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Gnomeregan Exiles Rep
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hostilecheshire wrote in wow_ladies
I'm currently working on my reputation for my 5 home cities with my 67 Draenei Paladin.  I've gotten all of them down except for Gnomeregan Exiles and I'm having a heck of a time finding quests that will give me rep for them.  I've perused Thottbot countless times and have come up with a few here and there after going through Gnomeregan and the starter area for Gnomes/Dwarves.  Although I have been playing wow for a while, this is the highest level I've been and I must say I really don't know that much about the higher areas and what if any rep building quests there may be.  I would really appreciate any thoughts or tips on how I could go about becoming exalted with Gnomeregan Exiles.  My current rep with them is 11,363/21,000.  Thanks so much.

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Once you've done all the starter quests and gnomer quests, you're pretty much stuck with handing in rune cloth or doing every quest available just to get the teensy bit of gnome rep it gives.

I know you can turn in stacks of runecloth, but that's the extent of my rep knowledge outside of the Horde (my highest level Alliance toon is 24 or so).

Whoops, already suggested while I was googling just to be sure. The thottbot page for Runecloth has lots of good tips on farming Runecloth in the comments. Good luck!

The starter areas are the best for Gnomes quests. There are a few in Auberdine (this chain, for instance, which opens up a couple more quests from him), and a few in Stonetalon Mountains (follow this quest line to open up some which will give you Gnomeregan rep). And don't forget the guys in Tinker town.

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If you're patient, the seasonal events usually have a quest or two that will give you a wallop of rep (250 rep for "Hallow's End Treats for Jesper", according to WoWHead). I think I ended up relying on Children's Week for the bulk of my Gnomeregan rep (75 rep for the first three quests, then a 150 rep one, and then 500 rep for the last one), and then the rest was topped off by the Argent Tournament Daily quests.

The Draenei starting area has a bunch of mixed factions in there, I suggest going there if you haven't already. Besides for getting straight up Gnomer rep for some quests, the spillover from others will help.

you might also search thottbot for quests that give just "alliance" rep. That's half of where my gnomer rep came from. the last 2k I did runecloth just because I was so tired of trying to find something/anything.

I also got a lot in the draenai area too, as well as the other starter zones.

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment. I will forge ahead and continue to work towards exhalted with great tenacity!

and I don't have any advice, but would just like to say


I can't say for certain, but I have a feeling the gnome town in Blade's Edge Mountains and possibly the gnome quests in Netherstorm may also give Gnomeran rep. Worth checking out, maybe?

you should get rep from the League of Explorers and the quests in IF. i got ambassador around 65-66. and yes do loads of runecloth!

Good luck, I hit Ambassador at about 50, after many cloth hand ins :)

Not sure about this but will running Gnomer give you rep? I hate that instance so avoid it as much as possible. I did the starting area quests and then handed in runecloth until exaulted but I'm pretty sure some of my guildies were running gnomer for rep. And at your lvl you should have to problem soloing it.

That should say .... "You should have NO problem soling it"

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