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It has come to my attention that I have too much free time on my hands.
Yogurt Or Milk?
cosmic_iris wrote in wow_ladies

WAY too much free time on my hands.

This has replaced my old favourite kayne meme;


As long as we're doing the Kanye interrupts meme here...

This meme gets better and better!

My god, I saw this and nearly died. NICELY DONE.

I didn't notice Kael in the picture the first time I looked at it. lawl

btw Anub'arak is totally a pretty princess now, with his baby blue exoskeleton and pink fairy wings~*~*~*~

but srsly like his re-design yes.

I have a feeling this is one meme that's never really going to get old. It's just ... so exploitable.

I totally agree. It's a very awesome meme. :D

all I have to say is: ROFL!

These things are getting old D:

Rofl. They will never get old. LONG LIVE MACROS!


I dunno, this is definitely still funny to me XD

i want more WoW/Kanye macros! but i can't think of anything :(

but man do I love this meme!! xD

This meme is too damn funny! It's gonna take a while to get old, for sure


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