WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Heck, I write WoW slash, too :P
It's good stuff

I'm not 100% sure where one would go to learn about the lore particularly quickly, but...
I would start with reading the official lore section on the WoW website.
It might be a little hard to understand, though :P
If there's a particular thing you don't understand in it, WoWwiki is great for lore and such. The people who write that place know their stuff!
(Or you could ask me about anything you need to know. I'm a walking directory!)

(So I see everybody is discussing their favored pairing?
I'm tied between three at the moment.
But, since I'm a death knight... you know how it is :P They're my brothers in death, and I'm their annoying little sister )

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