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That's so adorable. ♥ Makes me want to reach through the monitor and cuddle.

Too cute! I have a friend that plays a warlock and I play a drood. Do you make these to sell?

I won't be making any more Felhunters (I, uhh, kinda threw away the pattern... c_c ), but am slowly making more moonkins. There's an Alliance one in the works now, and it may be for sale when it's done!

..although I have no idea how much it'd be worth. :

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He looks a bit front heavey, but then, they do in game too ;p

He's lovely ! :D

That is the cutest thing ever. I love it so much. :3

That there is some serious squee. Great handiwork!

OMG. I have so many guildies who would totally want one of those. XD


That is to cute...

and LMFAO! I went to your profile to see if you had a webpage to commision you for my own plushie... and I saw the chat log.. priceless....

That's the joke now, that I'm feral and resto! I'ma caster who will wreck your face!

also, I'm garnetbear@deviantart, I may do commisions over that-a-ways sometime soon. :3

*reaches thru monitor and scritches*

SQUEE!!! so cute


Holy toledo, you do really good work! :D


I've wanted my very own voidwalker plush for years. All the ones i've seen always look too skinny. I've always thought she could do a perfect voidwalker.

My dog keeps thinking it's for her! EVERY SQUEAKER BELONGS TO CEDAR, IT IS LAW.

the teefs! those precious teefs! <3

It makes *RAAAAAAAWR* look so adorable :D

So, did you buy just a cheapy squeaky toy off the shelf or is that a place for plush squeaks?

Wow... that's... wow.

On the selling things topic, please remember your time is worth a lot when you factor that into your moonkin prices. So many craftspeople short themselves on how much their time is worth.

You are amazingly crafty! This deserves Tailoring skill-ups, for sure.

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Awww....this almost makes me want to start making plushies. So cute!

OMG that thing is cute! Me wants!!

If I had a sewing machine I'd seriously consider trying to make one, because it's just that awesome!


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