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Hi wow_ladies!!



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They didn't ban you, but they had the Lich King himself hurl you off the top of Archerus. :P

I still plan to play. I still want to play. I don't actually have a problem personally with the idea, provided they are true to their word in making the official forums an opt-in choice and never giving out the RealID to anyone without the player's permission.

However, I have a lot of friends who are quitting over this. That is going to suck. A lot.

Found this article from Softpedia, date-stamped today:

Blizzard Ready to Hear Feedback on Real ID System: Goes on with its implementation

Emphasis in article is mine.

Blizzard has recently announced that it is making use of real world names and other data mandatory on the official forums for Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, the long awaited strategy game sequel set to arrive on July 27, and for the World of Warcraft MMO, which should get the Cataclysm expansion. After a rather hostile reaction from the community of players, the studio revealed that it would be continuing to talk to players about the system but that it would nonetheless go ahead with its implementation.


It seems the company is comfortable with the fact that a lot of players might migrate from the official forums, asking questions and participating in other Internet-based communities. It might have some problems as bug reports from the player base are crucial to the ongoing task of World of Warcraft, the best MMO.

Blizzard is also assuring gamers that the moderating team will be more vigilant than ever when Real ID is being implemented, trying to limit all the incidents that can arise from the use of real world names on a gaming forum with a player base as big as that of World of Warcraft. Still, the potential for abuse is high and the official forums might feel much more empty in a short while.


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the moderating team will be more vigilant than ever when Real ID is being implemented, trying to limit all the incidents that can arise from the use of real world names

*raises eyebrow* So Blizzard will send out a security bod to deal with the random stalker that turns up on a someone's doorstep will they? Do we get a hotline for that or one of those funky emergency buttons?

I'd rant more but I'm waiting to see this confirmed elsewhere so flat out sarcasm will have to do for now...

Well, I cancelled my account. :(

The megapost is so frustrating to read. I notice that RealID doesn't have supporters so much as there's a small group of people who ridicule and belittle RealID opponents. Which honestly just proves our point -- Acti-Blizz expects us to reveal our real names to these people? These people who have all the signs of being bullies and verbal abusers?

this is making its rounds in the megathread

Taken from by someone replying to Ciderhelm's post.


I, for one, am not taking this laying down. Rather than make a probable empty threat at canceling my account altogether, I have done the following and would hope anyone else of like mind tank this boss in a similar manner:

Dear Creative (Sound Blaster) Marketing,

Please be advised that I, as a consumer, in protest of Blizzard's recent announcement of mercenary disregard of customer service and sound internet safety practices by mandating the revelation of personal information in exchange for participation, will no longer be frequenting their forums when their intended REAL ID feature goes into full effect.

In the mean time and for future reference, any company that that I am aware of utilizing a Blizzard or Activision venue for advertisement or having license to use logos or trademarks of the same for partnered marketing programs shall NOT be considered as a viable source of products or services so long as Blizzard intends or maintains this or a similar policy.

You may wish to consider alternate means of dispersing your advertising budget for your otherwise reputable products.


Consumer X

BTW. ---Creative Labs/Sound Blaster ----- Intel ------ Swagdog

(reposting this again and again till people read and repost this updated version with links)

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When I quit back in October, I was crying for a week. And even having not played for so long this RealID catastrophe still hit me hard.

Be strong, you did the right thing.

I apologize if this is a repeat, there's a lot of comments to sort through.

I encourage everyone to read this link about Activision and Bobby Kotick.

The more I read, the less I want to ever buy any product Activision has had its hand in ever again.¤tpage=All

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(Deleted comment)
Another post talking about it, but it touches on the fact that Bashoks info was posted (it's not posted in the article at all) and how quickly it was found.

I couldn't possible QQ any harder

I'm sure this has been posted somewhere before, but Activision is not the only monster here.

Why, Pearce? Why?

Re: I couldn't possible QQ any harder

oh barf

In case anyone turned on their parental controls very recently (within the past few days), almost all of the changes have been reverted and are continuing to be reverted. You'll need to go reactivate your parental controls now and on a regular basis if you still play and want to keep RealID off. Just had to reactivate mine twice within the hour.

I only ever play in the holidays (I have enough distractions to my studies without WoW included x.x) So mine will run out soon, I guess I will decide if I want to start it up again when the Summer holidays come back around . .

on another note, logged into my account and decided, out of interest to view the privacy policy . . I got an error screen. XD

Lookie what I just got!


I see what your saying, however, if you use the forums and post intelligently and correctly, what do you have to worry about? You have to think of the who as opposed to that one small group. For every person we get that doesnt like the change there are about 5 that do. Email me back :)

Best Wishes,

C.J. K.
Customer Services
Blizzard Entertainment

-----Original Message-----
From: [Redacted]
Sent: 7/7/2010 12:40:15 AM
Subject: [en]World of Warcraft -- Other -- Upcoming forum changes and RealID implementation

Contact Information -----------------------
Name: [Redacted]
Email: [Redacted]

System Information ------------------------
IP: [Redacted]

Request ------------------------------------
Product: World of Warcraft
Category: Other -- Upcoming forum changes and RealID implementation

Description --------------------------------

I'm sure you've received several thousand complaints by now about the proposed forum changes. Besides the very pressing concerns of safety against stalkers, net/phone/mail harassment, etc, being forced to use one's real name on the Blizzard official forums could potentially have a negative impact on educational or employment opportunities.

While I commend your desire to make the forums a friendly, more well-mannered place, I don't believe forcing people to reveal their full names is the way to do it. Many customers have suggested having a master sign-in name of some sort that links your characters and such (i.e. creating accountability for trolling and the like) without revealing one's real name.

Furthermore, "opting out" is hardly an option when one needs Blizzard's technical support. The forums are by far the most reliable, best way of getting that information and help. To force people to provide sensitive information to use this sometimes necessary service is absurd and unethical.

Re: Lookie what I just got!

...I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there are people this clueless in the world, but I actually am.

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Not sure if this acticle about Real ID has been posted yet butit voices the opinion that anonimity also encourages free speach and in some ways.From Electronic Frontier Foundation.

I'm still stuck in stage 4.

"Denial: Really? I mean really? They can't be serious. Do they realize what a bad idea this is?


Barganing: Give us a unique internet handle. Only let us display our first name. Let us change our account names to "John Doe" without paperwork, anything but this.

Depression: Two thousand pages and still no response. They're not going to change one damn thing are they?

Acceptance: Account Canceled. FF XIV/SW: ToR will be out soon anyway."

Re: I'm still stuck in stage 4.

Me too. Only, I've canceled my accounts. And I'm still depressed, because I don't want to lose something I have put so much time into, lose relationships that I have made (and yes, I can keep in touch with people outside the game and intend to, but it's not the same), and just... meh.


This video is just insperational and made me cry. God this whole thing has turned me into one big ball of anxiety and tears.

Ha, this comment. It is the first time in history a YouTube comment made me smile.

Lok'tar Ogar! Andu-falah-dor! (let balance be restored)
Guardians of the king - Protectors of the warchief - Followers of the light, the earthmother, and elune - a great plauge has come and his name is Bob kotick - RAISE YOU BLADES, YOUR SHIELDS, AND YOUR MACES AND FIGHT - THEY MAKE TAKE OUR PRIVACY BUT THEY CANNOT HOLD IT FOR LONG!!!!

I'm so sad that wow is going to turn into a sausage fest of John Does and John Smiths. :(

Why is there so much faaiiiillll?

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My GF isn't getting it either and thinks I'm getting to deep into it. -headdesk-

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This is the first time that I've been able to post anything remotely coherent about the issue, since for the past 48 hours any discussion has basically reduced me to a state of incoherent swearing. I did manage to hold it together long enough to link the issue on my guild forums and promise that we'll never require any member to act in a way that forces them to reveal personal information.

What's frustrating me the most right now is that as the GL of my guild, I don't feel I can cancel my account right now. We just formed about a month ago, and I can't imagine leaving the other officers in the lurch -- especially since I'm also one of our tanks. On the bright side, the officers are universally against RealID on the forums, so I don't have to put up with stupid from them.

When is your account time good through? If it's recently been paid, then you can still cancel to make a statement and then re-up it later.

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Yeah. Even if they -could- do anything, they never take any of that seriously. I once reported a guy who expressly told me (and this was in a group where I was being nothing but polite and fairly quiet) that he was going to rape me. He never got so much as 3-day ban. I know because we -had- (keyword being 'had') mutual friends. Ughaskdfoaskjdflk.

I don't know if it's much, but here's my take on the whole debacle: realID: so does this mean goodbye?

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Not as funny as I was hoping, but at least Penny Arcade threw their own two cents in.


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