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New Plush: Felhunter
Crit Chicken is a chicken
critchicken wrote in wow_ladies
This was made as a Christmas/"Thanks for letting us stay at your house" gift for High Warlord Morrag, she has always wanted a plush Felhunter. And now I want nothing more than to never ever make another one again. She took the pictures, so I'm all nitpicky about his presentation, but I'm sure you guys won't care nearly as much as I do.

This plush is not for sale, and I don't intend to make any new felhunters to sell.

Thoodrom, side view! His little grabby arms are extended fully, they're poseable and can be curved up over his back in a rested position. Also, his back-fluff fur is patted down, and should be spiked up more for a better display.

Thoodrom, 3/4 view. Red grabby tentacle things, and pointy teeths.

Thoodrom is over a foot long, and has a squeaker in his belly. Because you know if Felhunters were real, they'd squeak when you cuddle them.

Thoodrom says RAWR

That's so adorable. ♥ Makes me want to reach through the monitor and cuddle.

Too cute! I have a friend that plays a warlock and I play a drood. Do you make these to sell?

I won't be making any more Felhunters (I, uhh, kinda threw away the pattern... c_c ), but am slowly making more moonkins. There's an Alliance one in the works now, and it may be for sale when it's done!

..although I have no idea how much it'd be worth. :

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He looks a bit front heavey, but then, they do in game too ;p

He's lovely ! :D

That is the cutest thing ever. I love it so much. :3

That there is some serious squee. Great handiwork!

OMG. I have so many guildies who would totally want one of those. XD


That is to cute...

and LMFAO! I went to your profile to see if you had a webpage to commision you for my own plushie... and I saw the chat log.. priceless....

That's the joke now, that I'm feral and resto! I'ma caster who will wreck your face!

also, I'm garnetbear@deviantart, I may do commisions over that-a-ways sometime soon. :3

*reaches thru monitor and scritches*

SQUEE!!! so cute


Holy toledo, you do really good work! :D


I've wanted my very own voidwalker plush for years. All the ones i've seen always look too skinny. I've always thought she could do a perfect voidwalker.

My dog keeps thinking it's for her! EVERY SQUEAKER BELONGS TO CEDAR, IT IS LAW.

the teefs! those precious teefs! <3

It makes *RAAAAAAAWR* look so adorable :D

So, did you buy just a cheapy squeaky toy off the shelf or is that a place for plush squeaks?

Wow... that's... wow.

On the selling things topic, please remember your time is worth a lot when you factor that into your moonkin prices. So many craftspeople short themselves on how much their time is worth.

You are amazingly crafty! This deserves Tailoring skill-ups, for sure.

(Deleted comment)
Awww....this almost makes me want to start making plushies. So cute!

OMG that thing is cute! Me wants!!

If I had a sewing machine I'd seriously consider trying to make one, because it's just that awesome!


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