WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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I enjoy your rendering of Vashj.

YAY HORSIE made me snort my ravioli.

It is not tasty when snorted.

I blame you.

*thumbs up so hard she's stolen other people's thumbs to hold them up*

This made me actually giggle so loud I scared my cat.

OMG that little smiling snake in her hair just KILLED ME. It's got such a happy Kermit-like face! Eeeheehee!

"Then you let them kill each other with green stuff like you go get a cough drop" -- WIN!


i snorted my rock star XDDD

seriously- post this to the wow comic contest =DD!!!

This!...and now i cant look at Arthas with out thinking him as a tottal blond surfer dude...

Win. xD

I love your style.

You have such a great drawing style! Also, heeeee at Argent Tourney dig.

Yep. My husband and I joke about this all the time since every quest ends with him calling us meddling kids and running away. Now the main joke is "oh man, I can't wait to joust Arthas!" since we're both running Argent Tournament like its our job.

I love your drawing style. And the little smiley snake in the last panel is just killing me with his "oh hai there!!!" expression.

I really love your lineart!

I also love YAY HORSIE!


Great art + hilarity = win

The smiley snake in her hair is a nice touch =)

Bwahahahaha! Oh, that's awesome. Love the expressions, and it's so true...

This is great.

Also, that little snake-smiling on the last panel? Is the cutest thing!

For pony! :p

Very awesome, especially love Vashj's hair last panel, and the multiple simultaneous hand gestures she's capable of!

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