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Troll druid form color chart
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sailoreagle wrote in wow_ladies
I'm considering switching my tauren druid to a troll druid when it's possible to do so, but I wasn't sure if I could have a troll I liked with forms I liked (they're a bit... bright...).

So I borrowed the beta from a friend of mine enough to take a poke through the starter troll quests, and got a troll druid to lvl15 (when you get bearform)... and promptly ran to the barber shop and tested which hair colors gave which druid form colors.

No, I've no idea why purple hair returns a white-and-dark-blue bear and cat and dark blue hair returns a greenish-and-cyan bear and cat. It's trolls, who knows why they do what they do. :P Might've made more sense to have the dark blue hair return the white-and-dark-blue forms, at least, but not my decision.

This may still change, but that's how it is in beta right now.

To be honest I'm not sure if this information can already be found elsewhere -- if it can, I'll feel silly because I looked and could find nothing. ¬_¬

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You leave me pondering what I shall make my babytroll look like. I suspect probably as similarly to her previous incarnation as possible.

Edit because two days of tl;dr has left me unable to complete sentences like a person. Oi.

Edited at 2010-10-27 04:08 pm (UTC)

For some reason I really really really love the garishness of the orange and yellow forms. xD *makes plans*

Some of these hair colors make perfect sense but others? Weird. I feel like the pink hair should go along with the reddish haired forms. And the blue/black should go with the dark blue haired forms. it would make more sense if the light blue haired forms had green hair and light blue body fur instead of the other way around to go with the green haired trolls. It's also odd to me that one form has 4 hair colors and others have only 1. perhaps the darkest hair should be changed to the dark blue haired forms and the yellow-green hair should go with the yellow haired forms. Then each form would correspond with two hair colours. It's still Beta though so maybe things will change!

I know exactly what you mean. Getting blue fur out of pink hair made me do a double-take.

If it were me making the pairings, it would be white and grey hair with the forms they currently have; pink and red with the red/orangish forms; orange and yellow with the highlighter yellow; dark and light green with what they currently have; and blue and light blue with the blue-haired forms.

That way it's two hair colors per set of forms, and they more or less match.

Eh well, maybe they'll change it, maybe not.

It's no big deal if they don't change it. I mean my green haired nelf turns into a blue cat so I'm kind of used to things not making sense. I honestly wish tehy would just let us choose whichever forms we want regardless of hair colour. I love the white nelf forms but my character looks horrible with white hair :(

Agreed. I'm kind of sad the dark navy hair doesn't go with the dark blue forms. /sigh

Highlighteryellowtroll inc! I can't wait.

Thank you for putting this together! I was actually looking for a chart similar to what I'd seen for nelves/tauren a while back. This is exactly what I was looking for. Yay! ;D

Huh. The pink and blue/black hair seems really off. Is there a male-troll equivalent of this?

I'm guessing male trolls would have the same color matching, but I'm not certain. Only way I could get access to a male troll druid would be to level one to 15 the way I did with the female one, since they removed the free random recustomization thing they had. (Otherwise I would've just switched a premade druid to troll, which would've been faster.)

Well, that or harass a random beta male troll druid to change his haircolor and take screenshots, but... ¬_¬


could we have this tagged with something useful? cause i know i'll be referring to it later on and would hate to have this post buried :(

I'm still curious, has troll boomkin/flight form been released yet? I mean, the tauren versions both have horns... I could totally get behind my troll flying around with massive tusks and finger paints all over :D

ooooh, thanks so much for these!

Hmmmmmmmm shocking pink hair = shocking blue bear? Does not compute.

Still, the pink is always my go-to hair color for my trolls, and the gray and white models are my favorites so far...

these look really cool.

the tusks on the bear form does look a little weird to me though.. maybe if they were smaller........

Hmm. While I love the gray/white ones, I'm probably going to have to say...HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW DRUID INCOMING! Also, wtf is with the pink hair leading to a dark blue druid form? O_o;

I love the troll druid forms. It looks like they got really happy and rolled around in a vat of liquid from highlighter pens. <3

Awesome chart. <3

The no pink haired druid makes me get a huge D: face though. And I don't even like pink that much!

But yeah, Blizz, pink =/= blue. How on earth did they get that combo? PLEASE let it change when Cata goes live. ;;

Why are there no flight forms for trolls yet. :|

Now I totally want to race change my tauren druid!

They look less circus-y! yay! Aaaallllmmmost makes me want to roll a troll...

I will now avoid a troll druid like the plague. Who stole the crayons? Seriously?

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