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Thank you for the pictures. I was there too, alli side as Sarayana with the pink tallstrider named October.
I'll post some screen shots here once I get a chance to clean them up.

I don't know how to post a picture in my comments, so here are a couple of links:

Arriving in Darnassus
Meeting with the Horde group

I have more pictures uploaded on my flickr at

(I'm new at both LJ and flickr, so if there's a way to make any of it more viewer friendly, I'll gladly take advice :o)

<3 Thank you so much for posting these. I was a part of the actual walk for the cure back in October, and I wish I had remembered this in time.

I was there too, on Alliance side :) Magickira, a squishy Night Elf Hunter

Took some screenshots, but I have to go through because some of them are pretty crappy lol

This is so great :) If I was on US servers I would've been there.

I lost my aunt to breastcancer, and 2 more uncles of mine to other forms of cancer :(

I missed out on practically the whole thing because of a kerfuffle over a FedEx package and a wrong address. *grumbles* I ended up showing up on belf DK Morthanai at the very, very end. :( Sorry I missed it, but glad for a wonderful turnout.

Maybe this could be a yearly thing to coincide with internationally recognized cancer awareness months?

I showed up early on, but then had to leave to deal with sudden family issues. But if anyone did see the Dwarf paladin named Jessamy, Hi!

Awwww awesome!
:< I'm sad I missed it...

I had fun, thanks to all for organizing this!

Raid For the Cure doubled in size as soon as people could get to a mailbox and get all of their BoA pets. Penguins for all!

Meeting outside of Crossroads, Horde and Alliance. I grouped with Teryx (Mooryx) so we wouldn't lose each other!


No need to be ashamed about getting teary eyed. I did just looking at the pics. :) I've lost several family members to cancers of all sorts and my favorite aunt to breast cancer. I think this was an awesome idea and if you do it again next year I'll totally be there! Well done, all!

I'm sorry I couldn't make it, got food poisoning today and couldn't really function much.

Some how won the first prize so wooot! go me :)

Oh, you're that person! Grats! I don't know who the moonkin is going to yet.

I'm crossing my fingers it'll still be available when I get to pick my price. I'm low on the list though, so I don't think I'll be that lucky >.<

*goes back to crossing her fingers and toes*

I was so freaken tempted to go for it but a spot on their show could be a great way to advertise my guild ^^ so I went for that option.

Yeah I can see that. It'll be pretty awesome to get to sit and talk with them. But... pink boooomkin! It is so frikkin awesome!

Aww, just the pictures made me teary eyed. :)

I was there too! For some reason I decided to roll ally for this one. I was a NE hunter named Ayriana, my hubby came too as a NE rogue named Itsima. I also got a bit teary eyed! I have some pics but they pretty much look the same as everyone elses, so I'll hold off posting them.

Yaaaay! So awesome. Well done to all who were there! I had to work, so I missed out, but I love seeing the ss! <3

I guess I'm late to the party, but... what is this all about?

One of the alliance guilds on Kael'Thas-US held a raid for the cure. One of their members started treatment for cancer recently, and this was done to sort of cheer her on/up.

I was Aphiske, the horde pally (Kael'thas ftw <3). xD I took a TON of screenshots, but haven't uploaded them yet. I was really, really surprised at the turn out - I'm so glad I posted this here.

I got teary eyed too, I thought it was so amazing how many people came - and no one was being pains.

I was there too, on a newly rolled gnome named Pinknesse. And as soon as I figure out how to FIND my screencaps, I'll be happy to share:)

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