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Beautiful places of Azeroth/Outland?
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claws wrote in wow_ladies
I'm looking for some really beautiful places in Azeroth or Outland to just sit and chat with friends. (above waterfalls, by water, beaches, beautiful scenery, etc) I am wondering what are some of your favorite spots for something like this?

Corresponding pictures and coords are greatly appreciated :)

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Awww, that spot you have in the picture is gorgeous!

Just find a random floating island in Nagrand and you pretty much are set for awesome.

I second Nagrand.

My mage just got her talbuk, and this was the resulting screencap. It's still one of my favorites. @_@

Haha, I always go for the talbuks too! Both my mains have one. The rep you need to get them was actually the first rep I ever grinded in game. XD

The areas where the old world dragons used to spawn are now pretty much empty space. I like the one in Darkshire a lot. There is also a spot back behind Stormwind where theres a waterfall and a little camp site with a tenk and fire.

There's an abandoned cliff in Stranglethorn Vale that I will always call Rindali Falls (because we used to hold guild in character moots there).

These directions are from PreCata - I've not walked there post Cata, but I know they're still there and uninhabited by mobs or quest givers.

To get there, its near the southern end of the peninsula, out of the entrance from Booty Bay, go north up the road a bit until you get to Mistvale valley. Go West, and you should see a dirt path with some lanterns heading up the mountain. You'll pass under 2 waterfalls, and keep following the path until you reach your destination - a large overhanging slab of rock overlooking the bay.

Alternatively, there is(or was) a path to get there from Gurubashi Arena; You pass by some ruins and follow the valley until you make a U-turn and see the same lantern lined dirt path.

And yes. Nagrand.

YEP! Here is a view from it. There are now rows of lanterns leading up to the cliffside from the valley. :)

The path up


That is gorgeous!!

And this is off topic but I love your UI, is there anywhere I'd be able to get that?

Er... my UI was completely configured by me. ^^;

Using the following visible addons:

Sexymap, Bartender4, Buttonfacade, chatter, TotalRP2, flyoutbuttons.

Oh! And Shadowed Unit Frames. ^^; Thanks for the complement on my UI.

WTB Edit button pl0x. Skada shows up in Party. Here's a proper screenie.

I don't have coords but there's some nice areas in the mountains in Hillsbrad Foothills that run near the Ruins of Alterac/Western Plaguelands. There's one spot in particular near a pond...I'll try to get out there and screenshot it.

Aha, found it. If you take the path in Hillsbrad Foothills that leads up to Ravenholdt Manor, to your left there will be a grassy path you can continue upwards that leads to this spot: here.

There's patches of grass around the pond underneath the trees, or you can sit on the rocks and look at the scenary below.

I used to sit under a tree in Arathi Highlands in the evening with a friend. It just reminds me of the Lake Distric in England. So lovely!

Any of the big trees do. Dawn and Dusk are my favourite times to go there, and when it's misty and rains XD

The sunsets in the Hinterlands are just beautiful and there are many different spots to enjoy them from.

I adore Winterspring. So pretty up there, and also Isle of Queldanas (Up north of silvermoon)

It's very sandy
SANDY AREA this is in silithus (AQ area) but there are places everywhere. There's a bridge in Feralas that I love too.

And because I love Nagrand as well.
More Nagrand

And another Nagrand

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I've always found most of Ashenvale and Teldrassil to be gorgeous (which is weird, because I'm primarily a Hordie - I find the cool colors soothing). I loved Feralas, particularly the northwest area with the lush greens and the waterfall (it kind of reminds me of a few areas in the Canadian Rockies, one of my RL favorite places).

But, hands down, like so many others, my #1 favorite area is Nagrand. The moment I saw it, I was stunned, and my heart said, 'This is my new home'. You can't beat the view you get from those tiny floating islands.

I have to second Ashenvale and Feralas. The color schemes are very pretty and soothing...But the music in Feralas is lovely to hear and arguably the best part.

I don't know if it rains in Feralas, and I'm a bit worried about being around when if it does! I'd probably zone out and fall asleep with how relaxing it is.

I don't know about others, but to me there are too many beautiful places. Nagrand (like everyone has said), Howling Fjord, Teldrassil (especially Darnassus), Winterspring, etc.

But apart from all these, I have to offer my undying love for Sunstrider Isle. It might to be to your taste, but I just love it. Following are some of the pics I picked up that I really like.

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