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No derail thread today, since this is a serious topic, but since we've gone twice without now I promise you'll get one in the next mod post. :] The mod team is standing by to answer any questions or provide any clarification you need.

This is a pretty awesome and commendable change. Thank you.

I'm not gonna lie, but I thought this was a rule that was in place already? I mean you did say that this is more of a reminder than anything, so where exactly is the change? Edit: I fail for reading on this one. You said they are changing but nothing specific has been stated yet. Gotcha.

Regardless, good for y'all in trying to make this comm even better than what it already is.

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No, there are changes, but a lot of it is on our end on how we deal with oppressive language in the comm and the people responding to it. :)

This is great to see! And given how large and diverse the community is, such a policy will probably require a lot of attention on your parts, so thank you for be willing to do something like this.

We're lucky in that the community is pretty good about catching things we miss and pointing us towards them, so hopefully this won't add too much to our plates :]

This has been a long time coming. Thanks, mods. <3

Anyone with questions please feel free to comment or contact us via page-a-mod. We are here to clear anything up :)

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Thank you oh modly ones :)

I dig this post, and the people behind this post.

This is a good change and y'all should feel good. <3

Yay, I am happy about this.

I'm happy about this. I think it will go a long way.

my joy can only be expressed in the form of Jon Stewart


This in all its awesomeness!!!

I am really happy about this. It's so exciting to see this community grow like this, and I'm really grateful that you guys are making a sort of firm statement about it.

I might be too naieve, was there such nasty stuff going on then that such rules need to be set in stone? ;)

Not being nasty, just wondering... always found this a nice community, but maybe I'm too slow in catching up and the editing/removing of offensive posts has already been done by the time I check LJ out.

I think part of the issue is that with just editing/removing offensive stuff, it can be seen as dismissive to people who are genuinely hurt by say, transphobic or racist statements or jokes. This is a way for comm members to be able to confront the -isms without fear of being warned or having the thread frozen.


I am glad this isn't turning into a safe space and we can call out other members on language we find problematic. Thank you for the change, this community keeps getting better and better.

I just want to clarify that WoW Ladies is not turning into a safe space by definition; you are not free from judgment and we're not expecting members to agree. We're more of an anti-oppression space, since I think "safe space" implies too much.

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I am so glad y'all are doing this.

I always seem to miss when this sort of thing pops up. I read everyday and still never see threads explode because someone was being stupid. lol I guess that's a good thing?

Back to the topic. I thought things had always been like this but I'm glad this is being made officially official for all to see. That way no mistakes can be made and no wavering and no debate on who gets smacked down and who doesn't.

I'm like you, I've never seen any topics causing problems! (But that's good, like you said!)

I'm thinking WoW_Ladies mods have a secret undercover team, they go in ninja style and take care of business with as less people as possible noticing!

Personally I think it's common sense, all of this, the rules and everything, but I guess some people need to be told/reminded. Good job mod team!


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