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Hi wow_ladies!!



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Hey look at this link, this guy posted his real name on the forums and people found all his personal info-

NO. wow_ladies has taken the official stance that the RealID changes are dangerous and unnecessarily dismissive of personal privacy, safety, and security. Please do not post, repost, or otherwise distribute links that contain the real-life information of other players, especially with the intent to harass. The admin team will screen/delete these links or comments as we see them.

At the risk of sounding whiny, I really hope this discussion doesn't die yet. :(

I know :( but there isn't really much to say as long as blizz is keeping silent. they are either having epic round table battles over this or (more likely probably but I can dream) hoping this will die down and people will forget about it

You know, one thing is that I don't think people who are having these discussions realize just what's happening. I was chatting with some friends about this last night in game. At first a lot of them were like, "Yeah, this sucks, but I'm just not going to use the forums. People have started making other forums and everyone can use those." Then I explained that the announcement mentioned a big "vision" for RealID, and casually conjectured what that could even mean. Suddenly, when I mentioned RealID on the Armory, more people were upset and said they would have to cancel over -that-.

I've almost got a minor in philosophy. I know slippery slope arguments generally amount to paranoid bullcrap. But this isn't a slippery slope, because Blizzard is TELLING US they want to keep going down said slope, rather enthusiastically.

And I know I'm saying things over and over again. Just....processing. And trying to distract myself from being hugely bummed out over having to quit. :(

Yea, when Blizzard can say stuff like this:

"We put a lot of thought into this change and have a long-term vision for the Real ID service and wanted to make sure that we communicated ahead of time and very clearly as to what will be changing and how."

...but won't actually describe what that long-term vision for RealID is, you know it's just going to get worse.

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I am writing an e-mail to Mike Morhaime. When I was trying to get a GM to help me with being harassed, my boyfriend wrote to them and I finally got someone.

I don't even want to get up my hopes at all....but damn. That makes me hopeful nonetheless.

This whole "well then just don't post" cop-out from the privileged majority who apparently don't give a fuck finally got me to the point that I tl;dr'd about it on my own realm forum yesterday. And yet, this morning, both of the devil's advocates (ironically, one of them on a low-leveled alt) are back with that LOL WELL NOBODY'S FORCING YOU TO POST bullshit. Goddamnit, the problem is that our concern for privacy took a feature away from many people, and it's only going to get worse, and that it's wrong. Why are people so unwilling to just read what people are saying? I HATE EVERYONE DFKLJSDKLFJldksfjlk

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Boubouille just tweeted: Real Names on official forums cancelled.

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It might be cancelled, this was linked on mmo champs front page

Oh god I want some sources here

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while personally I sorta like that feature (although as we've already seen it can be abused too), now that we've seen what blizz has in store it's even more important to keep a lid on this. we gotta let blizz know that World of Facebook is Not Okay At All.

You're right, it does matter, and that was poor word choice on my part, I just wanted the word out asap

someone who isn't banned from the forums post this please: okay blizz now you get to work your way back up with the playerbase from 0/36000 hated, it is gonna be one hell of a fucking grind. chop motherfucking chop.

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I recommend you take this over to the new post, I'm sure someone will oblige you :]


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