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WTB cooking bag
ayamechan1113 wrote in wow_ladies
So.  My bank is getting waaaay cluttered.

I've got my giant JC bag to hold all the JC crap I can cram into it.

Now my big problem is cooking.  I want a freaking bag just to hold fish, meat, spices, and... yaknow... cooking shit.

Why does this not exist?



Maybe post?  Iunno.

I posted on the suggestion forum about this not long after WotLK came out. In my mind it's a refrigerated bag made by engineers.

That sounds more like something that'd actually be created.

The concept of "meatbag" amuses me to no end.

Oh baby I love filling up my meatbag.

I would like a cooking bag as well.

And seriously, why haven't tailors figured out a way to stuff more cloth into a bag? COME ON!! We can make bags for so many people but not ourselves. pfft.


I would LOVE a bag like this. I have one of my Frostweave bags stuffed full of all my herbs, and another with my cooking mats. WTB bigger bags >.

You can buy an herb bag from the AH/some vendors.

Oh man, that would be so amazing for my questing. My lowbies constantly have their bags full of random meats that I'm not sure if I should save for my eventual cooking. So my bank overflows. XD

i always thought there should be a bag for the pets for for my hunter as my pet is taking up way too much space.

yeah id love to see one of those, my fish take up 3/4 of my bank space and i own all the slots heh.

The only suggestion I can give you is, that is if you don't already have one made, get some people to give you siggies, create an alt guild and use the vault. =p <3 MeatBag though. hahaha.

I have a bank alt called foodman...any type of meat, food fish what have you goes to him...
I also have one for leather and cloth
and one for random items I don't want to throw away...(pitchfork...happy rock etc)
...I should just get a gbank...but so...lazy >.

WoW needs more KOTOR references. Oh yes, Blizz, please marry my two favourite games EVER.

(I have the biggest crush on Atton Rand, and am completely unafraid to admit it.)

I was going for Futurama, but okay. ^_^

I demand Blizz to meatbag us!

Which reminds me: I was trying to think of any in-game cooking recipes that do *not* require meat (tl;dc: vegetarian RP character). Besides spiced bread and the teas, I'm stumped. Anyone?

I have a whole tab on my alt guild bank for meats. @_@

I have a guild bank [Titansteel Chef Azeroth] and it has 3 tabs. 1 for meat, 1 for fish, 1 for recipes/eggs/cooked food.

All except the recipes tab is full.

I have over 200 nettlefish because my bf wouldn't stop fishing in sholazar.

I always thought a fishing bag (48 slots plz) would be good - after all, real anglers have them.

All my mats for everything live in my mailbox system!!

What I *REALLY* need is a wardrobe bag that holds 3 full sets of soulbound gear!!


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