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Priest Responsibilities
tlhinganhom wrote in wow_ladies
In a 5 man group, what are the responsibilities of a priest concerning:

Healing a warlock every time he restores his mana (while not in combat)

Healing a warlock's pet

Healing a hunter's pet

Doing DPS while no heals are needed (i.e. wand or whatever)

I keep grouping with 'locks who restore their mana and dont bother to eat or band-aid before going back into battle. Isn't that, like, stealing mana from the priest?

And classes with pets will often not bother to heal their pets *at all*. (As in, if I don't heal the pet, the pet DIES. So I usually do. But when the f'kin hunter has a full mana bar and is up meleing the mob...)

So just wondering if this is normal/accepted practice.

Speaking as a huntress -

I don't do instances often and I'm only level 34. Also, I spend most of my time grouped with my fiance, who plays a paladin, so I'm pretty set for heals.

I heal my pet whenever she's getting too low for my comfort, but Mend Pet lasts only a few seconds, it's got a serious mana cost attached, and I can only heal her 68/sec. So I appreciate it when she gets a heal, because it keeps both her and me in the fight, and it means I suddenly don't have to keep a real close eye on my mana bar, because my ranged attacks cost something like 50 mana a shot, and after a few Mend Pets, my DPS goes down the toilet.

In response to your edit -

Then the hunter is an ass, seriously. :/ I confess I tend to expect healing for Sekhmet from those who can offer it, but generally because I *can't* heal to the extent they can, and because if I spend all my time and mana healing the damn dog then everyone's gonna wind up dead. (I should point out that she's such an aggro hound that she generally has *all* the mobs directed on her, regardless of who I'm shooting and my groupmates are pounding, so she tends to take in excess of 68/sec in the situations I'm talking about).

I have a 43 priest, 42 hunter and 40 'lock. (I also have 3 60s, 2 of which are healing classes.)

If we're talking about a standard composition group where you're not having the lock's or hunter's pet act as a secondary tank, I wouldn't worry too much about healing the pets unless you've got the mana/time to do it. Your tank (player OR pet) is priority. If the pet is acting as primary or secondary tank, you need to heal them to do their job. I know both lock and hunter get a heal, but a) if they're healing their pet, they are not DPSing, and b) their heals aren't life/mana efficient. A lock sacrifices his or her own health to heal their demon, and the hunter's heal takes quite a bit of their already limited mana pool for a fairly weak heal.

If a lock is lifetapping OOC and REFUSING to eat or bandage after and INSISTING that you heal them instead, they're acting like a jackass. Don't encourage them. But if they're not being a jerk, they may feel that they won't be in any significant personal danger soon and think they can just let spirit/normal regen take its course on their health, since they don't think they're going to be pulling aggro soon.

I try to use my judgement on when it's best to wand or use a Shadow Word: Pain or whatever, but more often than not I prefer to stay back, reserve mana, and be ready for a heal (waiting an extra couple of seconds for wanding to end and the global cooldown to be over is a PITA, IMO).

Oh, and one of my biggest pet peeves is a hunter meleeing in 5-mans when it's not necessary (i.e. they have room to get range and shoot). Those hunters (usually) just suck and should be disregarded when considering appropriate behavior. >_>

My warlock's pet is not in combat during instances. I go there with my imp, phase shift on. My imp's only there for the stamina buff and nothing else. So, it doesn't need any heals.

During fights, if I life tap, I love getting heals from the priest - although, as I usually don't have any aggro, a simple HoT will be perfect already. It's not like I'd need immediate healing. But it does help my DPS as I can keep fighting without having a mana problem - which in turn helps the priest again as it means that the shorter the fight is, the less they need to heal. Also, I don't expect heals - the tank is first priority and anything that gets attacked by a mob has priority over me after I've life tapped, of course.

I do usually life tap until my mana's full again after a fight, then sit down and eat - or cannibalize if it's possible. I wouldn't expect a healer to heal me - although it's happened before because a HoT plus me eating and the priest sitting down to drink is faster than just me eating. Again, I don't expect it, though. It's just what usually happens. :)

I hardly ever use my pet heal - I do have my Robe of the Void, though, which gives me one instant heal every... 10 minutes, I think, for my pet. If I remember that, I use it. But as I said in the beginning, I always play with my imp on passive and in phase shift in instances, so there's no healing required then.

Same here, I don't expect heals from priests unless its really, really dire. The nice thing about being a warlock is we have ways of healing ourselves, especially for me with siphon life, being specced the way I am.

I NEVER expect a heal from a priest out of combat. I can heal myself in that case, thankyouverymuch!

If a warlock doesn't pull aggro, they really have no excuse for dying.

My main is a hunter. My second main is a priest. Here's my take.

As a priest I prioritize. If things are going well, I have the mana, I will heal pets. *BUT* I had to prioritize. Tanks and healers are my number one heal priority, followed by AOErs like mages and warlocks (except if the warlock is lifetapping), then other DPS classes like hunters and rogues, and last of all are hunter and warlock pets. If a pet is tanking - and in a 5 man instance might tank better thank some warriors - I will heal the pet over the warrior. Whatever it takes to make us successful. As a hunter I love my kitty but she is... in the end... expendable for the survival of the party.


(well, except for the 'my main is a hunter' part; my main is a druid, and I've run with hunters, and I've got a baby hunter at 23)

In my raid, healers who have full mana or regen fast (ie don't need to sit down and drink themselves) usually are happy to throw the lock a heal or renew when they lifetap.
I'm with you on the stealing mana from the priests though and tell them to go drink like everyone else when I have to drink, res and rebuff doubletime while the puller already urges forward.

It's just a question of how nice they are in return I guess.


Well I'm not entirely sure how much my vote counts for but this is what I do.

1. Renew, if he needs more than a renew he should eat/drink/bandage. But I'm always happy to throw a renew on (and mine tick well). During combat I always ask them to let me know (just "tapping" is perfect) so I know they need a renew and they aren't being hit.

2. I buff but almost never heal them, if they are doing serious tanking I'll renew but I don't do that much.

3. (My main is a hunter) A lot. Especially if the hunter is using the pet to pull stuff off me. If the hunter pet is the OT they'll get nearly as much healing as the MT, they are the first to die, but if they are the only thing to die I'll even rez them. But like I said, hunter main so much pet love.

4. I wand when I'm confident about the group, I might throw on a SW:P if things are going really well and I don't need the mana. I'm holy/disc so I don't hit that hard anyway so I just don't bother most of the time.

5. If they never bothered then I'd assume they weren't concerned and wouldn't heal them other than said renew and even then if they never bothered and just did the jumping thing while they were low on health and I was drinking? They might get a cranky sticker from me.

6. If the hunter is meleing and has a full mana bar unless the whole thing has gone to shit (and if they have a full mana bar chances are they haven't unloaded enough to draw aggro) then you've likely got a bad hunter. With a good hunter I'd prefer they shoot while I heal thier pet because I know that they can hit things REALLY hard and -they- don't need healing. It's great. But if you have a bad hunter then I just am sorry because I know lots of them suck. But once you group with a spectacular hunter you'll never want to go back :)

Healing a warlock every time he restores his mana (while not in combat) - I renew them, unless someone pulls really fast and the warlock has no health, then I will toss a GHeal. If they are lifetapping out of combat most warlocks I know will bandage themselves or eat food, and if they don't, just bonk them on the heads :)

Healing a warlock's pet - if the pet is doing something important (ie succubus is seducing) I will heal them, but pets are last priority after people, and during a tough pull I may opt to save mana instead.

Healing a hunter's pet - if the pet is meant to be offtanking I will heal them, because it is a huge waste of mana for the hunters to do it and really gimps their dps to be channeling a heal, and MOST of the time I can certainly spare the mana. Otherwise, however, they are on their own. hunters have "Mend Pet" for a reason, and if they don't want to use it they are welcome to res their pet after the fight. Their pet shouldn't have growl on anyway so unless it IS offtanking it really shouldn't be taking damage except for AoE. However, just like warlock pets, hunter pets are last priority after people. If anyone yells at me for not healing their pet, and their pet wasn't doing anything important anyway, I often refer them to their pet healing skills.

Doing DPS while no heals are needed (i.e. wand or whatever) - I used to do this a lot more often before wands were autocast and caused a global cooldown (I feel like the only priest that hated the autocast change). Now I will pop a shadow word: pain or something on, but not much else. I have found the global cooldown on wanding has actually caused me trouble sometimes, so I prefer not to deal with it unless I guaranteed will not have to heal anyone any time soon.

One nice practice, for hunters you do like, is to res their pet for them. It costs less mana for you to res than it does for a hunter, your mana pool is bigger, etc. It is certainly not necessary but very appreciated.

I honestly don't care if my pet gets heals, unless it is offtanking.

If the pet is offtanking me healing = me not DPSing = the bosses going down slower=us possibly dying.

Don't feel upset at DPS classes not healing their own pets, not all of us are expecting our pets to be healed, and it doesn't cost hunters a shard to resummon. In fact, when my pet gets healed I am surprised and thank the priest or druid or whatnot.

My main is a hunter, and I always tell the priest to not heal my pet and save her/his mana for us. That way we are all clear on the matter, and it is up to the priest what to do. :-) I also turn of growl on my pets, since in a group pets should not take agroo away from the tank. Pets are then pure DPS and nothing else. Only when I need to "save" a cloth-wearer by sending my pet to that person do I click on growl again, only temporarly. My pet is DPS to spend, and I don't mind if it dies, since I can rez it myself afterwards after the big fight. I can still do high DPS as long as the tank got the enemy under control. :-)

Might add, this is just the way I play. :-) There are of course other ways that work more or less well. :-)

I'm a warlock, and I normally lifetap until my health and mana are about equal, then sit down and eat a mana biscuit. If the priest continues to heal me while I do this, then I'll lifetap if we've just got out of a fight and you have lots of mana.

My husband's usually the lock in my 5-mans. He knows I don't heal him in combat. Ever. If he eats his own life, he lives (or doesn't) with the consequences. :P Out of combat, after I've had a drink, I'll pass him a rejuv.

But if I'm in a group that already has a priest (since I'm a druid), I'll usually drop my heals on locks/pets, so that the priest can keep an eye on the more important people.

I only ask that a priest heal me during battle when I am doing life tap, and usually, especially in a five man, I try to self heal as much as possible using Siphon Life, Death Coil (especially on undead, they won't run from it) and Drain Life. As for healing my pet? I almost NEVER use anything other than my imp (I am at lvl 60, might be different for someone lower) for the stamina buff, and when I do, he is on passive the entire raid.

The only time I ask for a healer to watch my pet if they have the opportunity is during Garr in MC because he is tanking and can't die. But, I also heal him when not in combat.

So no, that is not acceptable practice. It is not your job to waste mana on healing a pet when a warlock and a hunter can heal them themselves.

Unless one of the pets is tanking, or off-tanking, I never heal them. Both Warlocks and Hunters are capable of healing their pets on their own, and my mana is better spent healing actual players for the most part, not NPCs.

In many instances, it's understood that Warlocks only use Imps, in Phase Shift mode for the passive Blood Pact buff, and Hunters often dismiss their pets anyway, because it's easy for them to get aggro-so many times you won't have to worry about it any way.

If a hunter pet gets aggro and it is not planned, the hunter is not playing right. Put the pet on passive, and click off growl, is all I say.

Healing a warlock every time he restores his mana (while not in combat)
I'll throw a renew them a renew but that's usually about it. While I'm drinking to restore my mana, they've got the opportunity to eat/bandage themselves.

Healing a warlock's pet
I can only think of a few times I've ever healed a warlock's pet and that was when they had the voidwalker out tanking something.

Healing a hunter's pet
If I have the extra mana, I will, or if the pet is tanking something. Good hunters will use their pets to pull mobs off the squishies, so I make sure to keep the pet healed in those cases.

Doing DPS while no heals are needed (i.e. wand or whatever)
If I have extra mana, I might throw a SW:P on the mob or just use a wand on it. I rarely use my wand and really only use it when the group clearly has the situation under control. The auto wand function can make it hard to quickly stop wanding and get back to healing if something happens and it becomes necessary to throw out some quick heals.

Frequently, I will let my pet die rather than healing it myself or demanding a healer heal it. My pet heals are very mana-inefficient and they stop my DPS. I'd rather I was able to continue DPS-ing, and spend some food on a pet, than sit there constantly healing it.

This isn't the case all the time. If my pet's being hurt by AoE, I'll call it back to my side and get it out of the AoE so someone (me, a healer, whatever) can heal it when we have the chance. If my pet is main tanking, the healers sure as hell better be healing it. But, the pet tanking is a rare situation, and I don't think you were asking about that.

When my pet is acting as DPS, I would expect healers to have in on a priority under all other DPS. IE you heal all real players first, and if you have the mana and the time, I'd appreciate a heal on my pet. My pet is only tiny DPS compared with that rogue over there. The fight will go better if you keep the rogue alive.

As a hunter, I consider it my responsibility to keep myself alive as much as possible, as well. I have feign death to clear aggro. I can go out of AoE range or out of line of sight and bandage myself. I can take health pots. I should be self-sufficient self-maintaining DPS. I'm always thankful to get heal, but if you have to chose between me and a tank or me and another healer, obviously, get that tank/healer. If there's a rogue taking damage who can't get out of AoE range/line of sight as effectively as I can, heal him over me.

I have played both warlocks and priests, though neither in end game. My view on a warlock life tapping is that the priest is not obligated to heal for that life tap most of the time. If we are out of combat, the warlock can eat and drink. If we're in combat, the warlock can bandage and should chose when s/he life taps carefully to avoid death while maintaining the optimal DPS. However, I absolutely will drop a heal on a life tapping warlock if I have the mana and time, and on one run, as the priest, I was using so little of my mana that I told the warlock to feel free to life tap as much as he wanted unless he saw my mana bar extremely low. Our DPS increased substantially after I said that, and things went very well.

As a priest, this is my take on these things... YMMV.

Healing a warlock every time he restores his mana (while not in combat) If I'm not drinking and have full mana, I'll toss him a renew if his life is low and let it go if he's above 3/4. I know several 'locks (mine included) who prefer to start the fight a little low and use Drain Life which is wasted if you're at 100%.

Healing a warlock's pet/hunter's pet: I'll do this if, say, the pet is off-tanking and nobody else is needing healing more. Party members > pets, but I can heal the pet faster than the hunter/warlock can and let them continue to to dps.

Doing DPS while no heals are needed (i.e. wand or whatever): Why not? The only thing you have to worry about is wanding affecting global cooldowns, so I wouldn't do it in a situation where a fraction of a second could make the difference between getting that heal off and someone going down.

I keep grouping with 'locks who restore their mana and dont bother to eat or band-aid before going back into battle. Isn't that, like, stealing mana from the priest? Hence the joke "Life Tap Rank 6: Convert 500 priest mana into 500 warlock mana." I'll usually toss them a heal because I hate seeing health bars in the red, but if after every fight I'm drinking and the warlock just stands there after nearly Life Tapping himself to death I'll stop just to make a point. It's polite to bandage yourself, really. Once I was in UBRS with a PuG warlock who would bandage himself if he Life Tapped while I was drinking and I thanked him for it in party chat. His response? "Of course! I like to get invited back to groups!" So not everyone is clueless. :)

And classes with pets will often not bother to heal their pets *at all*. So just wondering if this is normal/accepted practice. In my experience, it depends on the person. I've had hunters tell me at the beginning of instances that I didn't have to worry about healing their pets, but I usually ask. The usual answer is "if you can, that'd be great. If not, don't worry about it." Hunters seem to be more concerned about keeping their pets up than warlocks, possibly due to hunter pets losing happiness when they die.

OK I don't know about all other hunter and I don't know about locks but lots of us hunter like our pets, sometimes we wait days to get a special one, sometimes it's the same one we've had since we were newbs (level 14 bear!), but we grow attached, I don't ever get the feeling that locks love thier pets. I know that seems odd but it's true. When I'm grouped with a hunter friend we always /cry when Sweetie (her bear) snackrifices herself for us.

A quick way to tell if the hunter is good is to rez them after the first time the pet dies. If they are shocked (WOW! Thanks so much, you didn't have to etc) and pleased, you've likely got a good hunter; if they are cranky (It's about time, why did you let him die), chances are good you've got a bad one. That's my observation as a priest. (First group gets pet heals, second one doesn't :) as a general rule.) And sometimes if you are a fan of pets like I am you need to actually ask a hunter to pull out thier pet because they've been berated, but as long as the pet is on passive and the hunter is half decent it's a huge asset to the group.

1) If you don't like healing the warlock while he's out of combat: don't. Simple as that. Since warlocks have both life drain and mana drain ability, he may simply choose to life drain from the target and do damage to fill up his health pool, and then lifetap to bring their health up.

Most healers don't seem to mind healing a life tapping warlock, it's a part of their class structure, since most warlocks go for a very stamina heavy build with less mana, and they usually have health regen (but not mana regen) gear.

There are also many cases where classes of ALL kinds will try and eat/bandage and immediately get healed, effectively wasting a bandage/piece of food, so they may simply decide to not eat/bandage because they don't want to waste a bandage or a piece of food.

2) Warlock pets, if they are tanking, should get heals, like any off tank. Of course, they're also one of the first to go if you start having to choose priorities.

3) Hunter mend pet is a channeled ability, which means when they get hit, it goes away. Some circumstances dictate that a hunter needs to melee, in which case, they aren't capable of healing their pet. Other times the hunter may just be lazy. Other times the hunter may try to heal their pet but it can't compete with heavy hits. I remember being extremely frustrated at how few heals my pet was getting because I didn't have time to heal my pet between having it tank better than our warrior and trying to keep aggro off our squishies, plus she died twice against the last boss, despite the fact that she wasn't effected by knockback so she was doing a better job than the warrior (who said he was in "arms" stance for the whole instance).

As others have mentioned, it's also mana inefficent, and hunters rarely have a lot of mana to begin with. If there are specific people being jerks, then tell them, and if they don't acknowledge your issue, simply stop healing them. That will get the message across.

(reluctant)The wheels on the bus go round and round...
- Quote from an instance run where are priest had HAD IT.

I know Hunter's healing ability is channeled-even so, I won't heal their pets unless the animal is tanking. The most a Hunter pet ever gets from me is a Renew. Again, for the most part, a Priest's mana is better spent healing players, not their pets, except for a few circumstances.

On the priority list, ANY pet is usually right at the bottom.

I should note I usually throw Warlocks a Renew, unless I see that they're in danger of dying, and then I'll toss them a Greater Heal or something.

Unless the pet *is* the tank - or I'm burning mana and bored - I won't heal pets 99.9% of the time.

I *will* toss a rejuv on a warlock that's low if they're not chronic abusers - and again, if my mana isn't going to be really needed by the tank. Particularly if the situation is that they really don't have much of a chance to bandage or eat, such as a long battle or continuous fight.

As a warlock, I never expect a priest/druid/paladin to heal me during noncombat when I'm eating myself for mana.

I almost immediately bandaid or sit down to eat after I'm finished replenishing my mana. I will at times have the healer cast heals but I always be sure to thank them for it.

1) I drop locks a renew whenever they lifetap. I actually prefer for them to do it because it allows us to move on faster since renew doesn't cost me a lot of mana.

2) I don't tend to heal warlock pets, usually they have their imps out for blood pact and they have too little armour/hp to be worth healing most of the time.

3) I heal hunter pets if I can, but they're lower priority than players unless they're offtanking or tanking.

4) I don't DPS apart from the occasional SW:P, but that's just because I don't have any damage spells on my main bar anymore and I'm too lazy to click on them :D Also, wanding may be unadvisable in some cases because it resets your global timer every time you attack, and you may not be able to cast in time if an emergency comes up.

The thing about pets is that it costs a LOT of mana for a hunter to heal them, considering their mana pools, it's channeled, and it's unlikely that you can heal it enough to keep it up while it's taking damage, and while you're healing it, you're not DPSing. And my hunter never has any mana, but well. :X

I don't heal my pet unless she has aggro so in 5 mans I dont really expect her to get heals unless she has aggro.

Healing a warlock every time he restores his mana (while not in combat)
Drop a renew.

Healing a warlock's pet
Drop a renew.

Healing a hunter's pet
Drop a renew. If its offtanking something, shield and renew, flash heal if needed.

Doing DPS while no heals are needed (i.e. wand or whatever)
If there is a backup healer, sure. I'll dot it. Otherwise, no. You never know when someone will get Crit'd and need a heal, wand buggers up my cooldown, so I lay off.

If my hunter's pet is tanking or off-tanking, and I am burning my hunter's mana to DPS as much as I can so we all stay alive, then yeah, I tend to expect the priest to heal the pet. The hunter's Heal Pet is horribly mana inefficient, and my mana could be put to better use.

Course, I've never played a priest, so take what I say with a grain of salt. :p

Renew/Life tap method is a proven way of actually getting back more mana spent via the lock.

In End game I loved it when a druid or priest would pop a renew/rejuv on me when I life tapped. I did some calculations a long time ago and I got back 3x the mana as used to cast the renew, and most priests think that's not a bad return rate.

It's up to you though, if you can pull it off. Your SPR gear should out do any other mana user. :/

Never expected a priest to heal a pet in lower instances. Ever. Just no point. Unless you're bored there shouldn't be any reason.


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