle_chaser wrote in wow_ladies
I'm not exactly sure what Mega Bloks are (Lego knockoff, I take it), but I'm so buying this when it comes out:

Lich King and Sindragosa in Mega Bloks form! Does it come with that Icecrown Citadel in the background? Please say it does! (Eeee, based on the video, it looks like it does!)

There are a mess of other sets, too.

Unfortunately, while looking for a release date on these, I found some reviews of other sets made by Mega Bloks:

"These things are horrible, I wasted about $20 to get a Halo set one time and poor does not even begin to describe them. The bricks seldom actually stay interlocked, they are very flexible and not sturdy like Lego."

"Mega Bloks? Already I'm passing this. Got a few Mega Bloks Halo sets for my son a few years back, without gluing each piece together those things fell apart faster than the plot to Hackers."

Sad. But at least glue is cheap, I guess? It's not like I'd want to take it all apart so I could put it together again...

Edit: Official Blizz Post found.

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No trolls yet? I'll buy anything with a troll in it...

*sigh* I really don't need more toys... but the elf on the nightsaber is very tempting, as are the dragon sets.

No female characters either, I noticed. Er. No humanoid female ones! :P

And yeah, the nightsaber really caught my eye, too.

Yeah, as far as I can tell the only female character is Sindi, and dragons look kinda gender neutral so I don't think that counts :D

Unfortunately, Mega Bloks are a very cheap knockoff of Lego. Given that they're made in the city we live in, they're everywhere so our 4-year-old has gotten his share of them. However, my family being Danish, they've sent a boat load of real Lego his way too, and when you have the two side by side, the quality of the Mega Bloks stuff is just dismal. :( It really sucks that Blizz went with them for their stuff, otherwise I'd be buying it for sure! :S

Based on what I've read since finding this, Lego won't produce anything about a war (a real war, so not Star Wars?). WoW unfortunately counts as a realistic war...

... It is hilarious to me that WoW counts as real war and Star Wars doesn't. o.O

Agreed. Star WARs doesn't count?

Ah ok. I suppose that makes sense, though I agree with bex that it's kind of hilarious that you can get Star Wars stuff but not WoW. Honestly, I have a sneaky suspicion that it may have to do with the bad name WoW has in some circles. It seems to me that Lego has tried to position itself very much like a household name, and perhaps they fear that WoW won't suit that image? Well, it's speculation.

I'm more inclined to believe it was because Blizzard could make more money if they went with the cheaper product, or that Megabloks gave them a better bid or something, lol.

They've marketed several "scenes" from Harry Potter that were battles... >.

these are real? I thought it was a april fools joke. I so excited now!! =D

Nope, they actually released that before April 1st, if I recall correctly. :)

First announced at Blizzcon.

My sister has all the Halo Mega Bloks (I need to stop ragging on her about this now...) and displays the sets, never had any real issues with them so I'll be willing to at least give them a try. Although I will agree that they're not as sturdy as Lego.

I should also point out that my definition of lego sturdy comes from having some "walls" I built as a kid that I could NOT get back apart or destroy. Those things got drove over, dropped, thrown out of windows... you name it we did it, those bricks would not come apart.

Yeah, I bet. I have a small Lego set, I'd like to put it back into the container so I can store it, but the darned blocks won't come apart! I finally just shoved the whole thing in there, in a few big pieces.

My boss went on a rant about how poor quality Megabloks are as well, saying they had to use glue too.

This isn't actually much of an issue for me, I do mini-modeling stuff and have tons of CA sitting around and a good working knowledge of how to apply it.

I'm with you; I totally want that Icecrown Citadel one.

I suspect that'll be one of the more popular sets. :D

ooh! Shiny!

I just wanted to come in and make a comment about Megablocks. No, they don't hold together as tightly as Legos. However, I have a friend who works in the Halo empire, who has given me a few free sets of the limited edition Halo blocks, and, they hold. They just don't hold so tight that you have to use a butter knife to pry them apart like I've had to do many times with Legos. Maybe I've just gotten lucky and found a few really good sets of megablocks.. who knows.

For kids actually "playing" with them, probably they won't like how easily they snap apart- but I don't find that they're loose enough to be considered "crap", really, just reasonably easier to come apart for disassembling and reassembling into other things- legos, on the other hand, usually my only complaint about them ever was that "these two pieces have melded together and I... just... can't.... zomg... I don't even.... someone heeeeeeellppp meee... call for the jaws of life!

For someone, like me, who wants to assemble them and put them on their desk with the rest of the goofy crap I like to keep near me, they'll hold together perfectly and be infinitely amusing..

Great to hear! Thanks for the comment! :D

Yeah, for anyone who'll do what I do with them (which is put them on my desk, and occasionally force them to go on dates with a giant plastic scooby doo, or danced with a stuffed octopus) they should be fine. They can stand moving around and dusting and general silliness without problem.

That's exactly my plan, except switch Lion-O out for Scooby Doo and Pikachu for the octopus. :D

Lion-O vs Lich King. Best Fight Ever!

that would be a pretty epic battle!!

Ok, now I've got the image of Cheetara risen in place of Lady Sylvanas.. that would be a hilarious cross-over. You are BRILLIANT!!

Definitely not a fan of Mega Bloks but I kind of have to have the Lich King/Sindragosa set! My geeky little heart just died when I saw that. I'll need to add a sound chip that plays "Suffer, mortals, as your pathetic magic BETRAAAAAAAYS you!!!"

Haaaa, that'd be too amusing!

I gotta get at least the Deathwing one and the Lich King one and put them up at work!

(My desk at work is WoW themed cause apparently my goth theme didn't go over well, I had a crystal skull and bats on my desk)

I have my Wyvern Cub and Gryffin Hatchling sitting on there and now I'll have the mega blocks sets! :D

At Blizzcon the goodie bags had a little Thrall MegaBlocks. I have to admit, I was really hoping to see a Sylvanas one. But those Dragons sure do look pretty!

My kids have both lego and mega blocks... mega bloks are cheaper, yes, but still hold together well enough for play. Both lego and Mega Bloks have three different sizes, the larger two sizes (largest for ages 1-2, middle size for ages 2-6) of EITHER set don't hold together as well as the smallest size (6+ or 8+ depending on the size, theme and how complicated it is). I remember my big bucket of lego had tons of teeth marks in it because I could never get the damn bricks apart. The one set of smaller Lego my son has does the same thing, some pieces are together for good.

So, it's kinda six of one; half a doze of another.

Want female characters though -.-

This is cool! Lego would've been nicer...but then again, Lego would've charged an arm and a leg for their sets. :/ Mega bloks aren't terrible, just not quite up to the same quality. We've had some mega bloks set and they did all right.

We've got many, many Lego sets but the prices got so high and the kids got older and this Christmas was the first one in 19 years that there were no Lego sets under the tree. This mega bloks set will be a 'must have' for at least two of my kids. Will have to buy and stash aside. :)

Also, we've gotten the Halo sets, they were all right too. But then again, my kids are older and they put them together and don't necessarily play with them much.

O HECK YEAH. My daughter and nephew will have thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis! I must pass down my World of Warcraft legacy :O

I had some Pirates of the Caribbean Mega Bloks once, and they were okay. They don't hold together as tightly, which is sometimes a good thing if you're like me and put the brick in the wrong damn space and have to pry them apart. Lego is the standard building toy in my household, and while these would have probably looked better as Legos (Lego puts a lot of little nifty details into their products), some of these sets do look like fun. I think I'll have to get the Arthas and Syndi one.

Oh, and for those of us still struggling to get Legos apart, they make these wonderful things called brick separators. I can't live without mine. :D

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