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UI Mod Monday!
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It's your monday morning placeholder - THE central location for your UI/mod questions and comments. Not... that anyone has any, until the new expac is out, but hey. It's here anyway. ;)

Better'n Starbucks, because we not only have coffee, we have beanbag chairs and blankets! Everyone in the storm's path stay safe and warm.

UI Mod Monday!
Coffee Keeps Me Sane
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Morning everyone! East Coast folks - you all hanging in there okay? Looked like a wild one, from here.

Garrison Commander, Elementarist, Titan Panel, and a bunch of TradeSkillMaster updates this week.

Coffee, cocoa, and blankets to your left. Come on in!

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning everyone!

Coffee's on, blankets are piled up over to the left, help yourselves.

UIs. Mods. It's Monday. Come on in.

UI Mod Monday!
4of 5 voices
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UIs. Mods. Monday.
You know the drill.
I think Lyta may be the only one leaping into the day, here. Coffee's on.

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning all!

Updates to Ovale, Garrison Commander, LiteMount, and several of the HandyNotes plugins have menu/waypoint updates.

DarkMoon Faire this week.

Floor's open. I'm grabbing a blanket and heading back to bed to see if I can sleep off the winter plague.

Flimsy armour for men
WoW Warlock official
You know that everyone is complaining about barely protecting armour for female players, don't you?
Today I was playing with my only male character, an undead mage and wondered what tabart I was wearing, since the back was all whiteish. After zooming in, I almost choked on my latte, because I laughed so hard.
He's actually wearing a robe without any shirt and it's practically a skirt + a collar, but nothing in between, so if you're prepared and in a safe environment, have a look ;)

Undead male nipplesCollapse )

EDIT: changed the format of the pic
EDIT2: Here is the link to wowhead: Steamburst Robe

UI Mod Monday!
Achieved coffee
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Morning everyone! Hope you all had a good Christmas. Everyone remember to log in and grab your gifts?

Elementarist bugfix. Not really much else going on.

How about you?

The Wednesday Safari
scorchling, Indolence scorchling
We finally have some new pet battle news!

First up, since we're past December 21st and the official start of Winter, the Snowy Owl is back in Winterspring, for those who might need it for their Kalimdor Safari achievement.

Some of the more common (and older model) pets will be getting a cosmetic makeover in Legion. Lio has a video here showing the new models for rats, rabbits, and squirrels, with a special appearance by new whelpling models for the new whelplings (old ones will stay the same).

There is also Brightpaw, the yearly Blizzard charity pet, available for sale to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. I've heard the kitty is a little on the noisy side, alas. It costs $10 and is giftable! A bunch of other pets are on sale (as well as mounts), so if you've been holding off, take a look and see if what you want is discounted!

Legion is still in the datamining stage for pets/pet battles, and you can find the latest here.

Lastly, Winter Veil is here! There is only one new battle pet, the Grumpling, which comes in green (uncommon) quality from the snow mounds around the level 100 questing area for the Winter Veil dailies. The Grumpling comes in 3 or 4 breeds, P/P, P/S, P/B, and I've seen one report of B/B (though no separate confirmation). There's also a chance to get a Minion of Grumpus mount from a Savage Gift (obtainable with 5 Merry Supplies, the reward for doing the dailies), as well as Oil, Apexis Shards, Garrison Resources, Elixirs of the Rapid Mind, Frozen Arms of a Hero, and Medallions of the Legion. The Merry Supplies are account-bound, so if your main has all of the resources they could ever want, like mine, you can send them off to an alt who will get them instead. There's also garrison decorations to put up, and a new toy purchasable with supplies as well.

It looks like we'll have some new gifts under the tree, with some toys, but no new pets. Lumpy and Rotten Little Helper are still available from the Abominable Greench daily. He's been leveled up to 103, but level 80s and higher can do the quest. The one-time Smokywood Pastures present (for doing the daily once) also can drop a new cosmetic enchant (which will go into the Wardrobe when Legion launches) Winter's Grasp, as well as the rare and only obtainable during the Molten Core event, Flames of Ragnaros cosmetic enchant (also confirmed to be in the Wardrobe in Legion). Get all your 80+s out to do the Greench at least once during Winter Veil, and remember, you can pick up the daily from the small snowman near the trees at the edge of the clearing, instead of hitting up Orgrimmar or Stormwind first!

A Very Unique Collection of Mehandi/Henna Designs

UI Mod Monday!
Coffee Keeps Me Sane
Kitten with Ornament, from Giphy photo kitten with ornament_zpsaeken8pm.gif

Morning everyone! Happy Winter Veil and Merry Christmas!

Busy week IRL so nothing else really to say.

Floor's open for questions, comments, screen shots, and good wishes. =)


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