WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Boshiak has already posted his real name, and his info has been mined and posted to 4chan.

Reminds me of some idiot in their master post about this issue talking about how he's been the victim of identity theft many times over (I think he quoted a number like 14, wtf), and that he STILL doesn't mind having his real name on the forums, and it's _____!

And all of us facepalm and are like 'UH, CORRELATION MUCH?

Or that one person I got into a discussion with on that Bashiok post who said (not a direct quote) "I've been stalked IRL and the experience has taught me to tell where danger comes from. And that's not WoW."

And then they proceed to tell me that cyber-stalking NEVER turns into IRL stalking. And that it's just not as much of a concern.

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