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Warlock would be a tie between T5 and T6, with some love given to T8 and T10 (and to be honest, T4 and T2 are also nice). Warlocks have a lot of sweet tier!

All of them scream "WARLOCK!" and all look so badass. And scary. And AWESOME.

(Which is why I'm probably a bit disappointed with T11 and T12. The judge is still out on T13; I've got to see if the tentacles move.)

I have to agree that warlocks have had some of the best looking tier gear. Just helped a friend farm up her T6 set. So baddass when the wings proc! I think she got most of her T5 as well helping my hubby and me get our sets.

Mage tier... a tie between t10 25 or t6, love them both to bits. My yennicube will be wearing t10 all the way though <3

Mage strongly depends on the race, some suit certain races a lot more and some look awful on them.

4 and 5 are my favourite lock ones on anyone.

In my opinion, Malefic Raiment is the best warlock set, Aldor Regalia is the best mage tier set.

The best mage set is level 60 rare PvP Alliance set, Lieutenant Commander's Arcanum.

This is my mage wearing Arcanum (though without set boots) with Grand Marshal's Stave.

(She looks like belf because of Orb of the Sin'dorei.)

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That set is beautiful! But I'm not Alliance *sigh*..

That is exactly what I have for my mage! And it's cheap as heck too.

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I'm tossing up between 5 and 8 for my lock. Probably going to go with t6 for my Mage, but I don't really like any Mage sets tbh.

Warlock t5 for me got the awesome and creepy look of warlocks down without being over the top.

Probably the only one, but mage tier 8 was my favourite. Loved looking like a battle-mage, loved being able to see my legs for once.

Yes, Warlock tier 5 is the first thing that made me go "...I want to play a warlock."

My favourite mage set is the Merciless Gladiator's Regalia. I think it looks cool - you can see it on Alliance guardians in Dalaran.

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