SEXY NELF MAN (blazecheetah) wrote in wow_ladies,

Funny character/guild names

A friend and I were talking about it last night, and I realized some people on Bronzebeard (US) have some pretty lulzy character and guild names. Some of my favorites (lol quite a few of these are people I play with on a regular basis, too.):

Bubbleoseven the pally
Bubblebee the pally
Omnomgnome the gnome
Ihatedks the nelf DK
Notadruid the nelf druid
Spellpower the nelf warrior
Parts with the title "Private" (Parts had some special characters, but
Dadmomcat the nelf druid (i'm curious to know the story behind this name)
Vegeta the human mage (he had the spiky belf hairdoo in black too...sold me a port to Dalaran way back.)
Stunsofsteel the rogue
Pizzamage the human mage (she was eating pizza and rolled a mage!)
Kraphtdinner the nelf druid
Emeraldcream the nelf druid
Potroast the gnome
Underwear the tauren

Guild names are hard for me to remember, but here are a few of them I CAN remember:

My Guild Name Is Too Lon
Fat Kids IRL
My AFK Is A Lie
Straw Hat Pirates (I don't know why this one makes me laugh but it does, lol.)

What are some funny ones you see running around on your server? :P
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