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A new approach to guildsites, and community activity
O rly? Ya rly! No wai!
ankie wrote in wow_ladies
I think it was yesterday, that a WoW-lady made a post about website activity. How to draw people to your site, how to ease communications for guild leadership and organise event signups out-of-game? Unfortunately I was too busy to comment as I was still tweaking this little experiment on my guilds' website. One I'm very proud about and something which might trigger some guildleaders/officers among you to come up with similar approaches.

Basically, I wanted to find a way to stimulate guildies to visit our guild website more often. We already have a pretty active website, but I and the current guildleader (I'm the former guildleader, currently on a break) felt it was always the same people posting threads and contributing.
Our website is built with the content management system Drupal (for which you need your own webserver with a couple of specs to install it) and I came across a module called Userpoints. Userpoints grants members of your website points based on website activity (and you can set up how many points, and what for, yourself).

For example:
- filling in a biography - 25 points (you can do this only once)
- choosing an avatar - 10 points (you can do this only once)
- logging in - 2 points (every 3 hours)
- viewing a piece of content - 1-2 points (every 6 hours)
- posting a blog entry, image, forum topic, or event in the webcalendar - 10 points

I'd like to mention that the guildies are able to upload their own avatar, or pick one of the avatars by mignolagraphics that are already uploaded! (Thanks again popehippo for being so gracious :D )

Now, besides Userpoints, I've installed a module called "Ubercart", which helps you set up a webshop. And I think you've guessed it.. I've set up Ubercart to accept userpoints for items. So what it comes down to is this: people collect points by visiting the website and contributing; as a reward they can 'buy' items from guildbank like gems, leg enchants, vanity pets, nothing that is really difficult for the guild to restock and is taking up space right now.

I've already had some very positive feedback about this new feature from guildies and we'll see how it goes. But I thought it is an original approach, and for a guild that loathes DKP, well.. seems we've got social DKP nao ;)

I'd love to hear your reactions, your guilds' "alternative" approaches to universal issues, and if anyone has any questions about how to set this up, I'm here too! :)

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While I can see where this would be enjoyed, I'm not particularly interested in input just for input sake and I'd rather hear from those who are passionate about the topics being discussed. The people who care will visit your site - points or no.

We do most of our communications in-game, so this, basically. As long as people log on to read boss strats, the rest is icing on the cake as far as that's concerned.

Idk, I think we're good at QQ chatter on the website. And photos of cute minipets!

(i.e., I look at it every day to contribute to the meaningless ramblings.)

Of course. The idea is not that people will be too spammy (they're not the types for that) but to kind of reward interest in the community. At the same time it might help clear out guildbank a little as there's a lot of stuff in there just collecting dust and this might give people an incentive to request it.

Anyway it's an experiment, I may come with a follow-up post and if it doesn't work out, I'll be honest about that too :)

I, personally, hate blue on grey. It's probably because when Vista got angry with me it would revert to that color scheme. Screw you, Vista.


Ease of use +++10. Thanks for that. :D

I don't like the layout either, but hey, the guildies didn't like the pink version of this theme ;)

*shakes fist at Vista*

Drupal basic has an option to allow you to change your personal color scheme. Maybe change _yours_ to pink? XD

I think the color setting is administrator/site wide only though. I had it to "red", and people started screaming "pink! pink!". I was like, dude, insecure about your masculinity or something? ;)
I'll have to look into this option, anyway, because it would make the site easier on the eyes for me ;)

I was the wow_lady asking, and thanks! I'm going to take a look now, and see if there's anything I can use. I don't know if I can put any of those actual add-ons in place, since I have no say over which host we use (that's the guild leaders, I'm just an eager underling), but perhaps it will spark some ideas!

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