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More WoW 100x100 icons =o (65 of them omg)
feitan wrote in wow_ladies
Yyyyeah. Decided to make some more from in game screenshots and screenshots of the Vanilla and Burning Crusade intro movies.


Granted, some of them are just reiterations of the same shot, I like having an option to choose if something's bugging me because of a detail. I really need to know that icon layout thingy html that numbers them, but I couldn't find it. @_@ Just lemme know in comments which ones you snatched :3
Just so you guys know, the Troll .gifs are transparent.

Also, taking pictures of Stormwind and Westfall at Night sucks. :<

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It bothers me that tauren have teeth.

=o They need to to chew grass.

well, yeah. They're humanoids, not cows. Eat meat and everything.

Well, Minotaur ate seven virgins a year... :D

Does it bother you that... cows have teeth? o_o

These teeth look sharp ;_;

(Deleted comment)

Eh, can't please everyone.

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