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WoW Ladies Policy Change
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kryptongirl wrote in wow_ladies
Reading this post is mandatory.
Greetings from the moderation team! Before we jump in, we really want to stress how important it is to read over this post and the new community rules before making any new posts or comments. There comes a point when a group of people just outgrow their current rules and new policies need to be put in place. But let's be honest, this change is regrettably overdue and there really is no easy way to transition into it.

Why is this happening, and what is changing?
WoW Ladies was founded January 25, 2005, making the community over 5 years old. Over the last 5 years, although the moderation team has changed a little and we've grown to nearly 8,000 members, the rules have stayed essentially the same: be nice (in various wordings), don't hack, make sure you're posting about WoW. But as we've grown, we've also become far more diverse, and simply telling people to be nice to each other in light of the issues we're facing isn't cutting it anymore.

In the interest of making WoW Ladies a safer community for the people who participate, the rules and policies of moderation are being modified to better create an atmosphere that is free from oppression, harassment and discrimination. We are striving to be a place that is free from racism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of oppression that affect members of our community all over the world. This does not mean WoW Ladies is a safe space; calling out other members for discriminatory or oppressive behavior is encouraged for the good of the community.

Okay, so we're now Officially Empowered to call out problematic language in the comm. How will this interface with the new Be Constructive rule?
Obviously, we the mod team would appreciate it if you would stay within the bounds of the Be Constructive rule in all interactions within this community. On the other hand, we recognize that making it a requirement to "say something nice or say nothing at all" in the face of hurtful language is unfair to those on the receiving end (see Privilege of Politeness) so in the case of responding to oppressive language, this rule does not apply and members will not be actioned. On our end, -ist language will be actionable, and the mod team will use discretion on freezing or outright deleting problematic posts or comments. (It is important that you do not use oppressive language to call out oppressive language, wow_ladies is not equipped to divide by zero.)

So what do I do now?
The majority of your posting habits aren't changing, since WoW Ladies is already full of a lot of diversity. The change in stated rules isn't a rebuke, but more of a codification of the sense of community here. Stay tuned for a helpful list of links in our Anti-Oppression FAQ!

The moderation team is happy to discuss these changes with you in this post, or you may privately share your feedback with us via Page-A-Mod or our e-mail inbox. Thanks, WoW Ladies!

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