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Couch Potatos?
kemica wrote in wow_ladies
Maybe I'm just sensitive but I find this sort of attitude annoying. I also notice it a fair amount in Warcraft.
This was posted on the EU general forums:

Human Female = they're not built nicely...they look like your avarage built couch potato.
I wouldn't recommend thigh clothing on humans...
I tried to play a human rogue...but the way she walked and then how thigh pants look on them...I deleted that char after i reached level 3.

(I think they meant 'tight clothing')

Ok, everyone is entitled to their opinion but to me this one seems quite unhealthy. I've been called fat cause I play two Tauren females as well. Anyone else have any other experiences with stupid body image being projected onto sprites in a video game? It also seems to always be projected onto female sprites. It kind of horrifies me, as if that crap wasn't hard enough to escape from in real life.

That is totally disturbing.

Do they expect humanchicks to have the deteriorated waistline of the undead? Is that what they think is realistic and/or attractive? And damn it, the taurenchicks are built PROPORTIONALLY, not FAT.


Yeah, I don't understand it. In no way do the human females look unhealthy as being a couch potato would suggest. Tauren ladies are also very sleek and slender for their build. They look like they're in great shape. :o

Some people, sheesh. :o

I think most female models, even those of "pudgier" races, in WoW have way too thin waists anyway. And I think that human females have a great figure actually... not stickthin like elves but trained and feminine.

Bastards like this are the reason Anorexia and other eating disorders are spreading like wildfire through society.


(sorry for overreacting... but I'm an ex-anorectic and such remarks REALLY rub me the wrong way)


Hey to me that isn't an overreaction. I'm with you all the way. I know some little girls below age 15 are already showing signs of eating disorders because of how sick our society is. ._.

Anything that perpetuates this kind of attitude drives me up the wall.

Two words: Dwarf female.

I'd been really new in the game and had decided to try a dwarf priest (because I really hate the female nelves and think that most of the human women look dumb - the faces, not their body - and they're a bit boring in a fantasy game *g*) and while Iw was questing in Westfall, I had somebody whisper me who asked why I played such an ugly, fat character. O.o I felt really offended even though I'm mostly happy with my own body and do fit in size S clothing.

Although I have to admit that female dwarves look strange in trousers because they walk oddly... but apart from that, they're so cute! And I love how their body is not perfect.

I always thought the body of the female humans was perfectly alright, though... Not "super thin" (which doesn't look good anyway if you ask me) but definitely not like a couch potatoe.

I like dwarves, I had a priest that really looked like a 5-year old child to me. So cute! I played her as a genius kid too. Hm, maybe I should level her again...
Interestingly my first two character picks were Tauren (love their bodies) and Dwarf. Those two races have the best body shape in my opinion...


(Deleted comment)
Grr.... He things HUMANS are too fat?!? Gah! I am just so damned annoyed at this. I can understand if people thing dwarf-females are heavy buildt - I still think they are the sexies on teh alliance I just wish they had a better dance - but humans? That is just so very disturbing. As a previos commenter said: So we should all look like the forsaken then?

Bah! Bad person - no cookie!

I have had a problem with my human warlock looking like she has a huge bum in certain robes (the Robes of Winter Night was the main one), but I think she's lovely and curvy. Nah, anything less and she'd look sick.

Ugh, what a moron. >_<
All races wear tight clothing, and it's not like the humans (who have hot bodies, imo) are larger than the orcs or taurens... 6_o But whatever, does it really matter, it's not a fashion show, you're there to kill things after all :P

I do agree that humans walk funnily though, it's like they're skipping :P

They seem to run on their tip-toes! XD

It's crazy isn't it? I've seen several threads on the official forums about how the Human female model looks like she needs to lose weight, and she's always being described as "chunky" or "stocky" makes me SO mad! I'd be ecstatic if I had a figure like that! So she doesn't look anorexic...that's a bad thing??

Anyway, I like the female Orc figure. She's got sexy curves :)

Damn right, hoohah! In my opinion, Orcs are the hottest girls in the game, pure taut muscle in all the right places without sacrificing a single curve.

That person had obviously chosen the character for a particular reason and it wasn't meeting their satisfaction. The reason may be very childish, but there are lots of immature people in WoW. I find that no matter what your "type" is, you will find at least one of the races that is particularly attractive to you. If you are mature enough to appreciate all body forms on their own merits (earthy, cute, cuddly, slim) then you see that all of them are quite beautiful in game, male and female. However, a surprising number of people think that only slim women can be attractive in that way. It's an on or off thing for them and, of course, that will show in WoW as well as real life.

Other perception issues that come through loud and clear in WoW:

1. Everyone who rolls need is a ninja. It's not the fault of the person who is too lazy/irresponsible to master loot.
2. Everyone is here to help me and when I ask for money or assistance from a stranger they are likely to say yes.

Given that 70% of players don't seem to have a deep understanding of reality in general the body image thing isn't all that shocking.

Women should have curves dammit

I have a Troll rogue and one day I am standing in the crossroads when these two undead males start running circles around me chanting fatty fatty fatty...stabuback is fat...fat fat fat! I was like ZOMG WTF????
Well first of all I am in real life a big beautiful woman and proud of it .... Stabuback on the other hand is this sleek muscular figure with a nice butt...I mean come on!!!! So I ignored them for a bit then finally I was like "what is wrong with you two???" I basically told them to leave me alone and was polite about it but they would not stop. I finally said I am going to have to kick your bony butts with my muscular legs if you dont leave me alone. So one of the guys says "REPORTED" I just lol'd and said go for it pesky. I reminded them that the GM will see this whole conversation and while I was very restrained they were acting like 8 year olds on the playground. After that they ran away...but it just made me boggle when they did that.
I hate it when people judge anyone on how much body fat they have. Our society is flooded with advertisements about how we should look so they can sell us products. Men have come to beleive that the perfect body is the airbrushed ones they see in playboy and so a real woman in their eyes is never perfect. The saddest part is women buy into this and will do anything to attain something that for 90% of us is unatainable. Genetics is going to keep most of us from ever looking like the playboy bunny and I for one dont want to look like Barbie. I think women of all sizes are beautiful and as women I think we should be supportive of each other. I have experienced in my life the most stinging remarks from other women about my weight. I have also been dismissed immediatly by a man because I am fat. My beautiful 22 year old daughter just had a baby who is three weeks old. She is absolutly mortified that she is "FAT" as she calls it. She weighs 140 pounds. Ok...I weigh alot more than that and I have been trying to say to her how beautiful she is ...because she is!!! But she is just frantic about it...why??? because her bf who is a jackass by the way, said she was way too fat. This is the same bf who did not show up at the hospital when she had the baby and is not helping her in anyway. I hate to see young women fall into this trap of feeling they have to be a certain weight to please someone else.
I say be who you are! and screw what other people think.
....sorry about getting on the soapbox but this is one of those topics that really gets me going.

Re: Women should have curves dammit

*hugs and /cheers you on*
Giev more realistic women in the media!

By the way, I think I have commented on it in another community already before, but I LOVE your icon.


My problem with the human female model is that they seem disproportionately... top heavy. XD Having come from another game, i.e. from this to this (well, perhaps Dreamweave gets in the way of my point, but there's still a definite bust difference :P), I found them slightly... unbalanced, but certainly not fat. -_- And compared to this, WoW girls don't seem quite so overly generous, really. XD

As for dwarves, they're round, but there's not a roll on them. They actually look rather slender, if you consider the most logical skeletal shape underneath.

I almost wish there was a race with a bit of a... paunch, but fantasy isn't usually about normal and more about someone's ideals anyway. I play a Night Elf, but to this day I feel forced into it. I wanted a Druid and an Ally and that was my only choice. Don't think for a minute I wouldn't have a Dwarf or Gnome main if they could've been Druids. ;_;

The boys in this game are just, eugh, compared to every other MMORPG in my library. I HATE all those muscles. And the fact that NE men are shaped like an upside-down triangle. Where's my pretty girly bishounen at and my football player without steroids, huh? Heh. I like that the BE men are neither square (which is almost all the men - trolls/undead wouldn't be if they didn't hunch, but since they do most of the time, there's that square shape again :P - gnomes: tiny squares - orcs, dwarfs: look like they were birthed by a box *sigh*) nor triangular. It'll be a nice shift towards something a little more shapely in a male character. :)

Try SWG, you can adjust everything in there. From small child like being too, very heavy men, you can create it all.

Their chara creation is indeed so much fun too ab dthe rest of the game is not my style.

You know if you actually look at the female models from the side, EVERY one hasx either a washboard stomach or smaller than that. The really disturbing ones are the Elves and Draeni with arched backs while standing straight... There isn't any room for organs in those abdomens!

It's 4 am and I can't spell. :

Heh, I play a tauren female because Huyana is closer to my real body type than any other character in the game. I love the way she looks.

That said, I used to feel really threatened by my ex's obbsession with night elves. He had a whole collection of pictures of them and even made had a warcraft three nelf that was supposed to be me. When I tried explaining how I felt about this he got really defensive and we got into an argument that ended in "it's so stupid that you feel jealous of a cartoon!!!"
Yeah I know it seems stupid but that doesn't negate that I felt a need to compete with his collection or thinking that he wanted me to have a body type that I could never realisticly acheive.

Also, when my fiance and I were talking about the expansion he asked me why all the women in WoW had to have huge boobs. Heck, I'm still freaked out by the strangly high breasts on the human mage in the human shield picture :P I don't know, maybe because giant abnormally perky boobies reign supreme in our society? Cause Blizz is too lazy to make a torso generator? Cause boys like a char they can masturbate to?

Huh, as for the asshat in your comment I wouldn't be surprised if he also though undead females were fat :P

That's one of the things I love about City of Heros... you can make your character, while not "fat" she can be big, with muscular thighs, she doesn't have to have big boobs, she can have wide hips... it makes me feel more in touch with my character.

And seriously, this is a cartoon, and for guys that are "obsessed" with pixels??? that's just sad. Really really sad.

I love the fact that the human women look muscular. They look like they can actually swing a mace or an axe, not like helpless little girls.. That's how they should look. Supposedly we have been out there fighting and working, which of these races are going to be out of shape? And anorexic? Please. My human mage looks the way she does cause she can't *stop* eating and drinking! :P

WTF? The human females are what The Commodores were singing about in "Brick House."

For some reason, I doubt the guy posting that has a low BMI himself. :P

Well if any male player has the audacity to criticize the female models, I would be quick to point out how ugly most males of the various races are. I have strange affection for male Trolls however :o

I think human females have some thunder thighs but it doesn't bother me. I've played almost exclusively female for the most part and I like how they look in their clothes the majority of the time.

Not to echo all the other ladies here, but...

First of all, people who project onto our toons the real-life images of the people BEHIND the sprites we play in this (supposed to be FUN) game are silly. They're just trying to provoke a reaction by acting dumb.

I mean. C'mon. Just because I play a NE hunter doesn't mean I have ridiculously long donkey ears in RL.

More to the point of the OP - we're all entitled to opinions but making judgment calls on people's character for the appearance of the race they choose to play...well, that's pretty crazy >< Sort of like the junior version of making judgment calls on someone's character because of the color of their skin.

Just because I play a NE hunter doesn't mean I have ridiculously long donkey ears in RL.

If you did, I'm almost sad to say, I'd probably pee myself laughing. XD It would probably get in the way, especially if you're in the kitchen and keep knocking stuff off the top of the fridge. XD

That's pretty damned lame. I personally love how realistically-built they made the female sprites of all the races. They all have meat on their bones (well, except for the UD, lol), they all have muscle and substance. They look like they spend their time running around and killing things.

As opposed to the female sprites in DDO (and GW also, from screenies I've seen), that frighten me by how scrawny they are.

Don't worry! Darwin will get him eventually.... how do you say? He will never get laid and never reproduce and therefor..... darwin wins.

Typically I just ifnore these stupid men.

I had been playing Guild Wars for about a year before I began to play WoW I have always loved the graphics in Guild Wars, but I was annoyed at the female model they used. You don’t look at those girls and think “she’s gonna kick my ass” – you look at them and think “how can she run for hours at a time on those toothpicks?” or “Isn’t that warhammer bigger than she is?” I think they purposely designed the girls to be vaguely anime in body style (impossibly thin, proportionately large chest, limbs long in proportion to torso) because, let’s face it girls, computer games are still a predominantly male audience – and the boys want their eye candy.

I was actually happy to go through the character generator for the first time in WoW and see that none of the female characters was a skinny little stick that didn’t look capable of running two blocks, let alone kick some demon ass. I like the curvy form of the human – she is built like someone who would run all over the world, and hold her own in a fight … muscled, but still feminine. I was actually pretty happy with all the female models – the night elves are athletically slender but well muscled like distance runners .. the dwarves stocky & busty .. gnomes are just plain cute .. and the horde ladies are all built the way I imagine ladies would look if they had to run from place to place and hunt for their villages, or fight in the armies. Not a one of the WoW ladies looks like she’s going to fall over from exhaustion, or complain about riding a horse all day.

Exactly. IMHO, this is the first game i've played or seen that has truely "realistic" body types. Like these women can actually fight in their armor, and not be forced to wear stilletos. Like they can actually swing the huge hammer that they carry. And of course run, cause it's not like WoW is small. They really look like they should to me, in shape and muscular, not tiny little things like many of the other games.

I'm guessing whoever wrote this must be one of those little boys who wanks off to how "perfect" Night Elves bodies are, because they're so stick-skinny.

I personally think Human females have the nicest figures in the game, followed by Troll girls. Night Elves are pretty, but they're so scrappy and not terribly curvy or femininely built, in my opinion. (They have swimmer's bodies, which is okay, but I prefer the look that human females have.)

Anyone who thinks ANY playable WoW character is "fat" needs a fucking brick upside their head.

"Anyone who thinks ANY playable WoW character is "fat" needs a fucking brick upside their head."

Amen, sister.

This makes me so sad. Not an unexpected attitude...but every time I hear it still makes me sad.

in a sense reminds me of this vid
amusing but wrong in so many ways -_-

it seems this country is hell bent on trying to make the woman of the USA skinny models, heck even the BE female's joke is "do you think the expansion will make me fat?"



Even the dwarf females, who are chunky, are not FAT.

And the human females? I always thought them to be rather skinny, myself.

It saddens me that people can't tell the difference between fat and muscle, nor do they know that muscle weighs *more* than fat, nor do they know that BMI is pure bullshit (I'm on the skinny side at 140lb and 5'4", but the BMI declares me 15 pounds overweigh, which puts me at the edge of obese). Back when I was working out fairly hardcore (cardio and pumping iron) I gained 5 pounds, but all of the fat between my boobs and my waist completely disappeared (it looked weird to me, because that area was longer front-to-back than side-to-side). Everything below my waist stayed pretty much the same appearance-wise (to my fuck-buddy's relief - he likes my ass just the way it is :).

BTW, here's a good site for women who want to get something useful out of their workout, like strength and endurance.

Oh my god.

Yes, little boy. It is very sad that no women will have sex with you IRL so you are reduced to ripping on imaginary women. However, perhaps if you changed your attitudes, maybe you could actually find meaningful interaction with other people, possibly even females.

And yes, I get whispers of "u stupid fat ugly bitch" when I play my hunter and priest. Dwarf of course.

(Deleted comment)
Mene, you're a hottie. ::hugs::

I view the sprites as kind of a "template." It's just an approximation of how a person actually views their character. It's funny... I see my buds in game, and I don't see their toons... I see them. Even, dare I say it, DOOG. A sprite is just a representation. It's not a real person. And even if one of the kids thinks those pretty ladies are really ladies... not all of them are... My Troll is very manly and tough and the first time I told someone I wasn't a real dude on Coganta... the guy's head just about asploded.

......I still get flack about playing him... -_-;;; "Why do you gotta play a dude OMG epeen gross OMG!" Poor Cog... I love playing him, but sometimes it's hard to roleplay being a guy, when you have the real guys going, "OMG MAKE A CHICK NEXT TIME GEEZ!"


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