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WTB cooking bag
ayamechan1113 wrote in wow_ladies
So.  My bank is getting waaaay cluttered.

I've got my giant JC bag to hold all the JC crap I can cram into it.

Now my big problem is cooking.  I want a freaking bag just to hold fish, meat, spices, and... yaknow... cooking shit.

Why does this not exist?



Maybe post?  Iunno.

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I posted on the suggestion forum about this not long after WotLK came out. In my mind it's a refrigerated bag made by engineers.

That sounds more like something that'd actually be created.

The concept of "meatbag" amuses me to no end.

The more I think about the word "meatbag", the dirtier it sounds.

I like it!

That would be awsomesause~

Thought it kinda makes you wonder how those legerdemain convention goes feel after you cater for them with chilled meat thats been sitting in you bank for 3 months. X_x

Convention goers, bah! I want to know how the vegetarians feel after I deliver the Sewer Stew (made with 4 CHILLED MEAT) to them!

Oh baby I love filling up my meatbag.

I would like a cooking bag as well.

And seriously, why haven't tailors figured out a way to stuff more cloth into a bag? COME ON!! We can make bags for so many people but not ourselves. pfft.


I would LOVE a bag like this. I have one of my Frostweave bags stuffed full of all my herbs, and another with my cooking mats. WTB bigger bags >.

You can buy an herb bag from the AH/some vendors.

Ahaha! Thank you tons, I had no idea there were big herb bags. ^-^ You have made my death knight a very happy flower-picker :D

LOVE your icon, btw. They should mass-market those glasses. I want a pair!

There's 5 flavors of herb bags! One is off a vendor, and not really worth it. The first herb bag is the Cenarion Herb Bag. Requires friendly CC rep, which not many people have, but it's not a lot of their rep. The second is the Satchel of Cenarius, which requires revered with CC. But not really worth it either. Mycah's Botanical Bag is from TBC days, and requires revered with Sporeggar. MAY be worth it if you have extra Fel Lotus around, and have some good amounts of Primal Life and Water so that tailors can make you the Primal Mooncloth needed. The last is the newest Wrath one, requires Revered with Kalu'ak, and SIX Frost Lotus. Very expensive, if you don't have them to spare. And Moonshroud, which may or may not be expensive.

I concur! Mine was made for me. =D I love it like whoa.

Oh man, that would be so amazing for my questing. My lowbies constantly have their bags full of random meats that I'm not sure if I should save for my eventual cooking. So my bank overflows. XD

i always thought there should be a bag for the pets for for my hunter as my pet is taking up way too much space.

yeah id love to see one of those, my fish take up 3/4 of my bank space and i own all the slots heh.

The only suggestion I can give you is, that is if you don't already have one made, get some people to give you siggies, create an alt guild and use the vault. =p <3 MeatBag though. hahaha.

I have a bank alt called foodman...any type of meat, food fish what have you goes to him...
I also have one for leather and cloth
and one for random items I don't want to throw away...(pitchfork...happy rock etc)
...I should just get a gbank...but so...lazy >.

WoW needs more KOTOR references. Oh yes, Blizz, please marry my two favourite games EVER.

(I have the biggest crush on Atton Rand, and am completely unafraid to admit it.)

I was going for Futurama, but okay. ^_^

Ha, never seen that reference on Futurama. Don't know if you play KOTOR, but if you don't, there's a talking robot called HK47 that refers to humans as "meatbags."

Pssh, Carth Onasi any day! *cheers*

I demand Blizz to meatbag us!

Which reminds me: I was trying to think of any in-game cooking recipes that do *not* require meat (tl;dc: vegetarian RP character). Besides spiced bread and the teas, I'm stumped. Anyone?

How could I forget the booze?! /facepalm

But why is all the rum gone?!

Is your character vegan? Because if she isn't there are a few omelet recipes. The only other things I saw while looking through wowhead were the teas, cakes, and the holiday stuff.

I have a whole tab on my alt guild bank for meats. @_@

I have a guild bank [Titansteel Chef Azeroth] and it has 3 tabs. 1 for meat, 1 for fish, 1 for recipes/eggs/cooked food.

All except the recipes tab is full.

I have over 200 nettlefish because my bf wouldn't stop fishing in sholazar.

1up at your guild name.

I love alton brown. And that he's the emcee for it now.

Thank you. =)

The tabard is the cookpot.

I always thought a fishing bag (48 slots plz) would be good - after all, real anglers have them.

All my mats for everything live in my mailbox system!!

What I *REALLY* need is a wardrobe bag that holds 3 full sets of soulbound gear!!


On top of that, I want more bank slots!
But that's just a (desperate) sidenote.

either that, or the ability to SWITCH OUT THE DEFAULT BACKPACK WITH A DRAGONHIDE BAG /flail

I find the difference between my first character and being in awe of the size of my backpack, and now when I'm pissed at it because it's the smallest bag I have.

I would like a cooking bag.

I would also like it if the engineering bags would let you store ore in them. I also wish that instead of a gem bag there was a JC bag that allowed you to store ore in addition to stuff used to make jewelry. Why isn't there a tailoring bag? And I wish I could switch out my default backpack for a bigger bag.

A meatbag! What a concept! That would be so awesome. I usually reserve a couple of slots in my bags for meat and fish and spices and buff food... the rest live in my bank or my mailbox if I'm really strapped for room. So a cooking bag would be super!

Heylo! I like the idea, but I really just wanted to point out that your suggestion has made you mildly famous!

I was over at and they had a post about cooking bags and I was all, "hmmm, Avlee was talking to me about that last night....Wait, they stole this from someone named Natalia? Oh."


Yes... there was that... @_@

Maybe it'll get some attention?

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