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Looking to start playing again in a new guild
I've been playing WoW since late vanilla days, but didn't guild hop much. It was only since moving to Thrall (Alliance - yeah, I know, ironically I've been there since it was predominantly Ally...) that I ended up leaving two highly ranked raiding guilds through drama not of my making but that I just couldn't stand. I've spent the last two xpacs by myself, and playing solo sucks wind. It's time to find friends and a home again.

I don't mind playing socially until or if a guild finds me worthy of raiding again - I'm a fast learner, but as a middle-aged woman I do have to admit my reflexes aren't what they were in my 20s, but I was a lead in a raid group that was first server just 3 years ago, so maybe I'm selling myself short. I won't know until I try again.

I've been offline for 2 months now, as playing alone made me lose all interest and hope. Now I want to play again - I love WoW - but I need a guild.

I have 3 90s that could be moved to any server for a guild, and 5 more 80s I just haven't had the time to level. Right now my main is my lock, but I could just as easily bring the druid or mage, both of whom have been mains for me over the years.

I'd really love to find a home. Please help me find a guild that would take in this lonely Ally.

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone!

It's Thanksgiving week for those of us in the US. That means Pilgrim's Bounty starts today. It's also Wow's 11th Anniversary for anyone who hasn't picked up their inflatable Thunderfury and Van Cleef disguise.

Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate - come on in.

hi folks,

i was wondering if there were any groups out there who would be willing to take a resto druid along on their archimonde heroic kills (or mythic but that might be a stretch)?

i have 696 ilvl with no experience with the fight beyond watching a video. i am a fast learner and i can follow instructions.

if possible i'd also like to drag along my husband's hunter who will gleefully stand in the bad.

i'm wra-us horde side.

thanks in advance!

UI Mod Monday!
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Probably the cutest thing you'll see all day. And longer than anything I have to say, but hey.

It's Monday.
It's UIs.

You know the deal.

*starts up the coffee*

The Wednesday Safari
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I think I was supposed to post last week but missed it. Oops.

Pet Battle Bonus Event this week! Time to get your pet leveling on, and with the new pets that have just come out, it couldn't come at a better time! If you went to BlizzCon or got the virtual ticket, then Murkidan was in your bags. With Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void CE out, you get an Archon pet.

I was disappointed that there was no battle pet news at BlizzCon. Hopefully we'll find out something in the coming weeks.

What have you been up to lately?

UI Mod Monday!
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Everyone get your Blizzcon updates? Am I the only one rocking the happydance over the transmog changes? (I KNOW I'm not. Come dance with me!)

Looks like they'll be absorbing the functionality of Mogit into the base UI - finally! I wonder how weird it feels to have a mod you've created and maintained for years finally be absorbed as a functional part of the default UI? Hmm.

Anyway, it's Monday, and if we're all past the Blizzcon hangovers it's time for UI/Mod Monday. Not much for updates - been a busy week elsewhere, for some reason.

Coffee's on, come on in.

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone, and happy November! How'd it get so late in the year already?

Darkmoon Faire this week, and Day of the Dead 'til the third.

Anything new and exciting?

UIs, Mods, it's Monday. Come on it!

UI Mod Monday!
Zaboo Evil Eye
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It's Hallow's End! Everyone got your costume?

HandyNotes_HallowsEnd and Candy Buckets are out for your trick or treating ease. Anything else we should know about, to make the holiday more practical?

Also, for those doing rep grinds, remember the bonfire bonus to xp/rep.

The Wednesday Safari
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Yay for new Hallow's End stuff! Now, I've been moving, so I actually haven't done anything with HE yet, as I just set up my computer on Monday and then I had a raid last night. I'm looking forward to getting the new pets and hopefully some of the toys. I know there was a bug with toy loot from the spider in your Garrison, but I know that it was at least partially fixed. The bug was that sometimes when you would loot everything, you wouldn't be able to loot the actual toy. BUT, there was also something where if you didn't loot the spider at all (you could look at the loot and then just not take it), it could respawn and you could get more chances for the toy to drop. (looks like they'll mail you the loot if you leave it on the body, so this has definitely been hotfixed to once a day.) This can be completed in a raid group, but you will have to roll on the toy, and might lose it to someone else, so beware if you use LFG to try this!

Has anyone noticed people dropping themselves into the LFG tool to get the pets? I understand it's like the Sumprush Rodent, where you can summon pets and keep trying until you get the rares you want. They respawn quickly, so if it's not a breed or rarity you want, you can kill them and another pet will respawn (though it may not be the same pet).

And let's not forget the Cursed Birmen and Widget the Departed from last year's update!

The OTHER news is Terky! If you haven't heard already, there is a lootable egg in Borean Tundra in an underwater cave, and once you loot it, you get your very own Murloc pet, Terky! It's my understanding that the egg respawns pretty quickly, so while there may be a crowd for a while, it won't take long to get him. And many people on servers were being helpful and casting underwater breathing from warlocks, and dropping flares as to the location of where you needed to swim down to reach the cave. It's in the Riplash Ruins area, and you can find more details on locating him here.

Lastly, let's not forget that BlizzCon is coming soon, and with it (either the Virtual Ticket or if you're going there), you get Murkidan!

Pet Names translated
WoW Warlock official
I', just rummaging through and tried to figure out some names. Since I mainly use English guides, I sometimes have to find out what pets they're actually talking about. Especially the named ones are often very different.

This is something I adore in WoW. The names (and surprisingly even the translations) have a ton of awesome and funny puns and tributes.

One example (although not pet related): Tenacious Defenders (probably referencing Tenacious D.) are called Dead Suspenders/Braces in German since there is a Band called Die Toten Hosen (the dead pants/trousers) and so it is Die Toten Hosenträger.
Same for all the slightly obfuscated promi names, like Haris Pilton, Harrison Jones and the rest.

But for pets there are two that just caught my eye and they are so cool.

Moon Moon - Loved the reference, but the joke is totally lost in German. He's called Mondflausch (Moon Fluff) here.

On the other hand, the most epic name ever (in my opinion) is Schrödingers Katze. What better name could you give to an undead cat? <3 Ok, I admit, I have no idea, what Widget the Departed references to, maybe it's super cool as well, but Schroedinger's cat is awesome, isn't it? I'm talking about the Ghost cat, which you can currently buy during the Hallow's End event.


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