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The Wednesday Safari
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Belated Safari today.

New news on the 6.2.2 front (which is likely to drop on Tuesday). There is a new weekly quest in your garrison for pet battles! It asks you to defeat 5 tamers in Draenor (and yes, Kura/Erris count, which means you could need just 4 out beyond your Garrison). The reward is 10 Flawless Battle Training Stones. Definitely worth it for a help out with leveling pets!

How goes people's luck with Left Shark and the Cinder Pup? I've had triple luck with the shark, but no luck with the pup! How about the Corrupted Nest Guardian off of Iskar in Hellfire Citadel? We had one drop, but that was when it was accidentally on master loot, rather than our usual personal loot, so I've had no luck coining one since then. :(

How goes the pet battles? Ready for 6.2.2 and flying?

Looking for Guild
I've had an off-again, on-again relationship with WoW, primarily Horde side. I'd like to find a good group of people to hang out with. I'd prefer a role-play server and would be okay with a normal one, but I dislike PvP.

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone. Another Monday snuck up on us.

Looks like there's a few updates/TOC bumps this week, including a pleasant surprise - Altoholic. Overachiever also updated, for those who are using it for end of expansion achievements.

What are you working on this week?

The Wednesday Safari
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Morning everyone!

How do you feel about cross-promotion pets? I'm talking CEs for other Blizzard games, Blizzcon, or pets for achieves in other games (such as Graves from Heart of the Storm)? Are these a good thing, an annoying thing, or does it depend on how desirable the pets moveset is for pet battling? I will admit to being tempted by digital CEs of any future D3 expansion, since I play the game (or have in the past, just not recently), but I still haven't downloaded HotS and am not interested in Overwatch, or Starcraft. But I have considered buying the CEs for those games simply for the pet, but I can't justify the cost.

Anything else going on in your game these days?

UI Mod Monday!
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Pretty slow week - the only one on MY list updating is DBM, which is a pretty regular updater.

So - I see last week there were quest and achievement suggestions. If you use quest related addons - from the questhelper/autocompleter type to Storyline/RP type, which are your favourites?

Floor's open, and the AC is on. Come on in!

Petition to Make WoW More Complex
The Accolade
My friend, Bob, started a petition on to get Blizzard to make WoW more complex like it used to be. Things like the talent tree, how we hunters had to make friends with our pets and keep them happy, how all the classes were more distinct, things like that. If you agree with these sorts of things, could you pop over and sign his petition? Here is the link:

Text of the petition is as follows:

World of Warcraft has continued to decline in popularity and the design team has consistently tried to make the game play easier to encourage more players to join. This watering-down has consistently driven dedicated gamers away from the content and encouraged younger, less mature and many times, more annoying players to the game. This, in turn, has driven more players away.

Many changes that have made the game easier to play have removed some of the complex requirements for success. For example:

removal of the subtle talent tree system that allowed a large permutation of talents, allowing characters to be unique within their "spec"
removal of the "expertise" for weapons that required that you use a weapon in order to get better at it and "miss" less often
lowering the level limits required for the use of attack pets for hunters
unlimited ammo for ranged weapons
loss of a wand slot
no requirement for soul shards for warlocks
loss of requirement to have four people present to summon and enslave a abyssal demon (Warlock)
Addition of a "permanent" water elemental for Mages
Loss of quests for Warlock/Paladin mounts
Loss of demon quests for Warlocks
No more class-related quests
Use of reagents is gone
Fewer differences between classes do not encourage players to seek help from other players (mages, rogues and death knights can heal, for instance)
Loss of the use and requirements for relics and idols
Loss of the need to carry totems
Less requirement for totems
Less requirement to use other professions for materials, gear and enhancements, especially with the use of the garrison

These, and other changes have made game play easier and smoother for new players, but have removed much of the complexity that appeals to serious gamers.

Return to a more complex gameplay would bring serious gamers back. Perhaps making the first 20 levels (the "free" levels) easier in some way would still provide an entrance experience for new players, while ramping up the complexity and intensity of the game at the higher levels would support the needs of the serious gamer to be challenged.

Make World of Warcraft COMPLEX, again!

The Wednesday Safari
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Whoops, missed last week's post. I blame returning from vacation followed immediately by a Weird Al concert, followed by work. All one right after the other, pretty much. It was a busy Tuesday/Wednesday!

And last week was the pet battle bonus weekend! Did anyone take advantage of it? I will admit I picked up the pvp quest, but with vacation recovery and a number of other issues, I just never got around to trying it. And I only leveled up 2 pets at the DMF on one day! I was so very wiped.

Legion has been announced, though! Nothing new with pet stuff announced YET, but now he have to figure out what pets will match our new Demon Hunter mains/alts!

What are you hoping to have in Legion with pet battles, and what have you been up to in game?

LF raiders/weekend raid team
Hey all - hope everyone is well.

Two-fold request/inquiry/question:

1) My guild, Left Hand Voodoo (US - Alliance) is looking for raiders. We're very casual and pretty much cool with everyone. Our progression pretty much tanked because not only did we lose one of our MTs and our best healer, but our RL has also bailed. So I'm running the show right now. We run Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 7:30-10:30 p.m. EST.

Recruitment thread here with a bit more info:

If you're interested in running with us or have questions, my b-tag is Spark#1906.

2) Since my guild's numbers have shrunken, we can't sustain two runs like we used to. That said, I have a 680ish ilevel hunter that I'd love to raid with (BM at the moment, will probably learn MM for deeeps ahoy). If anyone has a weekend run where I could bring her along, or can put me in the right direction, that'd be awesome. I'm down for anything level appropriate, including mythic dungeons.

Thanks in advance :)

Looking for a new home
All gonna die!!!
I'm thinking this is a bit of a long shot, but I'm hoping I might find a new home in game.

The problem is I have a very busy work life and so I sometimes don't log on for long-ish periods. In the last such period the guild I have been in for quite a few years now has changed and I find I really don't know anyone anymore.

So anyway, I'm looking for a social guild who doesn't mind that sometimes I may be away a while. I don't raid much, as I can't commit to regular raiding, so restrict myself to LFR, but am always willing to come along on a raid if a spot needs filling. I love running dungeons, but I'm not a pvper. It's companionship I'm looking for really, in a guild that doesn't throw around sexist/homophobic/racist slurs but doesn't mind someone with a bit of a rude sense of humour (if that makes sense). I'm 35, so would kind of prefer a more mature guild, but that's not a huge requirement. So yeah, it's maybe a long shot, but hey, a girl can try.

I'd probably be moving my hunter or rogue at first (my only two lvl 100's), but I'm not against starting again either. Horde or Alliance is fine.

I'm an EU player btw, and my battletag is chaotickitty#1891 if you want to contact me in-game

UI Mod Monday!
Percussive Maintenance
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Wow. I have been so out of it this week I just realized I completely missed Darkmoon Fair.

So, I know that BadBoy spam blocker, DBM, Garrison Commander, and Dominos have recently updated. I haven't had a chance to check for anything else.

Floor's open. What's going on this week?


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