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The hearthstone is adorable! I wonder if the flat "marbles" work the same as round and you could try to "fry" them (heat them super hot and drop in ice water so they shatter inside) to add the depth instead of the foil.... *wheels start churning*
Your artwork is

I've been told that they are really easy to crackle by doing just that- although, having once blown up a 13 inch pyrex casserole dish by accident, I'm pretty scared of anything that makes glass explode even if it is on purpose. Have you actually done it? is it safe? Do you still have all your eyes?

Even if you did crackle it, I'd still recommend the foil (although it would be much more masked with the crackle) just because the light clay doesn't really bounce light back all that much and the silver of the foil really does.. but maybe you could find some tiny little mirrored sequins or something instead

If you make one, or make improvements, I'd LOVE to see it.

And thanks!

I haven't tried it myself yet but I want to! Maybe I'll do it the next time the kids are visiting grandma. If I'm going to play with exploding (potentially) glass better have them out of the house.

Good idea. Tiny eye patches are hard to find.

I want to like this comment...
stupid lj not having fb like options

I love the hearthstone idea but my son picked up a problem with the time to make it - it should take 30 mins unless your guild has the perk to cut it down to 15 mins :p

Gawds, your art is gorgeous. Just added you to my watch list. <3

Thank you- I hope I don't disappoint.

I did as well! I'm not generally a fan of Poser but your work has so much texture that it's really beautiful.

When I started out I couldn't afford props/hair/sets/clothes so I had to learn how to paint it all if I wanted anything other than a bald nude model in the image, and for the most part, I still do it because I can't stand how stiff most straight renders are.

I'm glad you like it- and thanks for the add.

LOVE the necklace, LOVE the earrings, LOVE your art.

thank you for detailed instructions on how to make the crafts! i love these and want to make them!! :D

LOL thanks!

They're super simple to do- I've been giving them out to everyone I know that plays

Your work is gorgeous. I'm going to have to make a deviant account just to view the rest. :) I've been meaning to!

Also, the craft is adorable. And it's great because where I live there aren't a lot of good craft stores, so I can't do a lot of the projects I'd like to do. This, however, is so simple I think I can scrounge up the stuff to do it here! :) Thank you for sharing it.

Also, welcome to wow_ladies. Stick around. We're awesome. :)

Thank you! -I hope you have an enjoyable time in dA. Remember, just like WoW, you have to wade through a sea of jackasses to get to the good stuff. The ban button is your friend.

They are super easy and I'm sure there are 15 bazillion ways to improve/change them to make them even better. You can buy bags of multicolored stones in case you want to do the same thing in other colors or with other symbols-- although, I tried a Horde emblem with black clay and a red stone, and it was just so dark you couldn't see it, unfortunately..

And thanks for the welcome- I'm already enjoying being here.

OMG I want a Hearthstone necklace! Your instructions are straight-forward enough this is certain, but I'm lazy my artistic skills aren't up to snuff to scraping out a swirl and adding chiseling effects.

If only I could find someone to make me one I'd totally be willing to pay for supplies and shipping too...


5 minutes! 5 minutes is all it takes, you can do eeeet! And with the left overs you can make them for all of your friends and they'll thing you're a genius!

I am totally gonna make this as soon as I get my hands on the mats.
OH I'm gonna see the long distance boyfriend in a couple of weeks and this would make a GREAT gift.
Thank you SO much for the instructions!
I could just get a leather band or something for the ~manliness~ since he wouldn't wear a silver chain haha

Good luck with the boyfriend! I started out long distance with mine, and 13 years later we're still together (and haven't been long distance for 8 years). It's a tough thing to do, but it can work out brilliantly.

I'm sure your craft store'll have leather strips or even black nylon cord, or something interesting to hang it from. You could find a clip and turn it into a cell phone charm, or hang it off of his authenticator if he's got one.

hearthstone is win! ive had some gray sculpey hanging around for a few years that has just been waiting to be turned into little hearthstones as well as a decorative thingy full of blue glass stones. they came out awesome!


caps intended :D

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