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10 Reasons NOT to Date a Girl Gamer
xcourtkneex wrote in wow_ladies
My friend just sent me this. I'm not outraged or anything, I just...hmm. Poor guy has probably never even seen a girl :c

10 Reasons NOT to Date a Girl Gamer

Discuss, ladies.

Oh, and if this has been posted before, please accept my deepest apologies and delete it <3

EDIT: Turns out this article was written by a girl! Good catch, guys! I'm a moron ;)

"Maybe this girl actually likes to play video games. And maybe someday I'll live in a bouncy castle and eat hamburgers for every meal. But she does it mainly because guys think it's cool, and is actually terrible at video games (see #2 and #4). This girl probably also "likes" football, baseball, basketball, paintball, beer, violent movies involving zombies, and firearms, but knows absolutely nothing about them."

I think this guy has read Ladder Theory too many times.

Women cry about everything, men are better at games than women, men need to be better than women in order to feel masculine, women are clingy, women are stupid, blah blah blah.

ROFL! Well didn't you know? I'm glad to know that she's excused from her sandwich and soda-fetching duties if she plays, though. relies on stereotypes that are stupid and corners one aspect of women to focus on (similar to if there was a list about guys and in every description there was something about how they were apes who like sex and have no feelings).

It's the sort of thing that was probably written just to piss women off, or the author has never had extended contact with women beyond what he sees in the media. *shrug*

Exactly why I couldn't make myself take this article to heart. I...almost feel bad for this guy.


Apparently, we need to come up with '10 Reasons TO Date Girl Gamers' list.

Allow me to start:

1. Because when you call her and say, 'Babe, I'm in this instance with the great group, can you give me a few minutes?', a gamer girl won't kill you.

2.) Two words: WoW Head. See also: reasons to enjoy long flight paths.

Subtitled, "How to ensure the continuance of your unplanned streak of celibacy: write columns titled '10 Reasons NOT to Date a Girl Gamer.'"


ETA: "This girl probably also "likes" football, baseball, basketball, paintball, beer, violent movies involving zombies, and firearms, but knows absolutely nothing about them."

Someone would like a word with you.

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The problem with this is there is blue in the pictures.

Blue feather never forget icon lacking. 7/10.

It's missing stereotypes about weight/unattractiveness!!

GOOD CATCH! We should let the poster know...How embarrassing for him!

i can't see why anyone would -actually- get mad over this. in fact, i was most amused by #10:

10. If your girl gamer fits none of these descriptions, that means she is probably also a supermodel and a rocket scientist, and is therefore a perfect human being. You do not deserve her and will eventually break up, but video games and sex will be inextricably linked in your mind forever after all those games of Strip TF2, and you won't be able to turn on your console without getting a boner. Happy gaming!

the thing about when men talk is that you have to ignore all the men-comments for the sake of defending their masculinity, to understand what they're -actually- saying. XD

"1.It would be embarrassing if she were better at video games than you."


So in short: "girls cant really play and if they do it they do it for attention bwaaa wheres my sammich bitch"

Written by a Girl, not a guy.

Down at the bottom it says:
Written by GamerPaper's favorite girl gamer, Casey Johnston!

It is because of this that i choose to take it tongue-in-cheek.
Because I can't believe someone who calls themselves a girl gamer would bash like that. I think it's a commentary on how guys (not Men know who you are. Guys assume stuff like what she wrote) see girl games.


Re: Written by a Girl, not a guy.

Well damnit, she should have been more obvious!

It's a lot easier to read as ironic when you don't just take it at face value. :\

It's... it's actually written by a woman. In theory.

Beat to the punch by one minute. Curses!

I would feel bad for this guy who is obviously threatened by female gamers and stereotyping and hating on guys who have "never seen" girls, out the byline.

"Written by GamerPaper's favorite girl gamer, Casey Johnston!"

Which kind of turns everything on its head into making fun of guys who make a big deal out of girl gamers.

I'm assuming the whole thing was made in jest.

I'm really glad that there is at least one comment on there that says "this article is really sexist" because it really is. It doesn't matter if it was written by a woman, it's still offensive.

I do agree with this. Especially since there was no indicator that this article was a farce, and the internet will copy/paste text -anywhere-, and sooner or later someone's "meant to be funny" (even if it's sexist) article will become someone else's "This is why women suck!" chain mail.

not cool.

It looks a random list of girl gamer stereotypes with pictures added.

Whether it's supposed to be offensive or tongue-in-cheek, it's all stuff that we've heard before. Nothing new or exciting.

The point of your article should not hang on your gender saving you from the levels of irony/sexism supporting because you're too vague.

I'm still not convinced she doesn't' believe every word of it, really.

Me and my boyfriend lol'd all the way through that article and then he told me to make a sandwich while he goes to do HH.

He was joking, of course, for everybody here who was about to get up in arms about it.


(Deleted comment)
I do for my guy all the time...but...he does it for me too!

It's not funny. If it were funny, I'd appreciate it.

3. You will never, ever get to play single player campaign again.
Man, that could be further from the truth for me. My poor husband is always begging me to play a two player game with him. LOL, I even have a hard time wanting to quest together*

*mostly because I enjoy solo play, not because he sucks at games!

Same. Oddly enough, he's currently obsessed with Borderlands and keeps trying to lure me in by saying how much like WoW it is. Nuuu! I shall resist the lure of your comfortable couch and hand friendly controls!

I thought it was tongue-in-cheek and funny.

Get a sense of humor, really.

NEWSFLASH: This just in! People have different senses of humor and find different things funny! And now back to John for the weather.


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