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The Wednesday Safari
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WHY is it all the pet battle news gets posted after Wednesday? (oh wait, new beta build went out, maybe some more news soon)

In case you handn't heard, we FINALLY have official confirmation of a corgi pet! The Molten Corgi, announced by Jonathan LeCraft, again via Twitter. And he was smart enough to preempt the questions about whether or not it was going to be a real pet in his next tweet. Not sure where it's going to come from yet, however. A store pet, some in-game achievement, who knows?

It was confirmed (via the beta pet journal) that the Sea Calf I featured last week will come from fishing in some way. They also have some new pets: an Elekk Calf (given by an as-yet-undetermined quest, just now called "Awesome Quest"), a Meadowstomper Calfling (unknown origin), a Moonshell Crab (wild pet in the Draenor version of Shadowmoon Valley), and a Ravager Spawnling (unknown origin). Some datamined pets have also appeared, but who knows if they'll make it in - a Creeping Carpet and a Miniature Flying Carpet, both likely tailoring recipe pets. (info via Warcraft Pets)

In tributes to the community, we have upcoming:

One of the die-hard pet battlers, Liopleurodon, has made it into the game as a "boss pet" named Lio. Lio runs Battle Pet Roundup. The model is currently a Thresher model, so we'll see if it stays that or gets another or a unique model!

There is a tribute to Cadistra of Wow, Eh? fame for this comic, in there now being a Lil' Leftovers pet, available from cooking! In some manner. Not sure how he'll be gotten from cooking, but he looks cute for a little ball of leftovers.

Cymre Jones will now be a WoD Pet Tamer, who will have archaeology-themed pets, it seems. She blogs at Bubbles of Mischief.

And we also have Eleanor, who is @undeadgoat on Twitter, She's been immortalized as an undead goat, of course. She's probably mainly known for a Hearthstone blog, but she also is a big pet battler, and it looks like we can get the undead goat as a pet for defeating her (maybe).

In personal WoW pet battle news, on Monday night I remembered, after I logged out of the game, that I forgot to do the DMF battle for the Darkmoon Eye. I logged into my alliance priest (she's the one who needs lesser charms the most atm), and headed down there. And I was rewarded with the Darkmoon Eye! I was so tired that when I opened the bag and saw something blue go by, I was like, I wonder what other pet I got yet another duplicate of, another tonk or zeppelin or monkey. And when I saw the Eye, my brain was still processing it, going WTF is this? I don't remember this pet? And then it finally kicked in, and I learned it, and was happy. Does anyone know if you can get a second eye from the bag? I may keep trying to get one for the husband or to sell on the AH.

I think I may try to fish up the last tiny carp I need this week, since my luck over the past few weeks has been amazing.

UI Mod Monday!
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Monday morning again. Let's hop to it shall we? Everyone survive the weather this last week? Looked pretty awful in a lot of places. =(

It's Darkmoon Fair again. A reminder that SavedInstances does tell you how many daily/weekly quests you've done on each character, if you need to keep track of which ones you've done the profession quests for.

Curse has updates for Addon Control Panel, Atlas World Events, RaidRoll, Auctioneer, DBM - Vanilla and BC Mods, DBM - Wrath Mods, DMB - Cata Mods, Pet Tracker, TradeSkillMaster - Crafting, TradeSkillMaster - Accounting, and SilentShrine for the Alliance players annoyed by the Auction House sounds in 7stars.

Questions, comments, screenshots, etc... the floor's yours.

Looking for a guild on WrA Horde.
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I have had the horde bug for awhile now, and since my main server is all full, I decided to roll a baby monk on WrA. I am looking for a social guild, since I have found that my mains are in guilds that are pretty quiet until the next expansion. I am just looking to make new friends to play and enjoy the game with :)

So I decided to stop Q_Q and learn how to PVP. XD I figured ya'll are probably sick of my posts about my hardships on a PVP server and I wanna kill me some allies. Revenge!

But I figure level 90 isn't the right level to learn how to PVP. So I made a little allie hunter (currently level 21) and have been leveling her via PVP AB and pet battle PVPs. It's been surprisingly fun. Incredibly cathartic. I start each AB battle thinking 'say 'ello to mah little friend!' and just kill everyone I see. IDC if we win as long as I get to kill people. Actually, I figured researching PVP would just psych me out so I went in blind and am learn piecemeal.

Regardless, I find I'm having trouble killing rogues and warriors. I'm a human so I'm remembering the racial (and it's annoying that the trink and racial share a CD) but they still seem to kill me fairly fast. Rogues especially. People keep telling me (in BGs) that rogues are so easy to kill but I'm not able to get them down without help.

I've learned that melee contact is my death so I use Concussion and Disengage. And I've tried to use Scatter on one (if there is two of them on me) but I still go down rather fast. What can I do to improve my chances to kill more people in PVP? XD~

And what is going on in Warsong? It's a capture the flag, right? I've tried that one once or twice but ended up just dying lots to rogues who camped right outside the GY. I did manage to get into their base and died some more at their flag. =X ROGUES! If I get the flag, am I to run it to where our flag is? Is just standing outside killing everyone a better idea?

I'm going to roll a rogue and perhaps that'll let me kill everyone.

Anyway, thanks ya'll's! XD~

Bottoms Up!
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Blizz released the stunning conclusion to the MoP cinematic.

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My Death Knight has insane luck.
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4 legendaries in 42 days. I wonder if that's some kind of record? :P

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And also, I figured out that if you're activating your cloak gem thingie right after you turn in the quest to Wrathion, it can make your hologram outside...special.

I thought it was rather fitting, as my Death Knight is a bit violent.Collapse )

The Wednesday Safari
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What new stuff do we have in pets this week?

With the expansion now in beta (I have an invite but haven't found the time to use it yet), there are more people in exploring, and hopefully we'll see more of them involved in pet battling. From @TheCrafticus, we have a few new things: The Blingtron 5000 exists, but we're not sure what he's going to give away yet. The 4000 did give away a Lil' Bling, so here's hoping for something. There is also a new pet, the Sea Calf, which you could find as a non-battle pet in Wrath areas. He may come from fishing (but I would IMAGINE not from Draenor), but we're not sure yet. Maybe a reward for a fishing achievement.

Lastly, we have changes to the Safari Hat. It will go into the Toybox, and when you click on it to use it, it's no longer equipped but gives you the same buff. So no more going into combat with your hat on!

What else is going on with you and the world of pet battles?

Garrosh Kill.
I rerolled on Stormrage a few months ago, mainly for pet collecting reasons but while I've been over here my oceanic guild (which I haven't been an active raider in for over a year due to time conflicts) has sadly stopped raiding and I was planning on buying a Garrosh kill from them but it never happened before they went under.  So I'm currently looking to buy a Garrosh kill either on my resto Shaman on Dath'remar or my somewhat under geared holy priest on stromrage.  However I'm unsure on how much I should offer/be looking for since the deal with my old guild was more just a token guild bank donation than an actual full fee deal, I have no idea what the going rate is. (ETA: both servers I'm looking at ally side, though in a pinch I could probably get enough gold horde side on Dath since I have a 90 DK there).

So basically I'm looking for advice from people in guilds who sell Garrosh kills on how much I should offer for a just kill deal and a kill plus usable loot deal.  Also if anyone actually can hook me up with a specific guild on either server I would be thrilled.


Dispels on my hunter pet...
Okay, I've discovered this weird thing is happening to my hunter pet. It's the crab spirit beastie. And this effect has actually followed me to a new server I just switched to this morning, so it rules out someone stalking me.

This seems to only happen when I'm killing Zand Warbringer's for the most part. It's happened once with a Warscout.

Anyway, something is dispelling my pet gets feared from a Bringer. It has the same animation of a single person dispel -- as in, there's that line that circles above the head that becomes a ball and disappears. It shows up in the Skada menu as a dispel that I'm doing.

I noticed this when my beastiel wrath was on CD (it's what I use to cleanse my pet of the fears.) And, as I said above, this followed me when I changed servers. It's so weird. Any idea? Is this like a new spirit beast talent getting put into the game or something?

UPDATE: Thanks! Found the reason!

UI Mod Monday!
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Morning all! It's the end of June, can you believe it? There's a few more days of Midsummer Fire Festival, so you still have time to make use of the xp bonus. Combining that with heirlooms makes for insane leveling, which makes getting through those zones OMGonemoretime tolerable. Mostly. (Thank you Darkmoon Fair for the heirlooms!)

Let's see. Curse says there's updates for TradeSkillMaster, Bitten SpellFlash:Mage, MoveAnything, TimelessLoot, Skillet, and last Monday had TotalRP2.

So... how's it going this week?

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