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Just out of curiosity, if these are your own screenshots - where did you take the one third row down, all the way on the right? The one that looks like a levitating night elf? It's very pretty!

I like many of the others too, but that one just drew my eye.

Looks like Sunken Temple.

... Been there one too many times lately >>

Yerp, Sunken Temple. I have way too much fun with Glyph of Levitate. When I was playing on my priest I'd always be on the lookout for Levitate+ Screenshot possibilities. :3 So yeah, these are my own Shots.

i really love the 1 second to logout idea :3 mind if i copy it and make an icon with my own char? i'll put a "inspired by feitan" tag on it!

*snatchity snatch snatch* Thanks! They look awesome!

=o Which ones did you get?

I got the felguard one with the who summons me, floating night elf, the one with the quest question mark and the beautiful zangamarsh one. That zang one just seemed peaceful. Awesome shot.

Thanks :3 I was just doing questies there and saw that in the distance. Turned off NPC names and lined up the shot :D

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