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amen on that insipid gearscore addon.

omg thank you for this. I was getting like 3 fps in Ulduar 25 tonight, and I have a great graphics card and i JUST installed 2GB of ram.

Could I copy this for my guilds website please? Will credit. This is some good and very helpful stuff.

Of course, it's just a summary/re-write of two other threads anyway.

Same here; I'm just gonna post the link to this entry in my guild's member discussion forums :)

Yeah I'm gonna share this as well, posting the link to this post. Thanks!

I shared it too.

Thanks for putting it together!

I've yelled at my guildmates for using GearScore, but Carbonite is actually a useful mod. However, that doesn't mean it needs to spam: you can go into the settings, under Privacy, and then turn off all the broadcast information boxes and channel options. Once my guildmates did that, no more spam. It's just that the default option is to send ridiculous amounts of useless information to everyone you ever meet.

Thanks for the steps for Carbonite. I don't run it because I dislike it, but I'll add those to the post.

I really need to try turning off the combat log.

Poo, that latency reducer is only for windows. :(

From the FAQ:
Is there a Macintosh version?
Leatrix Latency Fix isn't supported on Macs. However, you can achieve lower latency in OSX by entering the following command in a terminal window. This will disable delayed acknowledgements until you restart your computer.

sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0

To disable them permanently, create a text file under "/etc/" called "sysctl.conf" and copy/paste the following line then restart your computer.


To set things back to default, just delete the "sysctl.conf" file and restart your computer.

P.S. If you have any idea what the guy's talking about, and get it to work, please let me know! ;-)

Sort of.

OS X is based off a Linux / Unix base. It's not exactly Linux , just Linux like.

As a consequence much of the internal workings of OS X look just like a unix system.

"sysctl" is a command for setting the Kernel state according to it's man page.

What he is saying that if you have the file "/etc/sysctl.conf" with that line it then that delayed ack preference will be on permanently.

Getting it to work ? You could try the Go to Folder option in the Finder , put in /etc/ then drag a "sysctl.conf" file there that you have saved on the desktop

I downloaded the spam fu addon to see what it would show and found that I was by far the biggest spammer in the raid due to LibHealComm-4.0. Me and another healer were up there at the top, he uses Healbot and I use VuhDo. I noticed the healers using grid were not spamming at all and only had LibHealComm-3.0

Not sure what I should do about this though...I love vuhdo.

Well LibHealComm does need to spam, I'm not sure why 3 was spamming less than 4 though. Regardless, that's one of the ones I wouldn't worry about unless the numbers are ridiculously huge and you are still seeing negative gameplay effects after trying the other options.

That's a library some of your addons use.

So not really much you can do about it - you can't take it out or replace it with another version as then some of your addons will error it.

Can't replace it as there is no guarantee that the version you replace it with will have the same functions / data structure.

You mention skada, which I tried, but I had a problem with the configuration... I couldn't find out how to make it toon-specific, so if I did a dungeon on one toon and then hopped to another, it had saved the info from that dungeon, and kept building on the stats from the other toon. I must have missed something in the options, but I couldnt' get it to clear the data either... Am I being completely dense?

Right click on the little gear icon at the top right of the header and click on reset :)

I tried that, didn't work :o[

Odd, mine defaulted to different for each toon, I don't see a way to change that even. Maybe try clearing it's saved variables?

Data can be reset with /skada reset, from the menu, or by shift+left clicking the minimap/LDB button.

Hmm... I suppose it's worth another shot, considering how much pain recount causes me. I'll holla if I still can't get it to work ;o)

Do you mind if I repost this (with all due credit!) on my guild and raiding alliance forums? This is *really* good info to have!

Of course, it's just a summary/re-write of two other threads anyway.

2) Disable Blizzard Combat Log-
Right-click your combat log tab > "Self" > "What happened to me" > "Everything" > Click on each of those, and then click through each of the sub-tabs and disable EVERYTHING. Make it so that NOTHING appears on your combat log.

Ooh! I gotta try this!

tried that latency reducer script out of curiosity, i dont typically experience awful MS. after installing, i was getting 6 FPS in AV (normally at least 40) with a moderate increase of MS.

i uninstalled, and everything can back to normal.

not for me i guess. i do really Skada though, and will look into disabling my combat log.

Sorry it didn't work out for you, but that's why the removal script is there just in case. Glad Skada helps. ^_^

I did 1 & 4 a while ago and saw a huge improvement in my ms and fps, even though I already had good fps raiding certain fights its dropped like crazy and since doing 4 its so much better and kicking recount to the curb.

Its a memory whore, who only wants to use you for the megabytes.

The other good thing about Skada over Recount ?

You can disable some of it's modules that you don't use :)

Indeed! I have several off that I have no need for. :D

I can't figure out how to disable the blizzard combat log, I'm clicking everything, right clicking too, there is no option for disable that I see

Oh! Ok I figured it out - d'oh. Hey - is #4 tested as safe to DL? Because I'm not terribly comp savvy, I get anxious about DLing items

It's perfectly fine. Make sure you read the "Installation Instructions" and "Your Computer" sections on the front page.

There's also a GearScore light written by the same author.

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