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Being a rat and abanonding ship.
Bullshit level
I am really unhappy with the guild I am in right now and have decided to go fuck it and leave.

I'm not sure if I want to start my own guild or join a new one. My title as an officer in the guild I am currently in is only ceremonial since I know the guild leader. I am unsure if I should apply to other guilds and state that I have minor officer experience or not. About the only use I was when the guild was active was for helping with questions, filling the food tab with food and making things if I was providedor had the mats. If I do decide to join a guild, are there any I should be wary of besides the mass invite ones? The toons who are being rats are on Wyrmrest Accord - Alliance if that helps. I can link them if anyone wants me to. I would like to raid but doubt I would be good at it.

Sorry if this is kind of jumbled. It's been weighing on my mind a lot. I'm just frustrated with all of this and when I leave, I plan on telling them why I left since I know the guild leader IRL.

The Wednesday Safari
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Good afternoon, or whatever your time period is when you read this. It looks like Blizzard is having a sale on many pets (not Argi) and mounts right now, just before the holidays! Time to treat yourself or a friend, since all of THESE can be gifted. AFAIK, Argi can still not be gifted. :(

What are you doing in the pet-collecting ring? Defeated everyone in the Menagerie, now that there's been a full cycle? I had a friend who is a lazy pet battler, and has only a few 25s, and he figured out strats for most of them - however, since he leveled his Mini Mindslayer from 22 to 25, he can no longer use it against the Quintessence of Light, as the extra health fails for his strat with Life Exchange! He's looking for a way to de-level his pet. Heh.

So tell us what you've been up to!

UI Mod Monday!
Sleepy kitty
SleepyKitty photo SleepyKitty_zps8a529813.gif

I am sick as hell today, so I'm going back to bed. Nothing special for you today, but here's your UI/Mod space! Lots of stuff still updating, including the fan update of atlas_quest.

Have a good week!

Bonus Objectives
Is there any way to move the 'bonus objective' frame (or the place where the daily has that bar to see how far it's filled out)? I can't see it. The bottom bar cuts into it. I do have the addon 'move anything' but it apparently can't move the bonus object frame. Ironic, right?

Any help?

Tantalus - Frostwolf US - Horde

Casual Murder is a Horde guild on Frostwolf-US.

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H Kil'Jaeden - US: Looking for gender diversity!
Hi to all my fellow female gamers!

Our guild is recruiting females to create more gender diversity within our raid roster. We are looking for Discipline Priests or a Restoration Druid as well as a few ranged DPS excluding hunters >_< (we are full on hunters).

We will be raiding heroics and making our way up to mythic raid difficulty.
Raid times are: 10:30 PM to 1:30 AM server time. Tuesday and Wednesday.

About us and potentially you! :]

Our officers are RL friends so our raiding atmosphere is light and friendly without the tension of elitist raiding guilds. All of us(officers) are in our early to late 20's but we are inviting all age groups. We have been enjoying leading this guild since Cataclysm but have been playing since The Burning Crusade and some in Vanilla. Several pugs who have raided with us have said that we are the funnest raiders to be with because there's a lot of friendly banter and laughs in Team Speak all the while as we progress throughout the content in a timely manner.

We know that people have stressful jobs and sometimes people just want to get away and into WoW without it having to feel like a "Job".

So if you are one of the classes mentioned above and want to help us diversify our raiding group please send me an in-game message or in-game mail about your interest.

Thanks in advance. See you in game! :]

Character name: Legendarydps (horde side)
Battle Tag: Garappa#1474

The Wednesday Safari
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Day late, my apologies. Had a husband emergency yesterday which threw off my schedule. He's fine, thankfully! So let's go...

I totally forgot to start up the trading post last week, so we'll do that here, and then I will try to remember to post it the first Wednesday of the month afterwards.

Nothing new in the pet battle world that I'm aware of, that we haven't already spoken about. Argi is available at the store, and sadly he's not able to be gifted at this time.

How many of you have managed to get a Hatespark the Tiny? I just managed to get to ilevel 615 on my main, so I've not ventured into MC LFR yet, but that should begin tonight as we're going in with my guild and another guild. Hopefully that won't mean a wipefest!

In other news, I'm 2 tamers away from Trunks, and of course those are the Celestial Tamers. I managed to catch Taran Zhu 2 weeks back, but the servers went down while I was working on the other 2, and it was for Tuesday resets, so I had to wait. I think I'm about 3 pets away from Stormwing, I just have to get off my butt and catch a few more in Draenor. And THEN I have to get back to more Draenor pet battling to unlock the level 3 Menagerie plans. So much to do!

And we're making this trading day! What do you want to trade? Pets, battle stones, have at it!

(note: we do not support and will delete any RL money-based pet trades. In-game trades for in-game gold or pets or stones ONLY. If you want to trade/sell some loot cards themselves, please do not do them here.)

Holiday Commissions!
Tis the season for giving! Art makes a great gift, and what better time than the holidays?

If you're interested, comment or email me at neko(dot)eiji(at)gmail(dot)com!

UI Mod Monday!
Love all trust few
 photo going nowhere_zpsx9b8qmjt.gif

Morning, all. Looks like another Monday got us.

I looked at the Curse "recently updated" listing and I was on page six and had only gotten back two days, so I'm not even going to TRY pointing to any particular updates. I did, however, find "world flight map" which I'm hoping will cut down my map switching time significantly. I don't even know how many times I've hit up the flight master for a ride only to have to stop and figure out which flight point I need.

What's your current surprise favourite addon? I know we've got postal, and auctionator, and ovale/bitten out there. Anything you've found that simplified your life in unexpected ways? I find myself toggling HandyNotes Draenor Treasures on and off, because my God there's a lot of them cluttering the map when I'm trying to find where a quest is sending me! But dang, it's fun to go hunt them up when I'm just running around gathering resources. I have the HandyNotes Lost and Found one as well, but I'm doing them one at a time (because my map would be nothing but little marks otherwise).

I remember someone asked about Addon Control Panel replacements. BetterAddonList was last updated November 23 and I've found it to be a very easy to use replacement for ACP. It doesn't do the collapsed all-on/all-off (which ACP had been having problems with). You'll have to click all the atlas/datastore/tidyplates modules you want loaded. However, if you're looking for a replacement, it's a viable option.

Floor's open and coffee's on.

The Wednesday Safari
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Greetings, pet battlers! How have you been progressing on that front?

We have some good news: The devs have confirmed there is no loot lockout for LFR, meaning you can run it as often as you want to try to get yourself a Hatespark the Tiny! Of course, that means putting up with LFR!

Argi is now also available in the Blizzard store! All proceeds to go to the Red Cross to fight Ebola in Africa. And isn't he the cutest thing anyway? (also an option to bundle him with a mount, too!)

And lastly, they have thankfully lowered the number of pet battle achievements needed to open up the level 3 Menagerie blue prints, down to 150 from 500.

What else have you been up to? I got my Elekk Plushie, and got him to 25 and have done almost all the tamers with him save the Celestial tourney ones. Hopefully will get that done once it loops back around, as I had defeated Cho and was working on Ion when the servers went down for Tuesday maintenance (and never came back up!).

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