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World of Warcraft Dances
killstealer wrote in wow_ladies
I wanted to make a list of the dances in World of Warcraft and videos of the real life dances that inspired them (I'm sure this has been done before). So far I've got a few of the famous well known ones (John Travolta, Michael Jackson etc.) However, for a few I coulden't think of anything else apart from folk dances or special dance moves... or I just typed in a search word at (like the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song and Booty Call). If you want to take a look at the list and help me make it better, that would be great! And finally.. anyone got any footage of the female draenei dance yet? :)

Alliance Dances:
Horde Dances:

Other Dances:

I heard it was gonna be Napoleon dynamite..but i dont know if it was gonna be for the blood elves or the dreanei

oh oops i guess you already knew that lol nvm

Wow I'm really impressed! Ha ha SO cool.

Haha well i coulden't sleep last night so decided to do this :D


I had never seen the original male tauren dance. O_O WTH IS that?? LOL!

Male Draenei dance -- that's hilarious. I hadn't seen that before. It looks good in-game.

I'd never heard of it before i saw it on WoWwiki :D

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Thanks, I'll try and find a similar one on youtube ^^

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Dahler Mendhi FTW!

LOLOLOL... that swayed me. I will be rolling my first male toon come the expansion!

I thought the same...

Now I REALLY want to know what the female one will be haha

Wow, awesome!!!! This list is great

I think it's hilarious that the macarena is done by 4 guys lol
And the bootycall... lmao the slippers!

:D i coulden't find the original macarena dance or anything remotly looking like an 'offical booy call dance' so i just went for the funniest ones

Wow the female bloodelves dance sucks! I hope they spice that up a little.

Yeah =/ its just the nelf dance with a small difference

i STILL love chris farley.

also..... i could watch that travolta video all day. the man is just hot!

That is AWESOME. Thank you so much!

Female troll dance is kinda like "reggae" dancing. Meaning check some Sean Paul or other dance hall music videos and you'll probably see at leats one girl dancing like that.

This is an AWESOME list and tons of fun. :D

I've always considered the Female Undead dance to be the Goth Chick dance (aka the lightbulb dance)... even looking at the rave chick linked, it still looks like the lightbulb dance to me. But that's probably because I've been to more goth clubs than raves. :P

Not sure if it was mentioned:

Yes, UD is the 'rock out'/'mosh' dance.

Female orc is what i'd like to call the "booty dance"-- If anyone dances like that, I'd like to say their ethnicity is black/african american.

(for the most part. Not trying to be racist of anything, but I've never been able to see a white girl dance like that!)

Either way-- Good list, but the Draenei male dance.... not sure what to think of that xD

Doesn't the male UD simply "headbang"?

Also: The female UD dance link currently links to the one for the male trolls. :o)

What a great post! Man, now I want a male Blood Elf just so I can watch him dance ;D

Isnt that bloodelf female dance the old one? The new footage shows an entirely different dance and doesnt have the alizee thing anymore.

I'm not sure which is the right one at the moment because both clips (of both dances) were taken at E3

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You know, you should really add this list to WoWWiki. If you don't know how, let me know.

They already have a similar list which I used for help, just they only have the belf and draenei videos.

Thanks for putting this all together! It was my morning entertainment. =)

I can't believe the male draenei dance. I watched that music video a few years ago and found it so amusing so that's so awesome they made it a dance!

Wow, great list! Lots of the dances I'd never seen in "real life", so it was fun to compare them with the WoW versions. Thanks for posting these!

o.o Who the hell is Alizee and how many people actually picked up on that reference? o.O

Alizee is a french singer, and that song she's singing was really popular in france like, 3 or 4 years ago. It was a really strnage vid where she was trapped in a glass box haha.
(yes, i live in france :P)

Also, The Blood Elf Female one isn't linking to the right one--

It's a totally different one at E3.

the female bloodelf almost looks like it comes from a latin type of dance. the vid is a bit shaky, no fault of your own of course. But i'm guessing a cha-cha/salsa/merengue type deal?

oh and thanks for the great post!

(Deleted comment)
Yeah I know :( that was the closest thing i could find, nothing comes up when i type Kazatchok in youtube/google etc >_

aww i love with the new female blood elf dance :D


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