janey (applegoddess) wrote in wow_ladies,

are normal/heroic flex raid lockouts shared?

I was just wondering if anyone could offer any clarification on the flex lockout for ICC/RS.

I read the blue post on how it works if I'm already saved to a heroic boss, but what happens if I've done the entire raid on normal and want to do a heroic mode? In other words, can I go back and do normal *and* heroic bosses (i.e. each boss twice) or am I done for the week if I've done all the bosses once regardless of normal, heroic, 10, or 25 man? I'm guessing they all share the same lockout (plus whatever additional restrictions there are for heroic modes), but since my lockout reads as "Icecrown Citadel Normal" and "Ruby Sanctum Normal", I was just curious. I haven't gotten a chance to do heroic modes since the patch, so I have no idea what a heroic lockout would look like.

And I'm kind of bummed! I wanted to try some heroic Halion and some heroic ICC bosses but I think everyone's scared of the way the lockout works now to try those with a pug group. :(
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